Roman! My first Roman! Ancient coins, artifacts and Silver metal detecting.

Roman! My first Roman! Ancient coins, artifacts and Silver metal detecting.

22 thoughts on “Roman! My first Roman! Ancient coins, artifacts and Silver metal detecting.”

  1. your first roman coin might be one of the emperor claudius ii gothicus , he reigned from 268-270, but it can't be a late roman (constantine) because of the radiate bust. only soldier-emperors wore radiate crowns. hope i could help you (by the way: early roman emperors also minted radiate coins, but only on dupondii ;))

  2. Just discovered your youtube channel. I love hearing your narration, but that synth music? Please turn it down or off — even better. Hurts the ears, don't you know?

  3. congrats on your first roman!!! it is in really good shape! enjoyed watching! the drone footage is great too!
    all the best, GL&HH!

  4. A Roman Pac Manus…. Just Awesome LOL Great Finds.
    May I ask the make and model of your drone please Bill.
    Thanks for sharing Guys' Neil

  5. Hi!Video very much!My son got interested in search-yesterday we published our first video go to our channel,rate the professionals).Thank you in advance!

  6. Nice finds Bill. Without knowing what the back looks like on that Roman coin, have you noticed the resemblance to Domitianus II– 270-271 AD. He ruled for maybe a few weeks but made sure to strike lot's of coins as soon he came into Only two have been found! One in 1900 in Southern France, and the second in a pot with 5,000 other coins found in Chalgove, Oxfordshire in 2003. He is best known as a Roman Usurper rather than Emperor. That coin could be worth a lot! Again, not sure, as I can't see the back. Wouldn't that be an incredible find though?!!

  7. The Roman coin is probably a mid 3rd century reduced bronze antonianus, most likely of Claudius II Gothicus (268-270 AD).

  8. Congratulations on the First Roman "Bill", Also watching you lovely wife doing her artwork is very relaxing, to watch something appear from a blank page is very satisfying.

  9. GZ on your first Roman coin, Bill! And a lovely painting by Zoia… I so much enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing. d8^)

  10. Very nice painting….. such color……and Chillbill has his Roman wings now…….nice finds in that field. I wonder if that flake of flint was a gun flint? It is not made like the British ones but is around the right size and the color is right for the French Gran Presigeny flint. Could be a discarded musket flint…..I don't know how the French made their gun flints but I heard it was different from the Brandon flints.

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