Questions For A Massage Therapist
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Questions For A Massage Therapist

– Yes. (laughs) Yes. (upbeat music) – I don’t know if like I’m
supposed to take my shirt off, pants off. – Dress down to your comfort level. Some people like to keep
their underwear on or a bra. It’s not going to affect your massage. I just use a real basic bio-tone cream. Oil is also better on
people that are very hairy. I did have one client who
just shed a lot of skin. – What do you do in that situation? – I mean, you just kinda roll through it. You know, you gotta
exfoliate once in awhile. Guys do sometimes get an
erection on the table. I mean it’s not even
really a sexual arousal, sometimes, sometimes it is. Some guys will get real
embarrassed about it and be like ‘I’m not gay.’ It’s like, I know. Just go back to sleep. Ignore it. You never know when the
person’s gonna wake up. And I just feel like if
you got busted doing that, I feel like getting caught stealing. – Do you ever get tired
of listening to the same like flute music? – Yes. Umm. People definitely groan or
snore when they fall asleep. If I have someone else
waiting outside or whatever and you hear someone
in the room go, ‘Ohhh.’ I know they’re thinking,
what’s goin’ on in there? – So what is a knot? – A knot is a bundle of muscle fibers that have stuck together. We’re massage therapists. And massage therapists
are people that have gone to school, that have a license. A masseuse would be an unlicensed female. Not always, but generally
associated with a sex trade. No one has asked me for a happy ending directly to my face. I’ve had the client on the
table go, “Aren’t you hot?” They’re trying to say, you
should take your shirt off. I’m saying, maybe you should go to sleep. It gets tiresome,
depending the profession. I take a lot of care in
making whoever is on my table feel 100% safe and comfortable. If you go to a spa or somewhere
where not all the money is going to them, then I would say yeah, tip your massage therapist. If you have someone like me, I’m comfortable making
what we’ve agreed to. To think that you can succeed out here without something to release that stress, that tension, to keep yourself healthy. If it were up to me, I’d
say massage is the best way. (electronic music)


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