Protecting Ancient Artifacts | Explorer

Protecting Ancient Artifacts | Explorer

Nadia's help the museum agreed to let me inspect the seized antiquities where are you keeping the antiquities down here was it just used to a curator of the museum and this kind of jewy ramon punk guy he looked a bit out of place but they told me he was an expert it might even test that so we're about to see the pieces that are being kept here down in the basement of the museum that's dissipated wolf buddy Vic Merced histah do you have a father and mother and and the children how can you authenticate that this is from the Roman period but that's a child with whom were all staring down at comicon the patina on it and I guess as well the writing you can see this in Menaka that's how just amazed that's in Greek lettering it's based on the sumerian iconography but but done later yes and so would this have come from what is now modern-day Iraq would be no war what is this piece fragmental Dana no far from a sarcophagus yes there's another grave stuff yes Samsa Snap is some have suggested that these are forgeries that you're absolutely certain these are genuine ask me I'm sorting you know this is the other part of the pieces the region is the same the Middle East is their big money for such antiquities a lot of money yes what are we talking about here maybe tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands yes with these antiquities and others is it possible that these have been looted from Syria and Iraq then transferred through Turkey and through Bulgaria on their way to Europe yes it is possible maybe it is one of the ways to bring them to the market in Europe

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  1. The very first plate with the Greek letters, means "Πειριθος (name – male) and Ευφροσύνη (name – female) lived decorously. The parents ( I assume it means their parents are offering this plate) in grace of their memory"

  2. This is a natural and proper NatGeo subject. Not that bulshit, that fraud of Global Warming. Finally some decency.

  3. Well it's good to see that some artifacts are being protected when so many get destroyed through all the unrest in the middle east.

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