32 thoughts on “PANCAKE ART: Cartoon Characters from MEMORY!??”

  1. "Big Mouth" is NOT a kids cartoon, and I repeat it is NOT a kids cartoon! So any young viewers out there, do not watch it. 😐 plz no, it's really scarring, I can really relate to Jazza when he says he needs adult supervision when he's an adult himself… The world is a hard place for us.

  2. 12:14

    Jazza: aaa, just takes a bit more squeezing to get it out
    Narrator: and Jazza then realizes, he F**ked up
    Jazza: looks at camera with pure disappointment

  3. Uuu there isent any child cartons that are not retarded so yah eter it's retarded ot 16+ or anime (it's good both for children and adults)

  4. jazza: something modern what the kids look at these days
    me: im a kid i like attack on titan oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    jazza: big mouth
    me: hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk to you again

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