Playing with the Foil Quill Live from Creativation plus Weekly Updates!

Playing with the Foil Quill Live from Creativation plus Weekly Updates!

hi everyone happy Saturday
welcome to Hedgehog Hollow okay you’re having a fantastic weekend so what do we
have for you this week well I have the new foil quill from we are memory
keepers so I thought we could play with that because I know lots of you saw it
create evasion you had tons of questions we will have two pre-recorded videos
coming up this week we’ll have a beginner’s introduction of getting
started and I’ll be using the scanning cut and the cricket maker and how to use
it in both of those and then we’ll have a more advanced video on using it on
things like leather and other surfaces so they’ll be coming up but today I
thought we could play with it you can ask questions if you have one if you
want to know more about it you can ask me questions and I have my Cricut maker
set up on the table plus I have some updates of Hedgehog holo things that
have gone on this week things you might have missed things they’ll be coming up
this week as well and we are going to try and make this a regular thing on a
Saturday that we go live tell you what’s been going on during the week things
that have been coming up things that we’ve going on at Hedgehog holo all
those kinds of things it won’t necessarily be a set time but we’ll try
to keep it on a Saturday and my occasion you slip to us and it just kind of
depends what’s going on around the house and things like that but we are gonna
try and they’re live on Hedgehog College YouTube every single weekend ideally on
a Saturday but so many of you joining us it’s great to see you or your smiling
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but that’s our aim so the other thing that came out this week that’s now
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station again we did a live earlier in the week I think it might be Monday it’s
been a very weird week I feel like it’s been all over the place I lost two days
out of my week this week for various things so but we do live in this this is
awesome if you saw that live you’ll know all about my little screw holes in the
top and the fact I didn’t know what the screws did but this thing is awesome
it’s magnetic its heat stable it has these awesome magnets to hold your
stencils down hold your projects down has a magnetic centering ruler on it
again I did put some links to the video description it’s now available at more
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companies they really do reward you for shopping with them but this is super
cool you can check out the line if you want to know more about it and how to
use it and all that kind of stuff but this is super cool it’s available links
in the video description if you use those links we love you so much thank
you and Greg really appreciates it because
it means he gets a new lens you can do so cool stuff oh yes and we have a new
studio work in progress so I know you get to see this studio on film all the
time that actually and everyone say oh my god you had the most amazing craft
but this room it’s actually really small so we do a lot in a really small space
people like you have this huge studio and you do all this stuff this room is
really tiny if I do this that’s pretty much it I can touch each side so this is
it so it’s not a big room we do a lot in a small space so we’re trying to convert
part of our basement into an extra studio so we can do some more things and
all those kinds of fun things for you as well step try to do that so doctor Greg
not seeing the link for the magazine the link is there if you scroll down into
the video description it’s called it’s under supplies
oh it’s disappeared it was there okay I will update these I can’t update it when
I’m nice but it’s over there Greg if you look on there if you’re going to youtube
over there for some reason it’s deleted or the video description I put in but
I’m going to update that afterwards for you so do that lots of people saying
they’ve already ordered things someone’s saying they need to be just dashing
because they’re moving yeah Greg tried to get me to do that when we move that
didn’t happen there was no discussion going on so on
there as well so let’s get started oh one more thing we’ve been doing this
week can you see that all the supplies are in there Greg can you copy and post the link to
scrapbook comm for the magazine 4d we can’t cuz it’s a Mac its command C and
then command V Greg’s not good with max he doesn’t do max
he doesn’t do max but it was there when I tried to the top so we see where it
says supplies in the description okay I’m just gonna keep going so the other
thing is Sarah and I this week starts to do paint layer with plats if you don’t
know about this once a month plaid do a Facebook live paint night it’s really
cool you can pre-purchase supplies that you can purchase afterwards and then you
paint along for an hour with them and at the end you have a painting now trust me
I have zero artistic ability I can just about paint a stickman maddie is an
amazing artist I am not even till he can draw not me so Sarah and I Sarah works
with me during the week decided to sit down and we decided to do pads plate
night pad sent me the stuff to do it because I said I really want to give
this a go you may have seen last year I tried it out with the Martha Stewart
watercolor acrylics so we’re halfway through because we do have two children
in the house so there’s no way I can sit down for an hour and just paint but I
thought I would share our working progress and then next week I’ll show
you our finished pieces but this is what it looks like so we have started I’m
going to see you can see those so these are work in progress –is but what’s
really cool is we haven’t used a paintbrush we’ve been painting with
spatulas so it’s super cool well there you go he’s done it for you but yes so
this is our work in progress this is Sarah’s at the bottom and mine at the
top so I will show you our finished PAP late night and then I will post when the
next plaid paint night is for next month because it’s really good fun to do and
trust me you don’t have to have artistic ability to come out with something
really fun so I’m just going to catch up with this then we’re going to launch in a tooth so
let’s launch into the foil so if you don’t know much about the foil core the
idea is if you remember before Christmas I did a review between the Spellbinders
foil glimmer plate and the crafters companion hot foil whatever their
versions called I can’t think of the name of top my head but I did the
reviews between those and the idea is you do that with dyes well this idea is
that you have a tool that looks like this and you can put it inside of your
cricket you can put it inside your scanning card you can put it inside your
silhouette machine you can put it inside your Sizzix eclipse now you only think
what’s the Sizzix secret so Sizzix do an electronic die casting machine it’s not
very well known it’s not very well used I don’t know that I know anyone who
actually has one but I do like the idea that they have thought of all of kind of
the large mass-produced die-cutting electronic machines and the idea is you
can use this foil quill in any of those so you can get three different nibs on
your foil quilt so American crafts sent me the pink one which is the fine tip
you can also get a medium and a bold tip so it comes in three different tips and
you can either buy all three together or you can buy them individually if you
check the links in the video description which by the time finish life I will
update for you because I did have them there and grace that can see that they
were there but for some reason when we went live they deleted them I will add
them again back in but you can get all three different tips and I’ll add all
those back in again for you but these are the different options available to
you and you can buy all three together or you can buy them separately so
American crafts sent me one I love this idea so much I ended up going and buying
all of them but I like the idea as I say that you can use them in any machine and
when you buy them it comes with four different adapters like this Greg you’re
actually gonna have to know move around sorry I’m busy messaging people so it
comes with four different adapters so this is what you could get in your
package and then you also get one of these and I’ll show you what this does
in a second so your different adapters you get a little instruction manual here
and your adapters work as so so this is your adapters and you can see they’re
all labeled with a letter of the alphabet and actually they’re pretty
easy to work out so your a is your silhouette your B is your brother so
that’s pretty self-explanatory you’ll see is your Cricut and then your D is
your Sizzix so I’m never gonna need a D I do not like this is X cameo I did do a
video again before I think it was maybe a month or so ago and I went through the
different choices of electronic cutting machines I didn’t go over the Sizzix
eclipse because in my opinion it’s not really kind of a mainstream cutting
machine I don’t think many people probably have one there may be a few of
you who have one I think the main ones are the Cricut maker which I have mine
here the scaling cut which you all know I love for cutting out my stamps and
dies and then there’s the silhouette cameo now I had a silhouette coming out
too and it was fantastic um the only thing I would ever say about the
silhouette cameo is they release their software too early you never kind of
ever upgrade to the latest version you’re always like three or four
versions before happening behind big cars they seem to release things way too
early and it’s very buggy then I bought a silhouette cameo three now I never
could get the wireless to work very well the Bluetooth wasn’t great and I ended
up giving away my Silhouette Cameo three just wasn’t very happy with it
I would never recommend something to you that wasn’t happy with and my two
favorite machines are my Cricut maker and my brother scan and cut and in my
opinion they do very different things now you can cut SVG files with your
brother scan and cut and it does a great job of them it has the online canvas
it’s what Wireless is great all of those things and of course I love the fact I
do not have to buy dyes for my stamps that saves me so much money which i
think is fantastic and then my Cricut make up I can cut chipboard I can cut
leather it has my rotary blade it has a deep cut blade it has so many great
things about it so I think those two machines are the leaders no question in
my opinion but again it’s just my opinion you may prefer a silhouette
cameo you may get on with it great and I always say craft tools are totally
passed not things but we’re going to work with the fine tip blade now you
have a couple of options it comes with a USB port so you can pop into the
USB port on your machine and heat it up or I like using just an external USB
Drive I find that’s the easiest way to go and this is my favorite little USB
Drive I bought this for creative ation because it’s pretty it has a really high
capacity it also tells me how much charge is left in it and I did add it to
the supply list which I had made before the video and you know it’s um once this
little light comes on and then what I have is a little ball you can use a
little heat-resistant mat so they come out whatever works for you I just pop it
in this boy he’s about five minutes to heat up so whilst we’re getting
everything ready I’m just gonna stand it over there and let it heat up so that’s
that part and we’re gonna be using our cricket so we’re going to use part
number C and whilst it’s cool I’m also going to screw that on so let’s do that
to the side now the other thing you can get are USB drives that contain tons and
tons of images we are memory keepers sent me a couple they sent me a highly
swap one and they sent me a snowflake one I did actually use them on some test
pieces I ended up doing a bunny which you’ll see in the beginner video this is
the bunny and Maddy ended up stealing this one but we did do a little emoji
face I don’t have great comes hand down on here but this is kind of what they
end up looking like afterwards and pull this one up this was how my bunny came
out so this is what you end up with afterwards super super easy here like
this so this is what it looks like and then this is the one that I did using a
cricket patent so you really can take any pattern you like and you can emboss
it on there using the foot and it kind of presses it into which is really nice
as I say you’ve got options of three different nibs which again really really
nice and you can do on any card stock you can do it on leather you can do it
on everything so really reflexive all love all of
those things soil wise you have lots of options again so you can buy mix packs
like this this one has gold copper like a rosy gold a pink and a silver this one
has lots of colored foils in it or you can get big rolls like these here
so again lots and lots of options we love having lots of options now this is
a heat-activated foil so this is similar to the foils you’re going to use in your
Spellbinders glimmer machine in all of those kinds of things too so that’s what
you’re going to be using for this I’m gonna go and I’m gonna be using it’s
gonna use this they do sell special tapes like this one
here your finery I’m just going to talk like this you get you keep replying to
comments and tell me if I need to reply if there are any questions so you can
get the SPECIAL foil quill tape you don’t necessarily have to you could just
use regular washi tape masking tape all those things I did just buy the special
tape but there is nothing especially special about it if that’s a real word
but I just like the pretty patterns on it so I decided to buy it so I’m just
going to open this up maybe I need a pair of scissors yeah so we’re just
going to open these up but basically it’s just rolls of washi tape so again I
have got all the links ready in a supply list and as soon as I’m done with this
video I’m gonna open it up so I’m going to turn my Cricut makeup on and I’m
gonna open up my Cricut software I like I did in the beginner video that I’m
gonna upload in a couple of days I used that’s right I’m trying to multitask and
that’s a little bit harder to talk and read what it told me I did use the
scanning cut and I use the Cricut make up so you’ll be able to see me using
both of those and how that kind of works together so it’s super simple and it
really does what I use it straight out the box I didn’t do any practice so you
really get to see me kind of just working through it making sure it works
and making sure there are no kind of issues or how simple it is and it really
was easy Gregg will tell you and if you took it
out the box plugged it in off I went it was super simple so all of that stuff
really really easy to work with now I should say that by using it in your
Cricut and I’m going to assume the scan and cutting everything’s the same it
does void your warranty but I’m gonna preface something with that Cricut give
you a one-year warranty I’ve had my machine for over two years so I don’t
have a warranty and anyway because it’s a third-party
accessory if you use any of those pen adapters in your cricket you also Boyd
your warranty if you use any non cricket accessory you void your warranty so I’m
sure by now I avoided my warranty a million times over by trying all sorts
of things and but I should tell you that so that’s your choice but I’ve more than
I don’t have a warranty on my cricket my cricket and what this yeah nearly two
years ago now so I don’t have a warranty on my cricket but I should tell you that
do I have any comments Greg that I need to so the cricket blade you can actually
just on the cricket piece you can replace the blade itself so in this is
your kind of regular cricket blade you can just replace this little piece here
and again it depends on how many cuts you do I use my cricket I’d taste them
II Semyon again it depends how often you use it what materials you’re cutting all
those kinds of things but they’re super easy to change and they’re really
nowadays it’s much easier to change because you can just buy the blade
pieces you don’t have to buy all the housings and things same with the scan
and cut you can just buy the inner blade pieces so it’s super simple really
really easy the other thing I’m going to tell you about is with the cricket
inside this piece of the holder which is where your foil quilt is going to go
it’s going to go in this side in a there is a piece under here then you have to
take out this piece so this is actually inside of here normally because that’s
where you put your pen in what you have to do is you just kind of unclip this
and then this piece comes out and that’s how your foil quilt is going to clip in
it there are plenty of instructions on how to do it online days they just give
it force and it’ll pop out the bottom it doesn’t what I actually had to do was if
you hold this lever back this will open and that’s a much safer way and I felt
like I wasn’t gonna break my machine by doing that so I’m gonna add a new
project to my cricket which is really easy and I’m gonna add a oh I wonder if
I could do chok hallo so I do have Hedgehog holo
images in here now how do I have my hedgehog hallo remember how we do this
let’s close that down shapes no texts no upload select there
we go oh look I can have i can foil a hedgehog
hallo let’s do that okay so we are going to foil the hedgehog
hallo logo hey ooh image name ehh logo so the other thing
that quickly is yes you can purchase their designs you can use their free
designs of the week you can do all of those things insert or you can do your
own so I’m going to tap this I’m going to resize so on the beginner video that
I’m going to do you will find that I have done a screen record so you can see
how I do this process to make it easy for you but on this one I’m just going
to go ahead and do it so you can either get them in that membership tab and
there in the posts if you scroll down there below the stone drops launch or if
you go to the Facebook group they’ve pinned in the announcements so they’re
in both places hopefully that helps okay excuse me
so I don’t know Craig’s me up to see this oh yeah just about so here I have
my Hedgehog Hollow logo so that’s what we’re going to do in a second so I’m
gonna go back to my canvas so at the same time I’m going to actions edit no
no that’s not what I want to do either so this is what happens when you know
key previous so this is what happens when you decide
to do things live as opposed to two things pre-recorded but it’s fine
we’re all good select accessory the one thing I like about the crook is
everything is will Hylas and I have to say I’ve never had an issue trying to
connect my Cricut trying to try to cut anything trying to draw anything of
course today it’s probably going to not work on me because we’re doing this but
one thing I would say is in general I’m gonna go back to my canvas because I
want to draw this rather than anything else any other questions Greg I am
trying to remember how you change this to okay so I want to write it with this this make it replace I remembered I
think this would be a good tutorial how you convert something from a cup file to
a draw file but we’re going to draw the outline and then foil the Hedgehog
hollow logo so Cricut maker warranty is for a year limited warranty not worry
yeah so I wasn’t worried about voiding my warranty either but some people would
be weren’t were worried about avoiding their warranty so I just wanted to let
you know that technically by using a phone call you are voiding your warranty
but I mean if any of us use any of those things in our machine then technically
with what did I warranty so how do we get set up ready to go so you’re gonna
take your foil quill and you’re going to pop it in your port a with your adapter
in and this is what this little metal piece is for uses its Greg thank you so
this is the metal piece is to stop you burning anything under here that’s what
you do is you just kind of slide that under there whilst you’re waiting so
once you get yourself set up and then what I do is I take – poor battery mat
and I just pop it over to the side here and that just keeps my cable out of the
way and that’s why I like plugging it into one of these because I can keep my
cable wherever I want it rather than using the USB port in the cricket and it
does have a USB port in it that you could power off of absolutely again
personal preference whichever you prefer then I’m going to pick a piece of card
stock and you use the appropriate map so you can foil onto paper you conform to
fabrics if you want your leather anyone now you’ll see there’s a piece of
foil on here this is where I made a mistake because I ended up putting my
foil on there by mistake and you’re going to want to make sure that you put
your paper wherever you’ve got it onto here so my image is up here well so my
image is in that top corner and you can use the snap map feature on here I’m not
using that so I want to make sure that my cardstock is going to be in the right
place so I’m going to put up here and I’m using some hero arts hero Hughes
cardstock and I’m going to use a piece of the gold foil out of this pack so
again you can use whichever foils you want I’m going to use a piece of the
gold just like this and one thing you want to do is stick me stick down your
foil so how did I find I found a couple little tricks sticking down my foil and
for that I will show you so when you don’t have an extra pair of hands
eg a Greg to do it with you you can do it like this do you have a different
video discussing the difference between the cricket and thus Kanaka I do if you
look on the channel I did a video about which is the best electronic cutting
machine for you I talked about the cricket the silhouette and the scan and
cut I did discount the silhouette just because personally I don’t think it’s a
very good machine I think they have released things too early and I don’t
think they’ve got the technology down well enough that was my personal opinion
but yes I think we’re about to have we asked for some money too because there’s
an ice cream van just turned up in the street so
I have a feeling we have an 11 year old who’s about to run in and ask for some
money don’t you so you may just get Maddie running so one thing I like to do
with this and this is how I get my foil taught so what I do is I put my tape
down and I put on one side like this so I put one side down there’s a lot of
discussion about the warranties one question if you use one of these
machines and your machine broke the other thing is an American crafts make
this point is there is nothing actually that interferes with your machine this
is just like putting a pen in your machine there is nothing here that
physically connects with your machine there’s nothing that connects with the
hardware I’m not plugging again I’m not plugging this into my machine this isn’t
doing anything to my machine so this would not break my machine so the
machine has no idea that it has anything with mine obviously I’ve done the videos
so they know I’ve used it and I could never deny that but if you’re a user at
home it’s a I’m I’m not going to answer that but I’m gonna anyway so I have this
down on here and what I do is I do I put tape on one side and then when I put my
second piece of tape down I kind of just pull as I put the next piece of tape
down and it just gives me a little bit of tension and that just gives me that
nice pull on here so there you go apparently they said plugging into the
usb on the machine is the issue so I plug into a memory battery bank like
this again I’m gonna link this particular one down there this is a
really good one because it gives me how much I have left in here I can charge my
phone four to five times in here fits in my handbag really nicely it’s really
pretty it has all ticks all of my boxes it’s
pink it gives me the countdown it has all sorts of different outlets on here
and it’s a really high capacity one so I do have it linked in the description
that didn’t it up but I will add it as soon as this
is done to fucking the USB insert the machines on us people is a problem
perhaps you haven’t actually voided the warranty if you use a battery actually
read the warranty card – but my warranty’s expired anyway because my own
thing is done so anyway I am ready to go so this is telling me it’s ready for me
to load in so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to remove my little metal piece
here and I’m going to do is press the flashing button so the Cricut will
always tell you what to do next because what you want to do next is the flashy
bit okay so now it’s ready to go so we’re gonna cross that fashion see so
does that machine work with or ipad yes it does I just have the big one because
I do design and things on this one it says the heat source is very close to
parts machine if you actually take I can touch this with my finger it’s not very
hot at all someone said they had to know it’d be
pink yes of course it’s going to be pink and then someone was rewinding so had
the pill works and someone said my battery bank is very cute
yeah great tried to get me a black one that wasn’t gonna happen so I had to
find a pink one that had a high capacity trust me it took me a lot of Amazon ink
but eventually I found one and this is super quick – I’m really impressed at
how quickly this goes and of course you can get different nibs as well so that’s
the best bit so we’re just going to wait for this to go obviously the more
detailed your machine is the longer it takes you do lose some oppose using you
do lose a few features but overall you can pretty much do I’ve never found that
I can’t do anything I want to do it might take me a few extra clicks so I
might have to do something slightly differently by on the floor I might have
to do things slightly differently because I’m doing on the iPad but I love
this connectivity I love the fact it has a little Ridge in the top here so I can
stand my iPad in here I think it’s actually just really well-designed
overall I think it’s a really neat idea and you also have a storage piece down
here so this opens I can store my blades and things in here so they’re just
always accessible to me and then up here just slightly out a shot you have a
little area where you can store all of your pens or like this little piece I
can store that in here so it’s so now I can
just leave that out the machines so I’ve linked up with Silla where I’ve linked
up with scan and cut because you can use this in your scan and cut too I’ve
linked up the silhouette the Cricut I’ve linked up all the different machines for
you so you can hit those links and you can go and find out more so I’m just
putting off the washi tape and of course you can reuse these pieces of foil so I
could you know use this piece down the bottom here you know don’t throw them
away you can reuse all these little scraps and whatnot
I’ve cut my tape so I might not have a fall so don’t put your tape where you’re
going to use your image because it won’t work there’s a lesson for me but overall
I’m just going to so the other thing is somebody asked me is this is a fairly
new mat so it’s super sticky how do I not get my cardstock to tear this is
what you do is you roll your mat away from your cardstock and then your
cardstock doesn’t tear so the only piece that didn’t file was where I had my
washi tape because of course that heat couldn’t get through the washi tape but
that’s my mistake rather than the machine but look at that isn’t that cool
so I have filled my headshot hollow logo I’ll cause that looks brilliant nicely
from that cool so now I have a foiled hedgy do you have you can do it with any
line art you’ve got you’ve got the USB options again I’ve linked those in the
video description all of the American crafts signature designers they’ve
designed USBs that you can get and you can get big pieces of foil small pieces
of foil you can fill in on fabric on the leather on the cricut leather you can
foil on the chipboard on the craft board the poster board so pretty much any
surface you can think of you can foil on top of it and so you’ve got three
different tips this was the fine tip there’s a medium tip and there’s a bold
tip and you can get all sorts of different effects on there we have two
videos will be have a getting started where I’m going to foil with the Cricut
and the scan and how to show you different options I’m
just going to take this out my machine for a second and pop it in my little
glass bowl and then they say don’t use it I think it’s like three or four hours
continuous use they then say that it cooled down and then I’m also going to
do a more advanced one about foiling on to some other surfaces just to give you
some ideas of different things that you can do and if you have any questions of
course you can always leave those in the comments below I wanted to remind you to
sign up for our membership too because of course we have all of these amazing
things going on and then Hudson has a lot of these foil quill things so if you
want to use that discount 10% all month long Ellen Hudson you can do that as a
member other discount expires halfway through the month but members one goes
on all month long and also if you want to audio distress oxides you can save
way more than that membership fee by ordering them through our Ranger
discount and then you get free shipping as well we’ve got money on for the
thermal web I got mine off at pink main LDRs who else did I mentioned earlier
I’m trying to think there’s amazing companies that we had but we also money
off those yolk hollows got a sale past members save an additional 10% so tons
and tons of things there early access to content a birthday card and of course
you help support us here at Hedgehog ho which he appreciates so so much we had
new members join us during the life tonight as well and I hope you also
enjoyed seeing this as well I so I was heard about using pixie spray to hold
the foil down I wouldn’t do that just because they say to use the tape and the
foil needs a little bit of room to move around use some washi tape or something
like that to hold it down to does this work on all Cricut machines yes it does
so it’s on any Cricut machine scan and cut silhouette or the Eclipse machine
lots and lots of things on there as well so tons and tons of things I hope you
enjoyed seeing the foil quilt in action don’t forget the makeup station don’t
forget about the tonic card-making kit $70 worth of supplies for $19.99 link in
the video description too and next week we’ve got tons of tons of things coming
out will also be revealing the next months Hedgehog howl okay to be our
first illustrator kids absolutely gorgeous we were hoping to do that today
but we had to change one thing around so that will be coming out early next week
as well it’s sighted to be launching that so loads and loads of things going
on we’re super excited join us again next week for some exciting things that
I will see you again very very soon happy stamping everyone bye

25 thoughts on “Playing with the Foil Quill Live from Creativation plus Weekly Updates!”

  1. FYI on Tonic magazine. Craftstash does not give you the large die set in your order. I ordered it from them and it arrived without it and when I contacted them they said it is not included. They said it was a bonus only.

  2. Hi Alex, given that you heat it up in the bowl, does that mean you could use it as a pen and do calligraphy too!

  3. Hello Everyone. I'm VERY interested in this Quil kit. I have All of the Machines I want, Really, … so, why not This added to what I have. I Do keep looking at the Foil Press… but, then, think dies. Look at this, same thought. Lol.

  4. Oh wow. I Just got this notification. Lol. Darn it! But, I'll still watch. My area is in a stormy mood, so, likely affecting internet too..

  5. It’ll only be void if something happens and you can be proven to have used a non Cricut item!!! It’s like printers insisting you only use their ink! If something goes wrong and is unrelated to your use of the holder with no proof they will not know. You do have to be very careful taking out the pen holder though, I found it pretty scary 😳😅

  6. I saw a video that had a good point about placing foil on the bottom corner of the mat so it’s easier to remove foil if you are then cutting in the same operation as it has a habit of snagging and pulling the foil so is best removed first before it cuts

  7. Hi Alex, I have a couple of questions about this tool. Firstly, I have noticed recently with the new foiling machine that you only can use their foil, you can’t use thermo web or other brands, hence I would like to know if this is the case with the Foil Quill. I have several rolls of foil as I Have a go press and a heidi swapp machine. My second question is, The foil Quill is mainly for outlining an image , word or logo but I have seen that in Silhouette software there is an option to fill an image to be used with the foil quill. Do you know if there is other software where you can do that to be used with the Cricut as design space doesn’t have that feature. For example, I use Inkscape to make white offset around an image or to cut a large image to fix it into a 12×12 mat. I was wondering if you know how to do it. Thanks and warm regards from CHILE 🇨🇱

  8. If it was damaged down to heat from the tool they would know and you have to be careful about the wire been pulled hence recommended power bank x

  9. I love love love your foiled Hedgey!! Alexandra I so appreciated your demonstration of the We R Memory Keeper Foil Quill! I should have ordered this when HSN debuted this last month! All three small medium and large quills for $59.00. I hope it will be on sale again! Love your channel, Alexandra! I’m with Dr Greg sometimes working on my hubby’s iPad is hard for me when designing for my Maker. My HP is so much easier for me! But I’m on the iPad now to watch videos with. LOL ~Katz Baugh

  10. Just ordered my quills and am super psyked to get it and give it a whirl on my Brother scan and cut! Thanks for the tips and tutorial. Love from Sweden.

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