Portrait of Wally - New Trailer

Portrait of Wally – New Trailer

it is the case out of all art restitution cases that really shape the discussion for the for the for the following years they wanted Bank because it belongs to the family because it belonged to Leia Bondi and it was stolen from her by an avowed Nazi I can hear her and you can see in the handwriting the sadness the upset that was in those recollections this was big this was a big painting this involved another government this was at a major New York Museum behalf of the Museum of Modern Art is my great pleasure to welcome you this evening to this wonderful celebration the Leopold collection Vienna I want you to go back within a couple of days to Austria the district attorney's action in borrowing the paintings from returning to the lender has the potential from seriously affecting the future art loans in this country method the argument was an absolute joy dropper I really did let's not forget that that the entire New York museum's community including the Jewish Museum got together in order to express its deep concerns about this and how art lending as known to mankind would come to an end it's not a moral matter it's money matter because the moral issues in these areas get shady pretty fast especially when there's a chance to get money out of it these are vestiges of people's history family history and it is terribly important either that that be honored there should be a rush to judgment on these cases

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