Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

When did it happen? Morning. Around 11-ish. How many men? One. Were you sexually active
before the assault? No. Did he ejaculate? Do men ever stop before it? Film Director Rohan Ravi Khurana.. ..raped a backward class junior
costume assistant Anjali Vasudev Dangle. Tell me all the facts. I will tell you everything. But will not accept anything in court. Leave all of that to me;
I know how to present facts in court. Ms. Dangle, why did you go to
Ravi Khurana’s room in the first place? He forced me. Did he lift you in his arms?
Push you? Or drag you? How? Objection; badgering the witness. The fingernail scrapings
are considered conclusive evidence. The fingernail section is empty. Objection. I think the defence
counsel is forgetting.. ..the injury on the inner
thighs of Anjali Dangle. They could be marks of aggressive sex. The defence counsel has many stories.. ..but no evidence to
corroborate his stories. Even after everything that happened.. went back to Rohan Khurana’s house. Twice. Alone. She was not expecting to be raped,
your honour. According to Section 375 of IPC.. ..consent and permission are important. Mumbai is standing firm for its daughter. We’ve to wait and see how
the state’s judiciary does justice? This evidence is tainted. And such tainted evidence
is not admissible in any court. How will you feel winning
this case only on technical grounds? You think justice will be done. We’re not in the business of justice. We’re in the business of Law. This is exactly why I left your chamber. – Do you think you..
– Don’t. Never ask me that question. But that man is a convicted rapist, Tarun. And in the current scenario,
it’s not correct to defend him. Even a convicted rapist
has the constitutional.. ..right to a proper legal defence. The defence will prove.. ..that this case is a
classic example of a woman.. ..using as a weapon.. ..the very Law that
was made to protect her.

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  1. जिसने भी ये movie देखी वो इस movie को life मै कभी भूल नही पायेगा

  2. Please watch this movie..

    If you make movie for girl.. Like pink it make 120 crore…. But if you make movie for man right then it will fail….

  3. Boy and men please go watch this movie… Remove article 375…. 60% rape cases are fake in India….. Still feminist making argument

  4. Good movie watch this in theater…
    Feminist ko bot mirchi lag rahi ha movie sa tabi movie ko flop karne ke liye news paper ma lagat lik rahe ha….

  5. "This case is a classic example of a woman, using as a weapon, the very law that was made to protect her."

    “Laws are like double-edged weapons. If they are made to protect the rights of a person, they can also be misused to throttle the liberty of opponents,”

  6. Akshaye Khanna, no other like him. Superb actor. He is the one who makes this movie. Richa is okay too but Akshaye as always is outstanding.

  7. Good movie but overrated.. Modulation kam hai.. Suspense kam h… Ye hai ki dekhne k Baad Haan bai dkh li good one.. Do not deserve 9 out of ten on IMDB.

  8. This movie is the best movie of 2019. But sad to see people don't go for this types of movies. They only like masala and entertainment movies. That's why filmakers think twice before making this type of movies becoz they know they r gonna lose the money. 😔

  9. There should some strong law even stronger than 375 so that a men cannot destroy the life of his own wife and many girls and feel like he did great work and deserve a Padma Shree award, he is innocent. it is not RAPE but it is not less than RAPE. wht about her wife why is her fault? First lie to girl then use her after that behave like injuctice happened with him.A good men definitely comes out of allegation if he will not cheat his wife or girlfriend or any girl that is for sure.

  10. will be a great movie.. finally, I think that Bollywood has opened the eyes and started making unbiased movies. This kind of storyline will be a good move.

  11. The best ever ever ever the greatest movie of my life time. Written by top most writers of the Bollywood n most above performed by the best actors of my life time. Salute all of them. Standing ovations.

  12. I hope that this movie gets more and more brilliant scripts for Akshay so that we can see awesome movies and acting , enough of Khan and Johar bullshit.

  13. What a movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥 it is the tight slap to those who spread fake feminism… Hats off to the script writer 👌👌

  14. Make women file fake cases by paying women to do so -> make it big news -> make movies upon that to make more money.

    Excellent strategy by Indian movie industries.
    In all this, the lives, reputation, career of the men involved gets trashed because of feminism (fake/ real/ actual, pseudo, whatever name you give, feminism is the same – gender dividing/ home wrecking/ man-hating/ etc)

  15. Indian constitution and penal code is just Paradise for lawyers.
    Anyway remarkable acting of both richa chadda and akshay khanna.

  16. Really very good theme..
    Yes I agree that someman who rape.. torture.. mentally harrass and different types of crime do with girls.
    But we should remember that if we violate our Protection on the ground of lie and own satisfaction then really it's very disgusting..
    So don't missuse your power..Rule.. Regulations..

  17. Why he is supporting rapist when rape is already very common thing in India . Rape karo ladki Ko maar dalo fir Bach jao aur ab to inke justice ki bhi bate ho Rahi ab to rape aur badhenge.

  18. Some people like Akshay Khanna are actually existed in the bollywood Industry only for such type of masterpiece films, kyuki bakio k baski baat ni h..

  19. इस मूवी को दलितों ने देखना नहीं चाहिए क्योंकि हेै लोग कभी नहीं सुधरेंगे कि दिमाग में दबा दबा के जातिवाद भरा है एक पिछड़े वर्ग की लड़की यानी दलित की लड़की ने छोटा आरोप लगाया रेप का मूवी में यहीं दिखाया है पर रियल लाइफ में तो उल्टा है तुम ही लोग दलितों की लड़कियों के साथ रेप करते हो और उस पर बाजारू औरत का आरोप लगाती हो ऐसी भारत में केस करोड़ों पेंडिंग पड़ी है कहीं तो बेगुनाही साबित हुए और बेगुनाह को गुनहगार साबित कर दीया तुम लोगों के दिमाग में जातिवाद तो दबा दबा के दिमाग में भरा है भारत को कब तक कोकला करोगे अंदर से हमें तो दुश्मन की जरूरत भी नहीं जब तक तुम हो

  20. But what if the girl was lying.
    What if it was consentual and she lies or says she doesn't remember because she was drunk?
    Why should the guy still rot in prison?
    Why is equality never shown.

  21. By such articles related films i think surely i will come to know all the articles sections and laws of Indian constitution
    First article 15
    And now article 375
    Next karan Johar will make movie on article 377
    And MAHESH bhatt on article 497 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Its very easy to defend Rich people.Since he was a director , so they made film to get the support.I know women misuses their rights,but ehat about the cases like nirbhaya, Why no director make movie on that????Its because the girl was nt from a rich family and doesnot belong to bollywood.
    Sick mentality of bollywood.

  23. अद्भुत
    ऐसे ही फिल्में बननी चाहिए ताकि फेक फेमिनिज्म के नाम पे पूरे देश का चुटिया काटने वालो की गेंद जले

  24. Be aware of girls after watching this movie…she will take no time to turns into revenge… even if u done sex with her consent u already left all proof according to law section 375…

  25. How many are there here to raise voice towards men who got raped and accused and brutally murdered….nobody…..for sure in future all womens will stand on mens head and gonna rule you people…..

  26. 75% of times mardo ka rape hota haii…. Aur court iske baare meii soochta bhii nhi…. Ek ladki ki ghar ki laddaii kab rape aur badle mei bdall jaii…. Koi nhii janta… Kahtee hai india is a rapist country… No no no…. India is not a rapist.. Country….. Peeche pure saal maine apne aas paass khii nhi dekha kisi ladki ka rape huva hoo…. But bhut se case s aaye dekhe jha ladka ladki.. Sahmtii se sooye hoo… Ya revenge leene k chakkar meii… Ya maa baap k haathoo ladke k pakdee jaane parr… Police station mei rape ka case bnaa hoo….. And how a mature man.. Can rape a mature women single handlyy… Lawda kya chut meii fisal k chla jaata haii……. Laws kahti hai.. Ki agarr do logo k becch sex huva… Aur baad mei ladki kahdee dee khii flaani taariq ko mera rape huva…. Too banda gya…. Jail… Mariral affairs ki baat kro… India ki mahilaaa… Purusoo se jyda marital affairs rakhti haii….. But when a man do.. This… Usee darr lagta hai… Khi biwi na molestation ka aarop lga de… Khii mistress na.. Rape ka aarop lga de…. Iss desh meii freedom of sex sirf mahilaoo ko hai

    Kyuki woo issee empower hotii hai

  27. Sab madarchod akshay khanna ki acting ki tariff mei lge hai… But the message the movie was conveying that even a man is not guilty he can be in jail…. Only if the women is saying…. He raped me……… Divorce laws are gender biased… 1947 k laws 2019 meii… Aur sarkar salli aur laws bnayee jaa rhii haii sirf ek gender k lia

  28. Pink movie joo…. Sirf ek trafa…. Suntii hai… Sirf ladki ki sunti hai……. ..jiska logo… No means no….. Hoo jaata haii… Woo 120 crore kmatii haii… Aur ek aur krantii aati hai women empowerment meii…. But movie joo ye btaati hoo… Ki 75% rape case s false hote hai.. Unsee ladke ki naukri… Society…. Family… Friends. Sabb chhothh jaate haii. Woo flop hoo jaati hai… Kyuki ye feminism nhii hai

  29. I actually wanted to c this movie only because of Akshay khanna he is an awesome actor. And the movie is great . Must watch movie guys.
    After seeing this movie aisa lagta hai ke kanoon sach me andha hai

  30. I watched this movie showing now a days sad reality of women ……. A lot question raise in my mind after watching this piece of oscar……… I thought about the gender equity right which is provided by our constitution……
    …….But Ek Naari Sab Pe Bhari…..
    ……………….My Opinion………………

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