Relaxed And Easy Festive Mixed Media Art Page

Relaxed And Easy Festive Mixed Media Art Page

hello wonderful creative I really hope
that you have had a good creative week now this video is going out on the 25th
of December so a big season’s greetings to you if you’re celebrating today this
is not really a Christmas themed project but bear with me because well I thought
it could almost pass as one and you’ll see when it finishes and you can put
this light wherever you think it does pass for a sort of Christmasy make so
it’s got some very traditional and also some non-traditional colors in it at the
end and there’s also sort of a winter evergreen feel to it you see I’m really
trying to sell it Christmas project look that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
now there are lots of twists and turns in this project so I warn you up front
it probably won’t go the way that you think it should all know I hope it kind
of surprises you it definitely surprised me and it’s a
page in my junk journal and I actually did three pages in three different junk
journals at the same time and I’m gonna be sharing at least one of those others
possibly than both of them in the new year
who’s ready for the new year I feel like I’m already there because I’ve been
working on my January deadlines already so I actually recorded this the week
before so last week and I’ve been working on my January my January see I
can’t even say it my January deadlines but the problem is that half of me feels
like it’s still back in September the other half has fast forwarded to
February 2020 so I’m finding it really hard to be in the moment and I have
actually been trying to counter that a bit because I am feeling so I know I’m
I’m not very time aware time is not a good thing with me I’m great with
deadlines absolutely great with deadlines but else other types of time
are somewhat meaningless to me which you think would make it good to be in the
moment but I don’t know I do tend to get over anxious about
things that are coming up or even things in the past so and I know a lot of us
are like that taught me so I’ve been doing artwork that I’ve really tried to
stay present for and this is definitely one of those pieces and in fact I think
two out of the three pieces that I did in this session were very in the moment
pieces and you’ll be able to see the other one next Wednesday because I think
that one’s gonna be up next Wednesday so as you can see this one started on a
page of old paint leftovers and I actually loved the chaos of that color
paint layer so it caught my eye and I just thought I would throw myself into
it and I actually really needed to do the pieces that I did in that session I
ended up rearranging my work schedule that day so that I could do them and I
filmed them with no expectations that they would become something that I would
share this piece totally had a life of its own and if I tell you that I
actually started it with a somewhat negative emotional state and bunny and
the negative state had turned very much into a positive one so I’m very attached
to this piece emotionally and I didn’t have any plans for this one tour it is
growing completely organically and I think it was mostly inspired or led by
my color choices at the time and each color choices I’m making is very much
just happening as it happens if you sort of mean it there’s no pre-planning so
even from that very first black that I start putting on to the greens and the
Reds I use later all of it came about just as you’re watching and I really
love how when I add the gold over the still wet black paint in areas it
changes up the gold and gives it more depth in fact I’ve done that before
mix up black and gold there’s something about an iridescent paint particularly
gold and then mixing it with black there’s I just really like that and then
there’s a mint color which I really fell in love with and I mix that using
turquoise and gold and then just add it in some very small touch
yellow to give it the the shoe that I wanted it to have and I think that’s
gonna be a color that you’ll be see again there is a list of paints that
I’ve used today in the description as always along with all the other products
but not the colors of that that were originally on this page because I don’t
remember exactly what they were but everything you’ve seen me use today
should hopefully be listed below [MUSIC] I love doing this piece it helped me a
lot to do and it totally surprised me as well as to where it finished up so were
you surprised to particularly considering where it started from
there’s a bit of a style development maybe all it’s it’s something that my
patrons have been seeing a little bit more of recently perhaps and I love the
Lewis chaotic feel to parts of this piece and then that layering is well
peaking through you can see a little bit sort of like coming through colors and
you never know that meant it might turn up next week to hint hint okay you know
it’s totally going to be turning up next week so I hope to catch you then and
have a lovely creative week until next time

11 thoughts on “Relaxed And Easy Festive Mixed Media Art Page”

  1. That one sure went in a direction I didn't see coming! I love it – and think it could be a holiday piece that isn't overboard. It's a lovely piece to finish off the year. Merry Christmas, Kim – I wish you lots of creative magic in 2020! xx

  2. I notice that you are doodling with your hand off the table. That must take some practice not to rest your hand on the table.

  3. A total turnaround of expectations. At one point it reminded me of a murder scene LOL. As usual you made it cool in the end. Merry Christmas and a happy new year xx

  4. It certainly didn't go where I thought it would. It's very pretty and Festive with those colors. Great job Kim, as usual. 🎨🎅🐧🦌⛄

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