Screen Filler Method – Positive

Screen Filler Method – Positive

METHOD The second technique is the Positive Method,
which uses DRAWING FLUID in combination with SCREEN FILLER. This allows one to draw an
image that will be printed with the drawing fluid and then have it masked out with Screen
Filler. Create the illustration or message you wish
to print. Place this layout on a tabletop. Place your screen over this layout, top side
up. Trace your design directly on the screen fabric with a pencil. You can work on either side of the screen.
Remember that your printing will be done from the top (or “ink-fill”) side of the screen.
Be certain that the screen is elevated – not touching the table. Using a paintbrush, paint the Drawing Fluid
over those areas of your layout that you want to print. Leave the screen to dry in a level,
flat position. Make sure nothing touches the areas covered with Drawing Fluid. After the Drawing Fluid is completely dry,
tape your screen. Now open the Screen Filler and mix it thoroughly to a smooth consistency.
Spoon it onto the screen fabric on the same side used for the application of Drawing Fluid. The screen filler should be well stirred.
Some settling will occur. Do not shake. If shaken, air bubbles will form, causing pin
holes to from in the coverage. Use the squeegee or the plastic spreader to
apply an even, smooth coating over the entire screen. Make only one pass. Multiple passes
of Screen Filler will dissolve the Drawing Fluid and prevent character washout. Again,
allow the screen to dry in a horizontal position making sure nothing touches the fabric. It
is important that the Screen Filler dries completely. When the Screen Filler has thoroughly dried,
spray cold water on both sides of the screen. Concentrate the spray on the areas where the
Drawing Fluid was applied. These areas will wash out and the screen will open so that
ink can flow through the screen. If some areas remain slightly blocked, scrub them lightly
with a small stiff brush on both sides. DO NOT USE HOT WATER DURING THIS STAGE. Allow your screen to dry in a level position,
bottom-side up. Using a hair dryer or fan may accelerate drying time. You are now ready to print. CLEAN UP: Screen Filler from screen The following steps are used for the cleanup
of Screen Filler in the screen after printing. Speedball Speed Clean™ is preferable for
removing screen filler. One (1) cup of Arm & Hammer’s Washing Soda
dissolved in (1) gallon of water is also suitable. This is a 3 step process:
1. Apply cleaner to both sides of the screen with a paintbrush. Then scrub with a nylon
bristle brush. 2. Apply again to both sides and let stand
in a horizontal position for three to five minutes.
3. Scrub with a nylon bristle brush while spraying with a forceful stream of hot water.

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  1. concept: when i pay almost 80$ for a kit of something im supposed to be able to reuse id expect the clean up stuff for both options to be in the box to so conciser adding screen clean to the kit????? or request the store selling the kit actually carry it?????

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