Prague by Manav Kaul | E02 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

Prague by Manav Kaul | E02 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales

I am not the person you let go. The kind and small roads are now tar. All that was green and alive is now a coarse black. These days, I am scared of falling
so I’ve grown roots. But some of our places are still breathing. Every now and then when I walk past some places, I get a hiccup, of our shared memory. Have you ever been to Prague? If you go, do visit Kafka’s grave and listen to the haunting quiet that you feel when you’re so tired and broken that the bedsheet becomes a reservoir of that ache. There are no dreams there. Only a cold and endless silence. Do leave something there. Because I’ve known that
the things you leave behind
grow roots.

31 thoughts on “Prague by Manav Kaul | E02 | Hindi Poetry | Terribly Tiny Tales”

  1. This is too beautiful! Manav's expressions, narration and of course, the poetry. It's beyond lovely.

  2. दिलको छू जाती नदी के बहाव सी बहुत ही खूबसूरत पंक्तियाँ 💐

  3. I felt it. I loved it. Mundane things are transforming into emotions here and they are heart touching into he way it is being presented. It was short but hit the target and every word is valued in the video. Lots of Love ❤

  4. Yeh ras…. Yeh gamgeen sama… Iski gahrai me doobna achha nh… Jo dooba h wo shayd nasur ban jaye.. Aur us nasur me b shayd kisi gahrai me koi dard baki ho…. But sunke ehsas karna aur chod dena kisi ek k lye khushnuma ho sakta h…. Par asli dard ko jo mahsus karna….. Bht dard ka ehsas h….bht jyada… Shayd jisne likha jan paye kya kah rha hu m

  5. Kafka =cemetery in Prague!!!!!
    That's what people are saying in comments..
    Kafka better come back and finish the unfinished work..

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