Portrait in a Minute: FDR – National Portrait Gallery

Portrait in a Minute: FDR – National Portrait Gallery

(Music) Welcome to Portrait in a Minute. We’re
standing beside a large portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
painted by artist Douglas Chandor. What are all the hands in this portrait?
This work was intended to be a study for a much larger work of not only president Roosevelt but
also of Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin as they met for the
proceedings of the Yalta Conference in early 1945. However, the larger work of which there’s a study in the bottom left hand corner of this work never took place because Stalin refused
to sit for Chandor so what we do have is part of what was to be a much greater monumental group portrait of these men is this
individual portrait of President Roosevelt. President Roosevelt would only outlive
the creation of this work by a month or so. This has been Portrait in a Minute. (Music)

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  1. Douglas Chandor was indeed a supreme artist.  His likenesses were uncanny.  I have a copy of his Churchill painting in my living room.

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