Sexism in Modern Advertising

Sexism in Modern Advertising

I don't know about you but I live with a bunch of animals that kids are pigs and my husband is mr. spot works I got that job at the demolition company what did he do dynamite blasting caps that sort of thing excuse me we don't have steak often so when I got home from Walmart I could tell my husband was thinking steak is it her birthday our anniversary is it my birthday seal shape and let up and probably do its thing so he can do more Hutton pride so easy a man can do it okay maybe it was my fault he told me to kill the weeds and you did along with the grass I used the wrong stuff oh there were dead spots everywhere that's making dinner Oh it'll be fine maybe yes no way Wow who's the man but it's not wasteful because it won't go off again for another 30 minutes unless of course you press the first button isn't that typical one guy working and the rest just standing around yeah it's a wonder anything gets done never cut it in the corporate world I got it nothing brings people together like great-tasting Tostitos scoops tortilla chips and salsa with its unique bull shake you get the perfect dip every time nice job team

26 thoughts on “Sexism in Modern Advertising”

  1. This is an accurate portrayal of men. You should look at media from the 1950's, they all mock womanhood and motherhood with subordination and inferiority. It was common to portray a woman's housework as easy and useless compared to a man's office job. And wives were depicted as being stupid and mindless in comparison to their husbands. Women's place in the family was portrayed as being in servitude to their husbands, they were given all of the manual labor in the home and work caring for kids while the husband came home to reap the rewards and perks of his wife's labor. For some reason, it was only his castle and it was only his kids and husbands were entitled the right to make all of the family decisions in a way that benefitted his whims. A woman's mind was never valued, she was just the maid in the family.

    It looks like men whin and complain when they see it done to them in media, but they had no problem when it was done to women. I see many men act in the ways this video describes. This is especially true in fundamentalist Christian homes where a wife is to eat up and worship even her husband's farts.

  2. The latest advert I’ve seen is the most hypocritically sexist ad so far. It’s a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume/aftershave ad. The sexist bit comes at the very end where the woman grabs the man’s arse. Women never shut the fuck up about sexual harassment even if a man simply smiles at her, so how do you think this advert would go if the mad grabbed the woman by the arse?
    There’s no point in complaining to the ASA Advertising Standards Authority, who are directly responsible for this blatant sexism/sexual assault since they repeatedly refuse to ban sexism against men. The ASA are not fit for purpose and it’s time they went elsewhere to fail.

  3. Who gives a fuck if they make these dumb ads, men built and run the world so these have no effect on us also they still show the women cooking, shopping and cleaning hahaha.

  4. Ya so easy a man can do, men are at work all day
    My mom works 6 hours a day.
    My dad works 13 hours a day

  5. Btw, those same women with whom I worked in advertising ALSO made fun of the ONE chubby woman in our office. It was managed by women, yet they discriminated against anyone chubby, unattractive, or who wasn't trendy in attire. I was also sexually harassed by one female boss (even if I had been single I was turned off by her personality creeped out by the abuse of power). After declining to go to her house at night twice, she became hostile till I quit.

  6. Honestly, while I think sexism is very wrong in the real world, these commercials are rather funny and have a sense of humor to them. You don’t have to be offended by everything you see on TV. If you don’t like it, look the other way. But lots of people find this type of humor funny. Like I said, I’m the real world, this is wrong and will never be right. But all these are are stereotypical ads and it’s all just for humor, something we’ve seemed to have lost in recent years.

  7. Interesting that the comments on here are "what about women"? The fact is, that we're not talking about women right now. We're talking about men. The fact that the media and culture has been invalidating men and masculinity is a problem. 50% divorce rate later…

  8. I hate seeing sexism to men in adverts. Feminism is about equality between women and men, not to be sexist to men.

  9. Men are portrayed as idiotic childish individuals that don't know a thing, while women are portrayed as serious, salty, humorless bitches. Both genders are sexist, so there you go. Quit whining and get over it.

  10. That guy with the cavern was God level driving I mean he was fine really just need to correct the direction once and a while, but really god level driving.

  11. Hey women! If you want equal right and equal pay, then PLEASE come over to my house when it's a hundred degrees outside and re-shingle my roof. I promise I'll pay you exactly what I would pay a man.

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