Red-eyed Tree Frog #ToadlyAwesomeChallenge Acrylic Painting Demonstration Slowly Painted ASMR Collab

Red-eyed Tree Frog #ToadlyAwesomeChallenge Acrylic Painting Demonstration Slowly Painted ASMR Collab

hi this is Dena Tollefson and welcome to my
studio so glad to have you here today today’s
video I’ll be demonstrating how to use the grid method with graphite to create
a drawing for that can be used for a drawing or for a painting and then I’m
also going to be showing you how to work on a painting by first laying and your
darkest darks and your lightest lights so let’s get started well today’s video
is the Toadly Awesome Challenge so it’s a challenge that I’m hosting out here on
my channel and if you’re new to my channel I say welcome I’m so glad to
have you here if you’ve come back again I hope that you’ll be ringing that
subscription bell my channel is all about spreading joy through art so I’m
hosting a thing called the Toadly Awesome Challenge and it’s where you’ll
make a frog or toad in your own style and I’m so excited to see all of the
artwork that the other artists are going to be coming up with so I started with a drawing from and I like pixabay because they’ve got a lot of photos that you
can use where the photographer has posted their photo of their subject and
you can use it without infringing on anyone’s copyright or royalty that type
of thing so the photographer here is named Skeeze and this came out of so I am using a acrylics all here from
Golden these are heavy bodied acrylics and I’m using just a round brush first
laid in all of the darkest areas using dioxazine purple and now using pure white
I’m looking at the photo and finding where the very lightest areas are on my
subject and I’m indicating those in white some of the some of those areas are
gonna be covered up later with a color or glazed over with a color but but it’s
important to find those darkest areas and those lightest areas in in the
painting finding those in the reference photo and also when you look for a good
reference photo if you can find one that has a nice set of light areas dark areas
and middle tones that will make a pleasing pattern now you see me swishing out my
paintbrush and some clean water I’m using a Masterson Sta Wet Palette with
my acrylics so there’s a little sponge under there and it keeps the acrylics at
just the right humidity level when painting so let’s start on these little
guy’s I here and his eye is red but I’m putting orange in the middle so that I
can get a the effect of three dimensionality in the photo I can see
that the roundest lightest part of his eye is appearing orange so I’m gonna go
ahead and put the colors in then I see there’s just a small area of the eye
that I would actually call red so that that’ll be red in the other areas I’m
seeing as dark so I’ll try and put it in just as I see it just using that same round brush and now
using them adding a little of the purple the dioxazine purple this is the same
purple that was used in the shadow I really want to emphasize the eye the
three dimensionality of the eye is I really kind of pokes out and makes a big
ball like shape I want to try and really emphasize that in the painting so here I’m using a little bit of Mars
black but I chose to use in the shadow area purple rather than black so there’s
only gonna be just a tiny little bit of black in this painting straight black
and that’ll be on the actual eye itself and this little spot here and then a
little tiny section around the eye I do like to include black and every
painting that I do when possible but I don’t want to have too much black in the
paintings that’s why I’m choosing that kind of purple color instead now coming
in with a little bit of ultramarine blue just straight out of the tube now I made
a mistake here so I took a wet brush I’m just gonna wipe out the excess paint
just like that there we go now I’m gonna mix up a gray using the titanium white
Mars black and then that small amount of yellow ochre and I can mix this gray
color just right on the brush so coming around the eye I can see that I don’t
want to try and use that same bright white color because that part of me
eyes in shadow so it’s why I’m using this gray color all right and then this blue is phthalo
blue red shade with a little bit of titanium white and a tiny amount of
yellow ochre so I now want to show you our little fellow here we have a special
guest that comes to our our house and through the kitchen on the other side of
the there’s a little moth here you’ll see but only at night
we have our own Mr. Gray TF and he’s actually a Gray Tree Frog here in Iowa
and this clever fella sits on the window at night when the kitchen light is on
and he will go and eat insects so that’s our little friend Mr. Gray TF so when
I’m painting for you here today is a Red-eyed Tree Frog and he is found in
the rain forest all in Central America Mexico Colombia all in all in that area
he has little suction cup toes just like our little Mr. Gray Tree Frog from Iowa
they have these on their on their digits on their on their toes and the front and
I guess they’re called technically they’re called let’s see I had it
written down there called digits on the front and they’re called toes in the
back but this little guy he is a carnivore like other tree frogs are and they like
to eat at night like our Mr. Tree Frog in Iowa but they really like high
temperatures and super high humidity they’re like anywhere from 80 to 100
percent humidity and this little guy is I’m painting him actually quite a bit
larger than he is in real life he’s only a few inches long so I want to talk a
little bit about the grid method so sometimes when I don’t go in and do a
painting or a drawing I will just look at it and just kind of eyeball it but in
this case this tree frog I’ve never painted a tree frog before so I’m not
familiar with all of the shapes so I had to really study him and study the
reference photo and so making a grid if you take a grid and you go in and divide
all of the shapes up into smaller shapes and then and then when you’re on your
canvas you look and you say oh what’s in this rectangle and then you transfer it
over that way you can go much larger much
smaller than your reference photo and and when you draw them follow the angles
redrawing that you’re using follow the angles and you can see here I’ve got
four squares across and four squares down and then I made little tick marks
where I could see on my drawing like a big little tick marks and then be able
to make a more accurate drawing hopefully that makes sense so but don’t
do I will have to say don’t do what I did when I first started my drawing I
have the canvas I’ve got here is a twelve inches tall by 16 inches wide and
the paper that I was using is at eight and a half by 11 sheet of paper that
came I printed the photo off on my computer and then when I’m painting I
also have my computer monitor up so I can look and see the colors because my
printer paper was a little dull in color anyway
when I’m painting this thing or drawing it
when I was doing was I had not transferred the proportions of the
rectangles so for example the canvas that I’m working with is longer
than it is tall and the reference photo that I was using the proportion of that
was eight and a half by eleven and I was doing a sixteen by 12 which is actually
a longer spread out proportion so what I did was when I was making my frog he was
coming out too tall and then all of a sudden I realized oh I’ve got my
proportion wrong so once I corrected that then I was able to finish with the
drawings so that that’s just something to watch out for when you’re working
just to make sure that you’ve got the same proportions otherwise when you
transfer the transfer your your rectangular rectangle and and make the
proportions then it won’t come out true to the actual reference so now coming in
with a little diarylide yellow going to now indicate on our tree frog the
lightest areas on his in the front are called what were they wrote
them down the digits the heh the digits and in the back are the toes adding a little bit of this pyrrole orange
when I started with the pyrrole orange I realized I had it a little bit too
bright and too saturated so I’m gonna add a little bit of a yellow ochre here
and mix up a color that it’s gonna be a little bit more neutral just wiping it
off a paper towel the extra off of the knife keeping the knife clean so I can
see already this is a better color by mixing it with the yellow ochre that
made a more neutral color it’s still bright but it’s not not vulgar or garish
there’s so many bright colors on this little guy but I wanted to make sure to
not have everything too bright just using this same round brush this is a
synthetic brush and I’m holding the brush trying to hold the brush closer at
the end of the paintbrush not at the ferrule now I got paint where I didn’t
want it so I just took a little bit of water and that flat brush and just uh
just wipe the paint right off if you painted at that moment and wipe it off
right away you can get it get it up and there’ll be no trace okay so now I need to darken the color
in the dark in this color I’m going to add
the pyrrole orange and the diaxozine purple together to make kind of a chocolatey
dark color and a little bit more orange here and I’m mixing again just since I’m
mixing a tiny amount of paint I can mix right with my brush being careful to not
let the paint get up into the ferrule the ferrule is that metal wrap that goes
between the the brush the bristles themselves and the the handle we don’t
want to get that up into that metal ferrule now part of his part of his foot
here is in shadow and so I’m gonna use that dark color that we mix to show that
that that’s in shadow underneath his chin and is dipping the brush in the water
and that can make the paint flow a little more smoothly here we go then using that dark chocolatey color to
show any of the toes that are in shadow and right over here by the hind limb
some of the toes are trying to hiding in here get those marked in and I’m looking at my reference photo as
I’m painting I want to make sure that I’m following my drawing but I’m also
looking at the at the original photo reference so do you have a favorite
animal that you like to paint or draw let me know in the comments below I’d
love to hear from you and love to hear all your comments so a little bit more
about the Toadly Awesome Challenge as long as you put the wordsToadly
Awesome Challenge in your title and your subject is a frog or a toad all art
types all mediums all ages are welcome to join in and I’ll be doing a playlist
so be looking for the playlist on my channel that will have all of the
artists who participate will be in the in this playlist and also be looking for upcoming
challenges or challenges on my channel here on YouTube
now just a little bit of primary yellow so this is a super colorful frog
God makes all these wonderful animals and this guy is very colorful so I’m
using some of that grey so underneath he’s white underneath but depending on
where the animal where the light is sitting that white might look like grey
like underneath his chin here look how dark that is that we need to put that
white color it needs to be almost like a dark charcoal gray to be convincing I always there’s an old adage in painting
is “paint what you see not what you know” so if I know that underneath his chin is
white I might be tempted to paint white under there about what I just need to do
is paint the colors that I see so now some of the green gold and the
primary yellow I’m gonna mix up some colors know that I’ll be used for the
top of his body and the sides of his body can make a really nice natural
green using Mars black and primary yellow now a little of the titanium
white and it might seem like I’m really mixing
up a that the colors won’t necessarily can’t all be used on that same frog but
it’s interesting how when light and shadow are hitting on any subject you’re
going to get a variety of warm and cool colors and darks and lights so I want to
be sure to include that full range of colors that I’m seeing in the photo in
the paint so so getting all of those colors on here and then now it’s a
matter of putting them on Miss or Mr. Frog so I’m starting here first with this
tympanic membrane of the tympanic membrane is what we would think of as
the ear and now behind the eyes with the darkest color so let me know if you’ve ever kept a
toad or a frog as a pet when our children were little Will and John they
were both in Boy Scouts and so one of the projects that they had is they had
to keep a toad or a frog for one of the badges they were working on and so we
live over right next to a pond and so we had kept some American bullfrogs in a
small aquarium and kept them in the garage well these guys when they were
tadpoles it was one thing but then when they became full frogs we had to feed
them and so we were spending a lot of time catching insects for these guys
they really like to eat moths and crickets and moths and that kind of
thing but but especially they’d like to eat a moth or any kind of a flying
insect so we were sitting there with a butterfly net catching at night catching
all of these insects for those frogs and then finally when they were old enough
then and we had they done enough with a merit badge that we were able to release
them back into the wild but it was a lot of fun and taking
care of those guys all right so now going in and working on
the back of the frog’s body on his trunk and I’m using the lightest green that we
mixed up here for these highlight areas where the sun is hitting right along the
mouth area and then just blending in with a this is that brush as it was a
dry brush going again with the lightest color on the thigh and then also on the
hind limb there’s the thigh and then that hind
limb back there and I don’t have any additives mixed in
with my acrylic paint this is just acrylic paint right out of the tube just you know dipping it occasionally in
water if we need it to flow a little better I’m coming in with a phthalo blue red
shade over the top of the mixture that was made with ultramarine blue and white
now adding a tiny bit of black to the green and working on that tympanic
membrane again I’m gonna shape going for there there we
go there’s the tympanic membrane that little area right behind and we’ll get
the color back on that again it kind of a round shape and I saw some blue
highlights on the top of the animal so I’m gonna put that same light blue color
that I see in the photo I’m going to include that but because we did the
white layer the white below then that will make it kind of stand out a little
bit more some more blue accents now coming in with the gray dark in that area and a highlight around the mouth so I tell you what I was planning to
originally do is I was gonna be putting this frog on the green surface the green
leaf like the photo showed and as I was working on the painting he’s just on the
toned canvas the yellow ocher I thought you know I’m really liking how this is
looking so what I ended up doing is I thought you know what I’m just gonna
leave him on the toned canvas and not do anything more to him not gonna put him
on a leaf I like this so I’ll ended up doing is erasing and I regretted
pressing down so hard with my pencil lines when I did my grid but that was
kind of a lesson learned you know you never know when you’re gonna change your
direction and do different colors so so just using a soft clean dry brush and
then just wiping off the extra scrapings from the eraser that was a jet eraser I
was using but on the canvas that way I could you know keep keep the drawing the
way it was and not have to add any layers on top so now
in order to sign the painting and taking Mars black and some water and we could
also do it with medium but I’m just adding a tiny bit of water and then
using a liner brush and giving it a test to see if it’s the right consistency I’m
looking for something that is like the consistency of ink to sign the painting I hope that you’ll be participating the
Toadly Awesome Challenge and I look forward to seeing your artwork and I’m
really glad that you’re here and thank you so much for visiting until next time
it’s Dena Tollefson bye-bye

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