Professional Artist Colours a CHILDRENS Colouring Book..? | Star Wars | 3

Professional Artist Colours a CHILDRENS Colouring Book..? | Star Wars | 3

okay yeah what go give up hey what's going on YouTube ADC our attacker welcome back for a brand new coloring book video once again this is the third installment it's it is so difficult to bend my fingers and as the glove is kind of like two big three is the third installment of the curry book series and everyone loved my Superman one which was like crazy everyone off the Batman one so I figured hey next best thing Star Wars I am a Star Wars nerd love Star Wars they said lightsaber and so my nephew broke it you don't get any birthday gifts anymore so this is a coloring book I found this Emma who stole the same one I got the other colour EO stuff this isn't by colour EO this by Disney or Nelson whoever Nelson is it's um this yeah again was cheap it was $4.99 and it was on sale down to two euros so that's damn cheap and flicking for it it's a really high quality thing so what we're gonna do now is gonna look for it together we're gonna find a image hopefully there's an image in here we're gonna find one and if we like one we're gonna color it that's what we're gonna do if you're a star Wars fan leave a comment down below your favorite character needs I franchise mine is obviously Anakin Skywalker huge fan of him great character actually love him it wasn't fantastic in the prequels but in the in the crown was he's absolutely incredible loved his character so yeah big fan and I can't wait to get on with coloring this I think it's gonna be something special and then you will put a support on these videos because it's been absolutely awesome so about forever dude let's have a look at what we've got okay said hey transition okay so here is our lovely Star Wars coloring book and we're gonna have a little flick now and see what we find it is in German and that is because I live in Germany now don't worry because the pictures aren't in German the pictures are in pictures so I think we can all see them no matter where you are in the world let's have a look and see what we find so open this thing up it's a very high quality coloring book this feels absolutely fantastic compared to my other ones and the image qualities are fairly I don't know harsh I guess you could say the outline is very harsh on the characters so this could be a quite difficult one to color but we're gonna try and pick a nice image to use so it's have a quick flick through and see what we find okay so right now we found a pretty good image this is probably the best most dynamic image that is in this book and it's absolutely fantastic the only criticisms are having it oh Dolph Moore himself I don't like the way he looks at all big fan of the way qui-gon looks over here the background will be an absolute nightmare to do but a big fan of that I think he looks fantastic I don't know the way he looks however this is where the problem comes if we flick to the other side we have talking by the way is like one of my favorite characters of all time actually love him but if we flick to the other side of this we have an incredible Darth Maul image right here it looks absolutely fantastic this one sort of looks what the hell is going on there he looks a bit weird and where is this but yeah so right here there's a tea bag so right here we have an incredible Darth Maul image but unfortunately it is directly on the back of this one so now I'm at a crossroads what do I do um higher on one hand I really wanna call it this one on the other hand I really want to call it this one but if I color this one I kind of have to do this one right um crap ah I think what we're gonna do is we are gonna color qui-gon right here and at the end of this video I'm gonna leave the decision up to you guys to leave a comment down below and vote whoever you'd like to see this one versus the qui-gon or you would like to see this one which I personally think is the better image however you may prefer to see the full image of these two fighting so with that said let's get on with coloring and I do hope that you enjoy my qui-gon jinn colored by me okay so sudden things off I was having a bit of trouble trying to flatten this thing out it was quite folded in the middle so a little bit of a nightmare squishing it down but we got there in the end and I decided looking at it that it needed a little bit more there was a little bit more that this could use in terms of details so I decided to get my my fine liner out and just add a few minor changes I didn't want to change from the image itself too much I feel that as these are taken directly from source materials and things like that I'm not actually sure where the source material is but I know that his common practice for them to take source material from say a comic strip or something like that so I don't want to change it too much just out of respect for the original artwork however I do want to make it my own along the way now what I noticed when I started this was the lack of Liam Neeson type looking thing and I wanted to add the Liam Neeson type stuff so I began adding some of those facial features that are common with him such as his nose and a few of the wrinkles that he has on his face in his head I just think he was great I think Liam Neeson was fantastic as qui-gon and qui-gon is a fan favorite character now as I was working without a reference here I didn't actually have any reference for this I don't actually know where this is from I do know the fight scene obviously but I don't have a reference for this image in particular so I was just trying to mess around with white sources as we go throughout this drawing and I do change my Styles up a little bit as we get on with it so in my mind I had already decided what kind of style I was gonna go for and that was the school of graphic comic book type novelization thing that they do and I think you'll understand by the end of drawing what I'm talking about I really don't know what the style is called but it is a style that I've seen quite regularly and it looks cool so if I tried to mirror it obviously I don't have a reference for this so for the most part war in fact for the complete part I was freestyling this entire thing and this is a style I've never done this is something I've never done before and as I am new to doing comic book artwork this is a great adventure for me coming off the back of doing anime artwork is very different and I am so enjoying the process doing this letting you guys just watch as I learn and grow alongside you now I had made the decision to keep the beard gray and the reason I did that is because of Liam Neeson and many of the references that I found he was pretty much he had a gray beard with the brown hair so I just decided you know what we're gonna keep that because I think it looks pretty cool and also I'm really going heavy with the Liam Neeson here because I like his face I know honestly I just think that he killed the role and just pay homage to him I wanted to do that also this coloring book is kind of very demanding the way that it's inked is very sort of heavy you can't stray too far from it so it was quite difficult to be kind of original and stray away from this style of coloring book however I did my best just by adding some of those details at the beginning and trying to manipulate it a little bit here and there by using some of the light and dark times especially using the black the black is a great way for me to just change the overall image as a whole and I think by the end you'll see what I'm talking about there's some areas where I guess the coloring book wants you to put color there but I've just totally blacked it out and it's added a new dynamic to the image during this video once again I'm using my pro and brush markers now these are by the same company Windsor and Newton and again the reason I use these over say Copic markers which a lot of people recommend that I do use I do own Copic markers and I rarely use them but the reason I don't use them is because I don't have the full selection and I never will because they cost too much money they are actually twice the price if not three times depending on where you shop the price of my program brush markers now that said the pro markers aren't great but the brush markers are fantastic and they are pretty much the same quality if not in my opinion a little bit better so that's why I buy them over buying the kopecks now unfortunately I didn't have the color for the I don't know what it is the Turek I'm not sure which cool it is the jedis clothing I didn't have the correct color for it what I did up the curricula for it but it's kind of run out of ink so I had to improvise so what I did was I got the base skin tone that I used which was the vanilla and I just went over it again with gray and I was pretty much it really washed it out quite heavily and just gave me a nice color for the clothing which I think what pretty well also if you do want to know the colors that I'll be using in this I will link to the best of my knowledge all of them down below in the description I'm sorry I can't list them all because I wanna say I flip-flopped between so many colors and I just work on the fly I don't really think about what I'm doing I don't have a structure I just kind of grab whatever is at hand and just go with it I don't know do any practices or anything like that I just kind of grab whatever looks good and I just work with it straight away I know it's the best way to do it and sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't work out there are a few mistakes here and there but for the most part I just enjoy doing it I mean I enjoy art and I think that's the key thing as long as you're enjoying it then it doesn't matter so much I I don't know yeah the paper quality of this coloring book is actually pretty good to be honest it's much better than the quality of the other ones but coming off the back of doing them I was a little out of practice with this and I'm not gonna play in the paper for anything that I do here the paper wasn't terrible and it's quite easy for me to use as I say it is different from the other ones it is different to what I'm used to doing and obviously trying new styles out I don't know I'd like to actually I did enjoy doing it I will have to have a look at the back of this by the end of the video I will see what what the damage is but yes so far so good I like the paper all in all I've got to say I think the end result of this drawing is it'd be pretty good and I think you will enjoy so stick around enjoy this video I will come back to you at the end of the video we'll review the drawing and see what you think by the end I'm gonna change up a few things but fundamentally I'm gonna work with the style that this coloring book has given me and I'm gonna try to keep it in line with the coloring book not making too many changes and yeah it just going for that style of that sort of graphic comic kind of novelization type thing I really don't know what to call it but we're gonna go for that and hopefully you enjoy it so I will catch you at the end of the video enjoy [Applause] okay so here it is very different from anything I've done before first attempt this is pretty cool right what do you guys think about it as I said at the beginning the inking style of this really does force you into a sort of set style and every time I try to stray from it it put me back into it but I love this attempt and now that I know the style and I'm sort of familiar with what this was asking of me I think it could make some major improvements as with the previous installments my second attempt is greatly what was greatly improved over the first I believe the same thing could happen with this one if you really would like to see me try it again there were multiple challenges along the way with this one however I gotta say the paper was not one of them paper was pretty good it did take a little bit of time at the beginning just to sort of get the rhythm of it this was very much out of my comfort zone it was a very different and very difficult style for me to attempt so yeah it was quite the challenge and was quite uncomfortable but in the end I did have fun with the whole process of it and I hope that the style I went forward does show through here I hope that you did like it and don't forget today's questions if you are a fan who is your favorite Star Wars character and also would you like to see me continue the other side of this sheet of paper or would you prefer to see the Darth Maul that we had on the backside of it and before I sign off I actually have one bonus question for everyone right now color or color leave your comment down below I will see you in the next video take care bye bye

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  1. Thanks To Svala Art, For throwing items at me while using the force…

    Throw a Subscribe and Comment her way..

  2. Hello ADCArtAttack, great skills, especially as the source image looked more like Obi-Wan to begin with than Qui-Gon! I have been described as an artist but in the 3D modelling realm and I have a large collection of lightsaber models and renders. If you are interested you can find my site at: I hope you don't mind the little plug for my site and keep up the great work, I'll return to see more of it…MTFBWY!

  3. It doesn’t look finished, need to do the Darth Maul.
    Bonus question: since I’m American, it’s “color”

  4. The book was on sale. Go get another and do both. If anyone can fix the Darth Maul, It would be you. Finish the scene.

  5. Love it. Only constructive comment I had was I think you could play up the green lightsaber effect on the surrounding areas a bit more.

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