Showing JR Namba Station and OCAT bus terminal. It’s far from Dotonbori and Kuromon Ichiba#119

Showing JR Namba Station and OCAT bus terminal. It’s far from Dotonbori and Kuromon Ichiba#119

OCAT shopping mall, don’t expect that much. wow, look at that, So many people are there Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV. I am Rion!! So today I am at JR Namba station,
this video I try to introduce JR Namba station, how it looks like
Let’s see This JR Namba station is a bit far from other
Namba stations It takes around 10 min by walking,
Since this is east side of Namba area, the station is far from Dotonbori, and Kuromon Ichiba market. So I don’t recommend to use JR Namba station
if you wanna travel to Namba area. As you see there are not so many people compared
to Nankai Namba station and Midosuji Namba station wow, since this place is not that convenient compared to other stations, Yeah if you try to use the bus in Japan, then you have to be in Here. in that case you’d
better remember the this station. there is a square outside. wow look at it, there are so many people there
I heard there is some event, usually in the night time and weekend, there
are many skate boarder and dancers are practicing right there there is underground passage to other Namba station, it takes like 10 to 15min by walking
yes, it is far, but it’s same Namba station, So remember JR is a different station
Wow, actually I am at the first floor, but this place looks like underground right? Yes, it does look like it
so let me go to the Second floor, By the way, this place is called OCAT, it’s
kind of a shopping mall, but compared to other shopping mall
this shopping mall is not that active. yeah,, not so many people And look at that square, you see that many people right there right? Wow look at that, so many people are there,
interesting So you see the mirrors right there, Also it’s
like mirror ball right there right? so that’s why this place is popular for dancers,
when I was in a hight school, I used to practice in here as well. It’s at Namba station, and no people, and
also there are mirrors, and quiet, perfect spot right? yup, but recently I am not sure. So let me try to get into this shopping mall
and try to find the bus station well as I explained, there are not so many
people in this shopping mall right? you know, if you try to visit Namba Station,
and you know that there is an OCAT shopping mall, then don’t expect t that much, it’s not like other big shopping mall like in Tokyo, or
Osaka, or other Namba station, It’s totally different
Anyway, so that’s the bus terminal I have to go to the opposite way to ride on
the escalator well, so that’s the bus station
bus is kind of cheaper way to go to some other prefecture and other places
that’s why it’s really popular for the traveler, to use the busses, I think
But Shinkansen is much faster and easier Speaking of the Shinkansen, price is much
higher than busses So if you have time, but don’t have money,
then maybe the bus is a good option for you you see there are many busses are coming right?
this bus station is kind of small, but still there is Seven Eleven down stairs, and souvenir
shop upstairs So as you see, there is coin locker, and drinking
venders especially you can buy Ice-cream as well,
when I was a kid, I used to see Ice-cream vending machine
but recently no,,, the price is about 130 JPY to, this one most expensive one 200 JPY well, it’s winter, but I am kind of hot, so let me get Ice-cream
This is how it looks like, let me open it
I got Matcha ice-cream, this is 130 JPY Let me try it
well much softer than what I thought and it tastes pretty good!! Well actually, that’s Seven Eleven
it is much smaller than what I thought, but still you can buy so many things, maybe like
Onigiri or sandwich So this bus station is kind of small, but
if you go to Shinjuku bus terminal, it’s huge you are gonna be surprised. I guess no charger here, i believe
And there is Diaso which is 100 JPY shop, and cab station as well. So I came back to the square,
It’s winter, it’s kind of cold outside, eating Ice-cream,
Maybe Ice-cream was that good choice, but still it tastes good!!
there is a stage right there, some one is gonna sing
I don’t know who though, but so many ladies. well so today, pretty much that’s it
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  1. Found you while looking for an OCAT station video. We're visiting Osaka this September. Love your energy! Just subscribed!

  2. Can I have a question I will find the place in shin -imamiya station for leave the luggage because I have a plan go to Osaka castle first and it dose convenient for us so Are you recommendation for me or another way .plz

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