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  1. We can try change this but we all know it’s not gonna change no matter what. Men will always be seen as better. Just learn to suck it up and deal with it!! (yes I’m a girl) if I CAN just ignore this sexist situation… then y’all can too!

  2. who would have thought my sociology class links me to a video on gender shit by someone named (((Zelinski))) what a (((coincidence)))

  3. The dudes are ugly, if the original picture had chosen an ugly model too, then it'd look as awkward as this.

  4. I'd like to ask an honest question to the men. If adverts were reversed how they were depicted here, would any of you actually be bothered? I personally wouldn't give a shit. I know women are very much sexualised in media and advertising and I believe this is more to manipulate men because men are easily led by sexualised content but there are sexualised women in women's magazines that men don't even read. And I'd be inclined to believe the stats in this video if they were realistic or at least showed sources.I'm not saying rape, sexualised violence etc doesn't happen because we all know it does and would take action to prevent it but an evened out statistic to men experiencing violence would be closer to 100% because pretty much all men have experienced violence by the time they're 30. Even 20.Please just be even because creating victims does not help. There is no rape culture. Ask anyone and they would agree they would do anything possible to ruin a rapists life if it is known the person did rape.

  5. This would probably work better if you used actual male models because you cannot compare the fat men you are using to the female models that are performing the same poses. YOU are still not making the right point. If you want to prove your point then you need to make the video equal in all things that includes adding male models that have rock hard abs and muscles or it does not work!

  6. I think the remakes with women imitating men are good and I also think the ones with men imitating women are good and not remotely ridiculous. I actually like the popsicle one and the american apparel one a lot. Buzzfeed tried the same thing with a doritos commercial and I literally jerked off to it.

  7. Some of these comments are so dishonest. This video shows some truth. And people focus on the way it was made than its depth. It's a school project, not an elaborate study. Media distort people's views, it was nice to raise awareness about it so crudely.

  8. Hey, at least do this shoot with a proper photographer, camera and model. No shit it looks like shit only because you didn't give a rats ass about making it presentable, you only want it to be a negative message.

  9. This would have been even more effective if you had used male models in the poses. In stead you used normal male bodies and not the sculpted male bodies. All the female ads you chose show unrealistic women in the ads yet when you recreated them you chose a more comic route. Re do it and use male models and then lets see how bad it is. And yes I agree it is bad just don't go the comic route go the way advertising really is.

  10. This is wrong on so many levels:
    1 – Men and women are BOTH sexualized to sell products. There are plenty of underwear ads that show more of the male body than of the women's.
    2 – Men and women domestic abuse rates are about 50 – 50 yet men are more likely to not report it due to stigma and lack of men's shelters.
    3 – I think a woman opening her legs because she approves of the jewellery a man bought her makes the man submissive. Think about it. His looks aren't valued equal to hers. He is also expected to add money to the relationship for it to continue.

  11. Yeah, lord knows I've never based by a menswear shop in the mall and seen a Clavin Klein advertisement of a man standing there wearing only briefs with a prominent package showing.

    Look, there's a lot of sexual biasness in the mediua and women are shown much more harshly and treated differently but let's not pretend that it's only happening to them. How many commercials for healthy-eating foods, cleaning supplies and/or child-care products have I seen where a man is oblivious to how these things operate. Like searching through the fridge looking for cakes, cookies, pies and such because he hears his wife describing delicious yogurt flavors? Ha ha ha. Men don't know what yogurt is!

    Hey, there's a man who's decided that instead of buying his kids shoes he's going to dip their feet in plaster! Ha ha, ha. Men don't understand clothing.

    Hey, there's a man trying to clean something/mop the floor/vacuum the carpet/do laundry. Begin the countdown until power-tools are involved and there's major property damage occurring. Ha ha ha ha. Men don't understand "chores."

    But, hey! There's a lingerie commercial featuring a woman in her underwear! Well, we can't have that, now can we?!

  12. Hello and good work. I don't know about the technical aspects, but I'd like to offer help to translate, so the video coulld be subtitled in french : I can reach no subtitling to your video which I found weird because of the numbers of views… funny ! Let me know : I'd like to do a bunch of videos on thah subject… 😉

  13. Like women, men are sexualized in advertising all the time.
    Like women, men are held to unrealistic standards all the time.
    This isn't a gender issue!

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