Repainting Dolls – Fairyland Lucywen – Faceup Stories ep.51

Repainting Dolls – Fairyland Lucywen – Faceup Stories ep.51

100 thoughts on “Repainting Dolls – Fairyland Lucywen – Faceup Stories ep.51”

  1. It's beautiful, I love it and I would buy this if I saw it at a store 😍💕💞 (your talented 😮) I can't do this kind of stuff with dolls but I can do good drawings kinda like this 👍💗

  2. I wish so very badly that I was at least half as good as you are at this. you are actually the reason I wanted to try and even have such a beautiful doll, but so many attempts have ended up in severe failure and frustration. I cry tears of true joy if I could find someone to paint a single doll for me. do you have any helpful tips or recommendations? I would be eternally grateful

  3. I recommend giving the centaur a smiling cheerful face and maybe make galaxy eyes, it was a suggestion but I hope my ideas helped u :3

  4. I don’t know if anybody told you before but your voice remind me of Marcia’s! 💕 I love your channel

  5. Just a random question, your name is Andrea (sorry if I spelled it wrong!) but your channel is Nicolles Dreams! Why?

  6. Omg I remember my first face up and I didn’t seal my line art layers and I messed up and had to wipe it all away

  7. She’s so beautiful..The brown did make the eyes look softer but did not take anything away from them ,I also likes the purple you added to the eye area ,very pretty 😀

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