Porg Poetry, Preacher’s Julie Ann Emery Talks Leia & Star Wars Books, & More!

Porg Poetry, Preacher’s Julie Ann Emery Talks Leia & Star Wars Books, & More!

This week we do… More porgs! MORE PORGS! This week on the Star Wars Show Anthony sits down with Preacher’s Julie Ann Emery We put on a porg poetry slam And much, much more! Now, from the Lucasfilm headquarters, it’s The Star Wars Show! Hi, Im Anthony Carboni And Im Andi Gutierrez Welcome to the Star Wars show. A show whose most
important segment is in the first minute… but the best segment is always at the
end! So, what do you call all the stuff in the middle? “Content” really good content Well then, to the content! Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures debuted it’s second season this past weekend. and unlike last year with an episode a week this season
you’ll get a new episode every Monday through Thursday up until the season
finale two weeks from today on August 16th. You can watch season 2 of Freemaker
on Disney XD and the Disney XD app. The number one source for Han Solo news, the
stars and filmmakers own personal social media accounts have been releasing tons
of behind-the-scenes photos of the film currently in production. Last week we got
a look at cinematographer Bradford young and Ron Howard pointing at a depressed
looking alien on set While Emilia Clarke celebrated 10 million Instagram
followers by posting a video of Joonas Suotamo in full Chewbacca costume
running around to celebrate the momentous achievement. This follows
previous reveals from Ron Howard of Warwick Davis being part of the film, a
hyperspace beam being shot, Chewbacca in the video village and this mysterious
shot of a closet. What does it all mean?! I don’t know man but we’ll find out for
sure when the film is released May 25th, 2018. Finally we asked you for your
porg poetry and boy, oh, boy did we get a lot of entries which is why we here at
the Star Wars show are pleased to present to you our first ever porg
poetry slam Enjoy! It sees through your lies. No matter what form of proof. Look deep within its eyes. The Porgullet will know the truth. Can’t wait to see what the porgs can do. Too bad they weren’t around to save Mace Windu. I got bit by a porg, and it was dope. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, You are my only hope. Porgs! Look at him, he’s heading for that small moon That’s no moon. So excited to have in the studio, now she was Betsy Kettleman in Better Call Saul she’s in Fargo and now she is in Preacher, as one
of my favorite characters from the comics. Featherstone! Featherstone. Juliette Emery, so much for coming by. I am completely geeking out to be here I’m
a little overstimulated. It’s a common thread that’s a common thread Yeah, I’m a little, you know, I’m a little hyped up. What was your first Star Wars
experience? When Empire Strikes Back came out my mom saved enough money and took us to Empire Strikes Back even though she was not a sci-fi fan and my brother and I, our little minds were just completely blown, we were really enamored. What hooked you? A couple of things hooked me about the original VHS, so we saw it on
VHS before Empire came out and the base thing was I was girl but I was a tomboy and Carrie Fisher, she looked at the boys and said you’re dumb you’re gonna get us
killed give me that blaster and she fired back and she was actionary. I
wanted to be Han Solo but I really dug Carrie Fisher, I really dug Princess Leia. Literally everybody wants to be Han Solo. Yes, totally! I don’t think there’s anybody that
doesn’t. Totally! but it was she was the first princess that didn’t wait for
someone to save her and she was large and in charge and I was immediately
hooked. I feel like that sort of informs the characters that you play now and the
choices you make and what you like to play. That’s interesting because when I started
thinking about becoming an actress I didn’t want to be an actress. I want to
be an actor. I didn’t want to play the girl parts that were coming across my
desk, right? I wanted to play all the guy parts. When I saw Force Awakens, I thought
Rey is everything I was desperate to see when I was a little girl now we’re
finally moving into a moment where we have some really strong awesome female characters play. You were telling me that you are a big reader of the novels as well. Yeah, my husband and I do a lot of cross country travel and we do a lot of
road trips and camping and we always listen to the audiobooks. So not only am
I a reader of the novels but I like Mark Thompson I mean like we have our favorite readers we have our favorite series. What’s your favorite
series right now? The legend era, I like when they get into the Yuuzhan Vong. yeah It’s really fascinating everything is organic and their ships and their
weapons and everything. Some of what they’re doing I totally get it’s very
interesting. You see where they’re coming from. I see where they’re coming from, yeah.
They think it’s heresy to have like an entire planet just covered in buildings
and they think everything should kind of grow and come from nature. I love it and so the the new season of Preacher is airing now. When can we watch it? Monday nights on AMC. So excited to watch it Julia, thank you so much for coming by! Oh my God, thank you so much for having me here. I am going to go take pictures for two hours now. Daniel Drake from Dan Cakes just made us the most beauteous pancake in the world! Some more Jar Jars. All the Jar Jar
pancakes. I think it’s probably all I’m going to make, I mean, now that we’ve done
this. I mean he’s my favorite Disney Princess “How rude!” (Jar Jar) Oh, if you thought we were done talking about the porg, you were wrong. Dead wrong! In fact, we not only got tons of great porg poems we got tons of great porks fan art
as well. Yeah Heath Williams went all out creating the cover to Rian Johnson’s future bestsellers. One Porg, Two Porg, Red Porg, Blue Porg and Where to Ahch-To Cliff Ends As well as Edgar Allen Porg Which was a special request from me. Jeremy made the album cover for “Meet the Porgs” Featuring the hit single “I Want to Hold Your Porg” Jack Ford created an epic porg poem in the shape of a porg and Bo Sanders created a poster for the beloved musical “Porg
and Bess” Everyone who submitted this week was awesome we loved all of them Thanks for watching and May the Porg Be With You Yeah, you did it. How was I not going to do it?! Yeah Yeah Yeah Special note for everybody who said they would trade me their firstborn for a porg I do not have that power or the desire to make that happen I got a lot of those Really? It was unsettling! That’s weird! Yeah I mean I’d rather have a porg than a kid Sure!

100 thoughts on “Porg Poetry, Preacher’s Julie Ann Emery Talks Leia & Star Wars Books, & More!”

  1. 6:10 MY PORG POEM MADE IT ONTO THE SHOW!!! Freaking made my week. Thanks, Star Wars Show! You made me feel im-porg-tant.

  2. It will be very interesting what Porgs actually will be in The Last Jedi, you think they are these cute fluffy humble creatures but they actually turn out to be savage Jedi killing beasts created by the first order.

  3. Was I the only one who wanted to be Luke Skywalker rather than Han Solo? Probably because I saw Return of the Jedi first

  4. I was born a week before ANH came out and Luke was always my favorite. He's got a lightsaber and an X-Wing! I like Han, but Luke was always my favorite.

  5. Andi and Anthony and company are one of the highlights of my week. Yes, my weeks are pretty exciting. Seriously, Andi and Anthony are some of my favorite hosts ever.

  6. That was my poem. Yessss.
    I got bit by a porg,
    And it was dope.
    Help me Obi wan kenobi,
    You are my only hope.
    Thank you The Star Wars Show.

  7. Obi-Wan movie should be about him learning immortality. Yoda can be in it too. Bail Organa makes a very small cameo w/ R2&3PO

  8. How is it possible that LucasFilm doesn't promote metal bikini animore, but they still promote Jar Jar? What the hell?

  9. Uhhh…Sorry, but she could NOT of watched it(NH) on "vhs/video" before Empire came out. The only way is if she was talking about the re-releases back in the later 90's. Hmmmm…..

  10. Am I the only one who's freaking out about the Yuuzhan Vong? Are they setting something up for future content? Why would they mention legends material on a canon show otherwise? Intrigued as hell.

  11. Will the rebel seps ops armour that look like rebel pilot suit armour Star Wars legends going to be rebel commando armour or rebel space trooper in Star Wars rebels season 4 or upcoming future Star Wars canon story's !?

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