Sideshow Artist Profile - Alfred Paredes

Sideshow Artist Profile – Alfred Paredes

(birds chirping) – I was trying to remember it. Kind of like a wedding day where you try to focus on all the things 'cause you know you're gonna
forget bits and pieces, and I was trying to take it all in. I knew that this wasn't something that a lot of people get a chance to do. And what would happen that day
would change my life forever. (inspirational piano music) No matter the obstacles,
no matter what they face, my parents always worked hard. So my parents weren't ones to
sort of make it easy on me. They were gonna teach me how
to work hard, so they did. At an early age I
started swinging a hammer before most kids even
knew what a hammer was. (inspirational music) I didn't really want to go to college. My parents were insistent
that I was gonna go. I applied to art college, and it was the only school I applied to, but luckily I got in. And they offered a sculpting
class, and I was like oh, that sounds cool, let me do that. And the very first time I
touched clay I fell in love. But eventually I had to make ends meet, and my only option was to
go back to doing what I did growing up, which was construction. (lighthearted music) I went and started working with my dad, and it wasn't something
that I wanted to do, it was something that I
needed to do to pay the bills. But it also felt like a step backwards, 'cause I had had a taste of
sculpting professionally. As much as I liked working with my dad, being able to see him all the time, it was never a job that I liked. I knew there needed to be something that I could do different. I started taking a week off
about every three months just to get something out, just
to get some creativity out. And in that time I would
work as much as I can, cramming in as much sculpture as I could. But between the two things,
art and construction, my life was sort of being pulled apart in two different directions. I was already late in life. I had lost essentially 10 years
of my growth as an artist. It was time to humble myself,
get rid of all the ego, and just say where can I
learn, who can I learn from, what can I do to get better
in the shortest time possible. Because this time around,
failure wasn't an option. (intense music) people started to recognize
that I was good at what I did. I was approached to do a monument, and knowing that this isn't an
opportunity that people get, I said yes, absolutely. I got to sort of have
a moment with my dad, because he got to see that
after all of the hard work, now here I was with a
big monument and a giant sort of credit to my name,
and he got to witness that, and he knew that I got out of construction for the right reason. The Lucky Baldwin unveiling
was on April 16th, 2013. A year later to the day
and almost to the hour, we were burying my father. (solemn music) Every year it comes around. It's both a happy memory
and it's also a sad one. It's weird to go through it
in your head so many times, and you're like, I'll
be fine, I'll be fine, I can say this out loud. And you just can't get through it. When my dad passed I knew he at least had the
memory of me succeeding. He got to see one of the
biggest crowning achievements in my career, even to this date. (inspirational music) My parents really instilled
a work ethic in me that's second to none. It really shaped the way
I approached everything. It doesn't matter how small or how big, it's always trying to make
it the best that I can. My parents always said, work hard, be your best, get the job done. That's what my parents did, and that's where I got that attitude from. My name is Alfred Paredes, and working hard got
me to where I am today. (inspirational piano music)

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  1. You guys are fanfuckingtastic! Gimmie all those star wars dollies! Do a Solomon Grundy dollie and good Swamp thing. Those are me.

  2. Such and inspiring story of a great person! Absolutely love your work. All the best wishes to you, Alfred

  3. Wow! Really touching and inspirational story man, very very relatable, great job and good luck in your future man!

  4. Very emotional and inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing with us!
    And who's the single, solitary heartless turd-burger who disliked this video?!? Jeez man!

  5. These Artist Profile videos are amazing. I can't thank you guys enough for putting in the time and effort to showcase your talented crew. Their work, their success, and their stories all inspire me to persevere with my own creative outlets, and I hope to some day follow in their footsteps and find work making things that I love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sideshow!

  6. Alfred, this video is so inspiring and when you cried, it made my eyes tear up too because I love my dad as well. That is genuine emotion and something to be proud of, not ashamed of. I'm glad they kept it in the video because it is a beautiful moment. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was reminded of how much my own father means to me and my career path. I would not be the man I am today without him. Please ignore the absolutely soulless and heartless douchebags who would throw shade on a moment like that. They are obviously very immature and have no idea what it means to lose a loved one. You are very classy in your responses and again that shows the type of upbringing you had. I look forward to more from you. Take care.

  7. Your story was a great one Alfred. I lost my father while serving in the Navy, and was not there when he passed away. Losing someone you love is something you never get over, and never really get used to. You just do you best to get past it, and continue to do what you feel would make them proud, and see that smile on their face in your mind's eye, and feel them in your heart. Thank you for sharing yyour story, and the amazing works you create.

  8. beautiful. So sad that this happened but at the same time you got to spend so much quality time. and your father lives in you through your continuation of his values.

  9. Very moving. I feel like I may have allowed myself to go to far in the opposite direction, honestly; I knew that being able to support my family was going to be more important than pursuing any artistic and creative ventures I once felt so completely drawn to. This reminds me of what might have been, had I decided to take the risk and follow my talents rather than abandoning them. I am truly inspired by your story.

  10. I've got years on you Alfred, but the roots of what our father's instill in us in a positive way will carry us through our lives. We share the basics and we both miss our fathers…that will never change, but the core of what we apply to our lives that is our tribute to our fathers. Fantastic work, and you have an amazing talent which will just continue to improve. I expect to see much more of you, and by the way your page is great and thinking about buying a bust or two when I can free up some funds as your prices are very reasonable…best wishes for 2016 & Beyond!

  11. Love Alfred Paredes, as an artist and his work..!! Really nice fella. This is probably my favourite SS Artist Profile so far.

  12. Very inspiring. Having lost my Dad I feel where your coming from with that and the motivation it gives you. Its apart of your story never second guess sharing it. These stories are suppose to inspire and inform that's what makes them emotional at times. Nothing wrong with that!

  13. these are the inspirational stories that every artist needs to see…..we are all in the same boat…life will always attempt to pull your craft away from you, perseverance and the will to continue to work through, will always win in the end..

  14. I love these so much! Make me so inspired… and sad… and happy… and depressed… but motivated… I like it 🙂

  15. This was a pleasure to watch. Not only the story, but the icing of the video is that we are getting a CLASSIC PREDATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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