Repainting MY OLDEST MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / How To Repaint OOAK Barbie Dolls Speedpaint Drawing

Repainting MY OLDEST MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / How To Repaint OOAK Barbie Dolls Speedpaint Drawing

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel! Today, I’m going to give a new life to my oldest doll repaint that I still have in my collection. You can see that her face doesn’t look that special now, and especially I’m unimpressed with her bottom eyelashes. They are way too thick, too massive, and too far from each other and her complete look is like… little bit too simple and not really finished. So, let’s try to help her today! First, I’m taking a hairdryer and I’m warming up her head to be able to take it easily off. Then I take pure acetone and I remove her face. I need, by the way, to get a new bottle of acetone again! This one, it is almost out it seems! I’ve sealed the doll’s face with three (3) layers of Mr. Super Clear sealant and once the sealant is dry, I start working on her skin color. The doll’s skin is pretty orange, so to neutralize this orange color I will first color it with a layer of light blue soft pastels, following the color wheel, and the color theory that I have explained already in my previous videos. Now when basic skin color is done, I take my pencils and sketch the doll’s eyes. I use like always my Fiber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils and Rembrandt soft pastels. I also draw the shadows inside of her nose and between her lips. With brown soft pastels, and with a piece of an eraser, I sketch her eyebrows. And now it’s contouring time! Let’s give her face some more realistic shadows and extra dimension. And first with quite light brown pastels that are a little bit darker than her skin color, I add shadows to the eye crease and to the side of her nose, to her mouth, under her cheekbone and to the hairline. I repeat this step ’til I am happy with the deepness and the intensity of the contouring. Now her face looks too monochrome brown. And to make it more real life, I add a touch of light pink pastels. And then I add red blushes to the apples of her cheeks, and to the eye crease. And now I’m coming back to my pencils again, and I start working on her eyes. Now I mainly just block in the main colors without going too much into the details. Right now, I need main blocks of color and I think I will give her green eyes. And the secret of pretty eyebrows is in combining many different shades of brown, red, sometimes pink, and even yellow pencils! After every coat of the sealant, I just add all the time more and more eyebrow hairs. And of course, all your pencils should be really sharp! And I personally use a breaking knife for it. Her lips I will for now just color with red soft pastels. Now I take a grey pencil, and I work on the white of her eyes. And without adding those grey shadows, your eyes will look completely flat. I also want to make the eye crease a little bit deeper with brown pencils. And then I blend it very good with a blending tool, or with q-tips. And then I add in creases and highlights to her lips. With a very light pencil, I add highlights to her eyes, and with the same pencil I also add accents to the most highlighted areas of the face. And here, it’s very important to blend the pencil very good. And now it’s black pencil time! I draw the bottom eyelashes trying to make them not that thick and massive like it was before and I also add a reflection of the upper lashes to her eyes. And now I still want to add some extra blush to her cheeks. Then I take white acrylic paint and a very fine brush and I add all kinds of highlights and reflections to her eyes. And now her face is almost ready! Now it’s time to work on her body. First, I get rid of these gloves, and then I sand the body with a nail buffer to remove the gloss from it. I clean with an acetone-free nail polish remover, spray it with three (3) layers of Mr. Super Clear sealant, and then I cover it with same color pastels like I used for her face. Now, her ears still have the original orange color, so I need to protect her hair and face and blush her ears as well. Now she looks like after some plastic surgery or after a little car accident with all this protection on top! And now I need to bring the head and the body back together. So first, I will warm it up with a hairdryer again. It makes the head and the pin that needs to go in very soft, and I can put it on without breaking her neck or damaging her new face for example. Now her hair looks, of course, completely massive. So I’m using my hairdryer again to make her hair lay flat and straight. And now I’m taking a very thin curler and I make curls. The camera focus said goodbye to me here, but I think you know perfectly how to do this. And now I just need to attach the false lashes and to add gloss to her eyes and lips. And I also need to sign my doll of course. And now it’s time to work on her personal style! Here is a picture of this doll in her first incarnation and what I really like about it is the hammock. The fact that she is sitting in it. So let’s follow the same concept, and make for her, not a hammock, but a swing using a couple of Popsicle sticks. At first, I glue all the details together. Then I color it with white acrylic paint and cover it with gloss acrylic varnish. Then I add two long chains to hang the swing. I will also make a very colorful summer dress for her, decorated with golden ribbon. Especially for this outfit, I will customize such blue Monster High shoes. I will cut certain parts of them, and color them with acrylic paint, and then add some golden ribbon up top. And to complete her joyful look, I will make a flower wreath using such tiny paper flowers. And here is the end result! Here is she sitting next to the original Toralei Stripe doll, and this is how she looks next to my previous version of this doll. What do you think? I’m absolutely happy with the way she looks now! She looks so colorful and joyful! And what do you think? I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion in the comments under this video. (laugh) You know, I’m still trying to read all of them! And please, don’t forget to put your likes here below And of course, subscribe my channel to get more new doll repaints every week Friday. And also visit my Instagram for more backstage and work-in-progress photos and videos, and see you all very soon in my new video! Bye!

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    16:57 RANDOM STUFF clothes and shoes
    #Dollighful Huh Ok yeh we doing a chart Oh welp vid done bai bai

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