Penis Museum

Penis Museum

seven seventy nine tax and brought to you
by net rights and heights length out logical museum it has finally added a human penis to its
exhibit it’s in senegal backup nl v as step i think it is is that it’s a but finally he repeats are you involved in the recorded so does that give you some more information
on items are logical museum it is exactly that they have an exhibit uh…
featuring about um… over two hundred sixty dot two hundred seventy six actually at different
types of penises from different types of animals and people can go and look at them idon’t
know all why people would go look at that ideas and
somewhat interesting but it turns out that this museum brings in thousands of tourists
every year so it’s the money maker of this tiny little um… talent in iceland and uh… it actually started off awareness
though owner of the museum was gifted different types of whale penises while he was working
uh… ad uh… place where they would do out whale
watching so he’s like i’ll look at all these wonderful
gifts of wimpyness one i put it all together in one room in half truths cumin pay money
to look at them which is incredible writer mary i like it
enterprising idea you know i like it well first of all you’re saying you don’t
know why people want to go beijing me in here that reagan and excellent
and they said well you know there’s a penis using here was a good idea about entities carriers it turns out the way of units is sixty seven
inches long your television dot that goes to you that that and ended falynn it at your local elections during our city
and fairly sure that direction bucket no the other parts of the the story that i love is that the guys like what what what does it make it by became using a little museum lives in
a different so it’s been it’s somewhat cannot be viewed as a little bit of a naked
here a little but i love is much lower than it is six thirty at that has several different men had gone through
their penis high c this anti-piracy acergy understand that that’s the way make out but there uh… he says that he’s been with now this guy for fifteen years the traffic at lunch it was used to be he passed away ninety five so it’s kind of appointing the safest sa applying
the guide exciting days p novelist my opinion okay because he had his
interview with the associated press it’s a short interview and he doesn’t give any insight as to why
he waited for this very specific guys pianist but you know his exact quote he says i’ve just been waiting for this guy for fifteen
years by the way he open the museum fifteen years ago so since he started humid i in this very specific
dot like they do you got a good-looking pianists i’d like to
put it in my exit so police think they’ve got a little bit you know that’s a great night elected to the
them hillside is you have to be debts steptoe an alarm that puts the two of the movie hero no later just free shipping ticket one thousand
movies or tv shows straight on your pc or on your television gaming console with advanced
life be like the free trial membership did not put salt

100 thoughts on “Penis Museum”

  1. @nicklopez623 Licking a dead person genitals is disgusting immoral and not funny. I am sure 100% of right minded people would agree.

  2. who the fuck wouldn't go to a penis museum?? i gotta see mine stacked up to others… isnt that what being a man is all about?

  3. Every one who goes there will say mine is bigger. Then go away from the whale penis then go look at the human one.

  4. Anyone seen that funny video where people are in the museum and a skeletons 'penis' gets an erection. Some women almost shit herself LOL

  5. It's really not any different than a kidney museum. People are just scared of sex and genitalia. We've been programmed to be like that since infancy. Sex and sexuality is treated like a crime in the United States. It's absurd. We procreate with our genitalia. It's the only way to carry on our species. It's the most natural thing in the world, but everyone's afraid of a dick museum? How illogical.

  6. @gooddarkjedi You couldn't be more right man. Try living here. They loooooooooove how they "do things differently".

  7. If it coincides with the opening of his 'exhibit', I imagine it was merely him taking up the, then, 85-year-old man on his promise. Touching… really. 😉

  8. @RealityGrapple this is not news! but whilst most of the world bailed out their banks to prevent a worldwide recession and a complete collapse in confidence in their banking system, Iceland feels that it has no moral responsibility to follow suit. The icelandic bank didn't just fall because it was a bad investment it was during the worldwide fucking recession. Trust me, if Iceland does not pick up its fair share, it will face consequences in the future.

  9. @theblahs maybe not, but they are not going to get away with it! Whilst most of the world felt they had a moral duty to bail out their banks during a worldwide recession to avoid a complete collapse in the confidence in the banking system, for Iceland to look the other way and consider as just a bad investment is reprehensible. It will not be considered a good place to invest in ever again.

  10. @RealityGrapple I don't disagree, but there is a fair share when it comes to intervening in a market as you yourself admit has not worked properly. Whether or not recessions are man made or natural is irrelevant. If we accept the premise that to do nothing would cause an unprecedented catastrophe and that the private investors were not to blame, then falling on the ideals of pure market captialism is irresponsible, at best. Iceland will pay for it one way or another.

  11. @RealityGrapple look, I don't understand how anyone (without a crystal ball) can really say for certain that to do nothing would be fine and dandy, but if that FEAR is justified then surely you then have a moral duty. I understand this relies heavily on an substantiated premise, but thats economics for you. If what the banks and other individuals in finance industry were saying were true, how can you not have a moral duty to act?

  12. @RealityGrapple i meant unsubstantiated in my last post. They should because we did for their citizens with investments in our banks. How our private individuals, like my dad who has worked all his life as a Teacher be regarded as criminal and/or suffer the consquences of criminals during a worldwide recession that every other govt accepts and has intervened to reduce its effects?

  13. @FuriousPumpkin well I thought I made a funny joke about Icleand dicking around by letting the UK and Netherlands bails out its bank, and few people decided to challenge me. How you can have a referendum on paying back a creditor that has already been agreed, is beyond me. Shows the worse excesses of democracy.

  14. Haha. Ja. Húsavík, Iceland. Great place. Go watch the whales/puffins, eat some sheep's head, then see the penis museum. Only in Iceland.

  15. "I would like to exhibit your penis… only downside is, you're going to have to be dead first… so,


  16. I have a lot of questions about this video. Why did they go from Netflix to penis to Netflix. Did they make up what they said or did someone else say it before. Who started it. Isn't a museum about history of something. Lots of unanswered questions. Who would want to ask them who would want to answer them right

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  18. okay… I have seen spambots advertise some ridiculous shit. but this… I don't even know what to say just… just get off youtube.

  19. Just curious…Which person is a "young turk"? All you old people are giving opinions from your childhood in the 60's. Young people have more open minds.

  20. Jonah Falcon's penis will be on display here when he dies. He already signed an agreement for it. He sets the world record btw.

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