Review of the Totally Tiffany Embossing Station – Hit or Miss?

Review of the Totally Tiffany Embossing Station – Hit or Miss?

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog hollow
today I have a review for you iving you at all and you know I love to check out
all the new tools that come out this is the embossing station from
totally-tiffany so I went out I saw this I bought one and I thought we could
build it together see how easy that is to do and then we could review as to
whether it’s worth buying so I know often we do things we burn our fingers
so I thought well it does this solve the problem does it take up too much space
on our desktop is it a great organizational time-saving product let’s
find out so let’s open it up and see I did just peek take a peek at the top of
store I thought I would need any talk I don’t think so at least the outside
doesn’t tell me I need anything it looks as though it comes fully assembled but I
guess we’re gonna find out okay so this is exactly how it arrived to me as
always links will be in that video description below for you we always
appreciate when you use them it really does help support us so this is how it
comes you can see I literally just took it out the bubble wrap and then you get
this bag of accessories there’s no instructions that I’ve seen so fast you
get this little board here you’ve got this extra bow ring and you have a
binder clip okay so definitely no instructions nothing else okay I’m sure
we can work this out so it’s designed to take every kind of heat embossing tool
so I have my Waggoner here there’s also my ranger under him I was actually up in
my upstairs craft room the reason I do that is because I like to have the two
different heat settings if you want to know more about the route or you can
check out the video in the top right hand corner it lymon eights the need for
having two heat guns because it does the high in the slow
and I do absolutely love it eventually I guess I probably replace having to down
here as well but I have that one upstairs and I have these two down here
in the studio but it’s kind of the same shape as this so I guess it would also
fit in here the idea is it will hold your heat tall in here like this and the
I’m guessing the reason for having this here is that if you need to hold a
different sized heat tool then you can have this piece in here for this jacket
it won the Ranger would actually not fit in here that well so the Ranger one does
not fit in here so that’s a no-go so thumbs down on that one but the Wagner
one does seem to fit in here quite nicely but I guess the adapter if you
look on the box the adapter seems to work with the crafters companion one so
I’m guessing that that’s what this one is for or if you want to hold the tip
further away then you can do that with this one so that’s what that’s for
there’s also a little stand that if you have one like the crafters companion you
can hold the cables over to the side there’s this piece here so if you want
to curl your cables around for storage purposes you can do that so that’s kind
of neat I mean I have some command clips under my table so that’s how I store my
cables under there and then there’s this little chopping board that you get which
I’m gonna presume stores under here so this little neat storage for under here
which is kind of cute and the clip is designed so I’ve already pre stamped out
this hero arts image it’s called star flower it’s really pretty I stamped it
out using my clear mark and my Nouveau fine jet black so I’ve already pre done
all of that and I thought we would test out but the idea is that you can pop it
on here hold it on with your binder ring rather than having to burn your fingers
of course you can pop your heat tool in yeah like this and then
just hold this under here so let’s see how it works so I’m just moving it around so you can
see it’s completely Commons free cool and then I can turn it off and there’s
my image you can see it’s all done and then it has this little drying rack on
the side here which is also a really neat little idea that you can pop all of
your images like wrapped up inside and I do like the little curly thing on the
side okay however hit or miss okay things I like
about it I like the fact I can cut my cable up I like the little thing on the
side there’s also a little area in here so you can pop like your embossing pens
unit or like powder deactivate at all it’s neat that they’ve thought that you
can store your little chopping board in here okay
so great things on there they are all hits great misses the fact I can’t put
my ranger heat tool in it something I use a lot that for me is a mist so it
doesn’t take every Heat tour the fact they’ve included a metal binder tip
metal conducts heat I already felt it getting hot on my hand that for me is
also a Miss wood I really want something that takes that bestop space to hold my
heat tool when I just have a clip down there that holds it probably not not
really gonna work for me am I really gonna have something that I hold and
then I do this with everything probably not
also if I’ve got a big embossing pal because I do heat emboss a lot of
backgrounds and then I’m gonna put it on here I’m not going to have anywhere that
I can then be able to clip it down because that’s going to rub off my
busting powder and so I’m not gonna have any way that I could hold it out so
there are lots of things for me that they do miss on I guess it’s a great
concept maybe it needs a little bit more development you might work for you as I
always say craft tools are completely personal you might watch this and be
like oh my goodness this is the best idea it works for me perfectly I really
struggled to hold my heat tool I burn myself all the time this is such an
awesome idea so that’s why we do reviews because I know that for some people it
would be the perfect hit and for others like me it will be a mess but that’s why
we do these hit or miss reviews so as always links in the video description if
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in the meantime a happy crafting have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow bye

69 thoughts on “Review of the Totally Tiffany Embossing Station – Hit or Miss?”

  1. It’s a miss for me too…. but glad you like the Wow embossing tool. That’s a bit of deja vu…lol xx

  2. I think it's a hit for storage purposes and maybe for people who have limited space. Also, I know a few people who craft and have problems with shaking and arthritis, so this would probably be great for them. For me, the idea is fantastic, but I'm very near sighted. I need to see when the powder turns, and, just from watching you, it seems that would be difficult. Plus, I just like the control I have holding it in my hand. Too, for some items, you need to heat from underneath. So, ……. ? The concept is great, though. Love your honest reviews 🙂

  3. I like getting your opinion on this item. I hate to say it but it appears to me as just a way for someone to try and make some money but not all that practical.

  4. Thanks for the review, not something I’d buy. One I don’t like the clip, Two I also don’t like that it doesn’t fit my ranger tool, Three it’s taking up space while I also use my command hook. Hope your doing well, tomorrow makes it a week since your surgery. Praying you heal nice and fast. Love you guys!

  5. I agree that the binder clip would definitely get hot. I have a stand that I can place my heat gun in while it’s still hot, so I don’t chance getting burned & it fits the ranger heat tool as well. Thanks for this review, hugs!!!

  6. I really like mine. I was close to burning fingers all the time. Well made product. I also like to keep everything together, I like to have my dust bag right there…I have lost and replaced mine many times.

  7. As with other Totally Tiffany products it's very much over-priced. It's not for me, but then I don't have dexterity problems. Thanks for the review.

  8. Miss since I have both ranger and Wagner. I use silicone holsters off the side of my table holds out of way and when hot.

  9. I think the theory behind it is great, but there are too many 'buts' for me. You still had to move the board around, the metal clip seemed daft & it would take up space. Seeing your review made up my mind, that's if I could even get one in the U.K

  10. Waste of money 💰,it's a miss for me.thanks for your review,hope you're feeling well and healing fast❤😊

  11. Thank you for reviewing this product. I love gadgets and I buy a lot of them and when I first saw this I thought it looked cool. However, I saw in another review that you're supposed to remove the wire on the Wagner tool. That is just not practical if you ever want to lay your tool down after use. For storage and having a paddle to dry your products while heat embossing, it would work..minus the steel clip. I would use tape. I have a small stand that holds my Wagner tool and it takes up half the space. So…while if looks cool, it's a miss for me!!!

  12. I knew this was a miss for me when it was debuted. I have a metal holder for my embossing gun. It keeps the embossing gun close, but out of the way. I keep a square tile under it. So I always have something to protect my surface. I have a tool that holds what I am embossing so my fingers don't get burned. I do like the slots for holding projects. A wooden clothes pin might be better than the metal bulldog clip. Perhaps Tiffany could make a plastic clip. I like your honest reviews. There used to be a magazine called Scrapbook Answers. They too, gave honest reviews so they lost their advertisers who didn't appreciate their honesty . Too bad because it was a good magazine.
    Happy Crafting!
    Speedy recovery to you.

  13. This looks like a miss for me. I don't have that much space to begin with so this would take up too much space. And for embossing I use my tweezers. Yes, my fingers burn from time to time, but that's a sacrifice I'm content with 🙂

  14. Ive seen a handmade one on etsy but didn’t know there was a commercial one. It seemed ok until I got a wagner/hero arts gun & the directions say to let it cool with nozzle pointed slightly up using the kickstand so it doesn’t shorten the motor lifespan. So the constant back & forth of this didnt appeal to me

  15. Not a tool I would use…I have limited space on crafting area…and this would be in the way a lot of the time. I'm sure it does work for some people….just not for me

  16. Thank you for the review. I've seen 3 different reviews on this tool including yours, and none of them addressed whether or not it was easy to view the work as you embossed. Also it appears the top shadows what you're embossing. If you have a moment, will you please let me know your thoughts on that. Thx

  17. I can't see a use for it except maybe for someone who in impaired. It would be handy if you only have one hand.

  18. It wouldn't work for me, I would find it just clumsy and too much of a space waster. Why would I want to put my work on a clipboard?? I like more control than that. A big No for me. Thanks Alex for these hit or miss videos. I find some a big Hit, while others like this one a miss. Hope you are feeling better each day. You're always on my mind . Hugs to you

  19. What do you do to get a birthday card? I subscribed a while backend didn't get a birthday card on the 3rd. Maybe I missed a step…help! I would love a card from hedgehog hollow. Thank you.

  20. I have something that is similar but not as fancy and I use it for classes I teach. My students love it.

  21. I can see the appeal, especially since I'm a gadget nut, I think I still like my wooden clothes pin best though.

  22. I think the slots on the side are so you can have pieces ready to emboss not touch each other…? I like to stamp several images and put the powder on them all at once and then heat them but that takes up a lot of space on my desk to lay them all out so the powder doesn't rub off from touching. The slits would hold them in a small space and u could pull each one out, emboss it, and lay it to the side. Of course that wouldn't work for full backgrounds, but I usually heat those immediatly. If I did a lot of embossing I think this would be useful but I spend more time organizing than doing so… 😂

  23. I think with the more slender heat tools you are supposed to use the white silicon/rubber ring that you did not use. This ring I believe makes the opening smaller and will grab onto the skinnier tools That being said maybe a small information sheet with tips and tricks would help to clear up some of our misses on this product.. I do agree that 2 clips would be better and more secure.

  24. I think its a miss. I feel you do not have complete control and I also did not like that your cardstock was warped after you embossed it. Holding the tool, gives you control to prevent warping.

  25. Thank you for this review. I don’t think it is something I would buy but watching you use this tool gave me what may be a good idea. I have similar plastic boards I use for taping down wet projects. I’m thinking a sheet of sticky grid on the board would hold the embossed piece in place then use the heat tool as usual. You mentioned you had a sticky grid tip which I need to check out. Maybe a similar idea to mine. I will also check out the two speed heat tool. I would love to have one.

  26. Seriously, can you get your money back. Thank you but a big miss for me. Hope your post-op is going well

  27. Another awesome and oh so appreciated product demonstration, Alexandra. I don’t think this product will go on my must have list, but it seems to fit the bill when embossing several items one after the other. You are the best! I hope you are feeling good, since your surgery! I’ve got you in my prayers😸🙏🙏🙏~Katz

  28. Definitely a miss. I've never burned my fingers on my heat tool, not even close. If you're the kind that does burn their fingers, you can get a heat tool with that rubber stopper thing at the end that will prevent you from burning yourself.

    Takes up too much desk real estate, kinda goofy if you ask me.

    TYSM for sharing! Hope your post-op is going well!

  29. Do You have a video on how to get started heat embossing? I would really like to get into it but have no idea where to begin and there are so many random videos out there on it. I would prefer to lesrn from you as everyrhing else i have lesrned from you jas been spot on. If you could post the link that would be amazing.! 😁

  30. I see it as a storage rack. The misses is no instructions & that it is made out of plastic. High heat & plastic is a disaster waiting to happen. The other miss is your paper curled big time. I have a heat gun by Wagner that is self standing for hands free use. So for me this isn’t a practical craft room item. Thank you for your review video.

  31. Sorry but for me a complete miss. I would not spend money to do something in a much more difficult way than I was already doing it. Also it would be a size problem for me.

  32. I agree, I like a product that is versatile for most / all tools. But now that I know about it, I will certainly give it a try!

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