Pets | Museum of Human History | Topic

Pets | Museum of Human History | Topic

Today in Human History,
I’m gonna show you our exhibit on pets. Humankind’s best friends. Oh, is this gonna be nice for a change? Don’t count your chickens, kid. What are chickens? Animals that were
slaughtered by the millions. Aw, come on! [music] [screaming] A pet was a companion animal
that humans kept for company and showered with love and affection. Were all animals pets? No, most of them were food. Who decided which animals were pets and which animals were food? Humans did, of course. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why a particular animal
was selected to be a pet as it differed in every country, but we do know that the animals they ate had one thing in common. They were made of meat. Weren’t humans made of meat? Yes. Did they eat each other? After the apocalypse, definitely. Before then, not so much. So, people ate animals
that were made of meat but they didn’t eat their pets
who were also made of meat? Yes, these people were
known as hypocrites. What happened if a human ate their pet? It was actually against the
law to kill or abuse a pet. People went to jail for that, son. But, if you killed an
animal that wasn’t a pet it was okay? Yes, exactly. If it was say, a farm
animal, like a cow or a pig or a chicken who had similar
personalities to household pets like dogs and cats and were
just as capable of love and affection, it was
okay to stab, shoot, skin, burn, and butcher them
because they were deemed as, say it with me, food. Oh, you didn’t say it with me. I don’t get it. Why were some animals more
important than others? Well, we don’t really know. I mean, all we’ve gathered
is that humans seemed to care about some animals more than others because they were cuter and fluffier. Much like society cared about
some humans more than others because they were blonder and whiter. Did they at least kill the
animals they ate humanely? (laughing) Oh my God! No! But, that does bring us to our next topic, slaughterhouses, animal
concentration camps. – Nope, I’m done.
– Me too. – Wait for me. – Well, looks like it’s
just you and me, Rad. Wanna see a pig get its throat slit and bleed out on a factory floor? [thud] [music]

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  1. Well thanks for letting everyone else voice their opinions and making anyone who eats meat sound like savages. Also people have exotic pets and such you know. There are lots of people with pet pigs.

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