Rick Bayless’ Culinary Voice

Rick Bayless’ Culinary Voice

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[Audio Starts] Rick Bayless: My name is Rick Bayless and
I’m here today at the Institute of Culinary Education. My culinary voice is really a very
culturally based one, because I do Mexican food. That involves boldness and complexity
and brightness, because those are three aspects of Mexican cuisine that real cuisine of Mexico
that really speak to me the most. So, I can also resonate with other cuisines that are
bold, complex and bright. Then I always encourage cooks to really see
how deeply you can get into one cuisine, cooking that and then switch to another. And then,
of course, we’re all unique and so if you’re going to be a great artist/artisan, what you
will find is that it will be a unique voice that brings all of that together.
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  1. 'Top Chef Masters' and James Beard Award winner Rick Bayless stops by ICE to share candid professional advice with students as part of ICE's "Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs" lecture series. To learn more, visit: http://www.ice.edu/professional-development/culinary-entrepreneurs

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