School of Restaurant & Culinary Management

School of Restaurant & Culinary Management

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Length : 0:02:53 Speakers : Omri Green, Boswell Scott, Elisa
Strauss, Danny Meyer, Steve Zagor, Alan Somek, Andrew Rigie, Kate Edwards, Daniel Boulud,
Linda Simon, Marc Murphy Special Comment: [0:00:00]
[Audio Starts] Omri Green: It’s kind of like a mini MBA for
the food world. Boswell Scott: I always dreamed of having
my own company in food, and ICE made that a reality.
Elisa Strauss: ICE really brought out the entrepreneur in me.
Danny Meyer: Ask yourself, “Do I really love the topic of food and drink, and do I love
sharing my enthusiasm for that with the rest of the world?” Because if you do, this is
a great career for you. Steve Zagor: ICE’s Culinary Management program
helps students explore and build their entrepreneurial side.
In our program, you’ll begin with concept development. Next you’ll learn about menu
design strategies followed by marketing. Then it’s on to food safety, purchasing and cost
control. From there, you’ll learn finance and accounting and staff and service management.
Then you’ll enjoy the wine and beverage program and you’ll learn facilities and design. Next,
the ever-important food service law. Throughout, you’ll analyze real-world case studies from
those that succeeded doing what you want to do.
Alan Somek: It’s being taught by professionals who have a wealth of culinary experience in
the field. The whole program culminates in a business plan that the students create and
present at the end of the program to a group of investors or professional entrepreneurs.
Andrew Rigie: You see ICE alumni on TV. If you go out to eat, if you work in the industry
you really see them all around the world. ICE has won awards from so many reputable
organizations and ICE just seems to be part of the discussion when you’re talking about
the culinary industry. Kate Edwards: The student experience really
starts in the classroom and then it goes right outside the walls by taking students on field
trips. We also have the “Meet the culinary entrepreneurs” workshops, which brings people
from all over the culinary world right into the classroom.
Daniel Boulud: Of all the cooking schools in New York, they are the only one who takes
students on tours to restaurants because it keeps them in tune with the industry.
Linda Simon: You can get a Culinary Arts diploma or a Pastry Arts diploma along with the Culinary
Management diploma in much less time than other schools for a lot less money.
Steve Zagor: The ICE Culinary Management program is the best culinary business school in the
nation for entrepreneurs aspiring managers. Danny Meyer: You’ve got a great alumni base,
people who have gone to ICE before who are willing to become part of your network.
Marc Murphy: When I started here at ICE, I really wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to
do with my life. But once I was here and I got out into the field, it was no choice,
this is what I had to do. Now, I own four restaurants and a catering company. ICE really
helped me realize my dreams. [0:02:53]
[Audio Ends]

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  1. Not only will ICE give you the foundation of your culinary future, but we're dedicated to helping you continue your pursuit of excellence in your chosen path. ICE's School of Professional Development provides intensive knowledge and training in specific facets of the culinary world, through classes and programs led by experts that built careers at the nation's most respected institutions of food, culture, and business.

  2. Follow your entrepreneurial instincts. Lay the foundation for your next big idea at ICE. #NewYearNewCareer

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