River PhotoShoot Behind The Scenes, How I Take Natural Light Portraits

River PhotoShoot Behind The Scenes, How I Take Natural Light Portraits

before I start I wanted to say thank you to videoblocks for sponsoring today's video and yes I got this beautiful drone footage from video blogs calm here you can get studio-quality stock video clips HD and 4k footage after effect templates motion graphics and a lot more I don't know if you guys have noticed but I've been using motion graphics and a lot of my newest videos just to up the quality and most of them I did get from video blogs when you become a member you get a 40% off on every purchase and the original artist takes home the commission of the sale price which is awesome all content is royalty-free so you can use it for commercial or personal projects or on your monetized YouTube channels which is what I'm doing right here so go ahead and check out video blocks the link will be in the description hey guys Irene here today I'm gonna be doing a behind-the-scenes video but before we go to the photo shoot I thought I'm gonna show you guys how I pack for my photo shoot what kind of equipment do I take with me and why so this is the back fact that I'm gonna be using it's nothing special just something I got from Amazon obviously I'm gonna be taking my canon mark 3 and my favorite Canon 85 millimeter 1.2 I'm also taking my Sigma 35 millimeter 1.4 this is something interesting it's my film lens Mamiya 80 millimeter 1.9 with a converter I will be using this lens with the camera that I'm actually filming on right now with my sony a 6500 I can use film lenses on a mirrorless cameras and I'm super excited to try it out it's gonna be my first time using this lens with a digital camera I'm also grabbing my loop viewfinder this is just a cheap one from Amazon that you can find for like $20 I will try to link everything in the description down below this just helps to see the back of your camera in a very bright situation and today is very hot and very bright I'm also gonna grab a lens hood for my 85 you guys always want me to show the lands hotel here you go here I have a bunch of batteries memory cards I also might take some softening filters with me these are just something new that I'm trying out right now and I'm gonna be making a video on these very very soon so I'm gonna just put them right over here so this is all I'm taking now here I'm gonna be grabbing my gimbal this is what I use to film the videos this is the giant crane the first version I'm also bringing this bag full of clothes there's just a bunch of options I always bring lots of different options for the model because you never know what's gonna look the best in her and I usually just kind of drop the gimbal in there and then finally I always bring my stepladder with me as I mentioned before I'm short I'm only 5 – so having this always helps not only because I'm sure but also to get some different angles so I highly recommend if you don't own one get one of these stepladders alright so we just got to the river and this is the location that I've shot most of my River photoshoots the reason why I like it is because we have a bridge here and it provides a lot of shade even when it's really hot and another reason is because we have all of these rocks I will be climbing them later because when I go on top of these rocks I can kind of shoot from up top and still use my 85 but right now we're gonna shoot some pictures of cathuria and just kind of walking in the water we'll start slow and then we like slowly submerging more and more into water but she is wearing a vintage nightgown that I thrifted of course at Value Village you guys already know it and then we're gonna be probably using this little throw it's also like a nightgown that I bought a Value Village so it just kind of goes like this we'll have it it's kind of draping off of her shoulders and maybe dragging in the water like this is she walking through the river I think it's gonna look really nice okay alright so let's let's get going also something I was telling Katrina earlier careful and take her time really do it slowly we do not want any accidents some of the rocks are pretty slippery so you have to be careful also that's why I'm wearing these they have the grip at the bottom so it really helps with not slipping and also being able to just kind of wear shoes in the water so yeah let's get let's get in the water okay that look is really really nice looks on camera really nicely too so I wanted to get that shot of like you dragging it but like turn around so you're gonna be you're gonna be walking that way yes and then you're kind of looking back at me as you're like dragging the dress yes yeah and hold it kind of like that like you did yeah that looked really nice you need to find the perfect spot here we go here we go this is it just where you are is perfect all that's beautiful you know what you can continue just going forward with it yeah just kind of yeah can take like a step and then Oh see that's what I'm saying just slowly slowly so stay Oh stay like that oh yes in some spots the water almost looks just white if there's not enough ripple so I have to make sure that I'm getting the right angle like if I take it from below more like this then I don't see as much of the white it's more of just oh yeah that looks so nice I love it yeah it's beautiful and I love your hair like this beautiful we can also get you sitting on some of these rocks over there maybe let's do that right now you know what it's probably easier to get to them from the top rather than the water just be careful cuz they're slippery oh I love it can I stay a little bit more of your knee yeah and on the other one too just like grab yeah yeah that looks beautiful hmm oh my god you can like see your reflection in it that's gorgeous oh I love that I love that yes that's beautiful well it's beautiful you know what stay there let me see what if I kind of go let's see oh yeah that looks so pretty so I just saw something that's really cool if you can look in the water the Sun is reflecting into it and if I get the right angle and position it right around where my model is I'm gonna get amazing amazing bokeh here now the only thing here this is almost like shooting back lid because like it's reflecting in the water and then back into the camera so you just have to make sure that you're getting your models still in focus I'm gonna get closer to her that is like the oh I'm so happy I'm so happy and the way the dress is falling right now is like perfect you know what just do what you're doing right now and just look at me just your eyes with me oh my god girl okay okay you move a little bit toys of meat like if you just kind of position your legs more I want to see just like a little bit of your leg is it possible yeah yeah yeah that's totally fine you just look like some mermaid in this like magical place that I'm you know is doing this but you know what this is when you know it when I'm really interred my for some reason I start doing a little bit of a different angle I'm still getting that reflection though oh I really want to try these with that film lens and see what its gonna create this is a crop sensor I also forgot to mention that this lens is completely manual so I'm just using my live view zooming in on Katrina's face focusing and then taking a shot and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how sharp and beautiful these pictures turned out see which one is about oh I love that pose and just look at me here you see the little stone over there step on it okay stay there and let me see if this is not too backlit oh I love that they stay like that that is so angelic it's so flared though it's like very soft for this last shot I totally forgot to turn on my mic but we're shooting in the shade and I'm sitting on top of these rocks to get an upper angle on my model she is sitting in the water and we're just taking some simple portraits and using the water ripples as my background so this is it I hope you guys enjoyed our video don't forget to check out Katrina and Monica who's filming the video she's also an amazing photographer so everyone's links are gonna be in the description down below and I'll see you guys in the next one bye

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  1. Wow, perfect… I am impressed and its really inspiring though I don't know anything about photography.. I feel like starting 😊 thanks for sharing.

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