• RTB vs Programmatic Advertising - what's the difference?

    RTB vs Programmatic Advertising – what's the difference?

    Hi, I'm James and I'm Head of Display hereat Jellyfish. In this Insights video, let's have a look at the two seemingly interchangeableterms – RTB and programmatic – and let's explore what the differences between the two are.So RTB, as I think we all know by now and we've certainly document in these videos afew times, is real-time bidding. That's the method of buying display advertising, evaluatingeach impression on its own merits as it becomes available to a website. So there's absolutelyno pre-buying in this world, and that's the real-time element. The bidding obviously isthe fact that an auction is held for each of those impressions as they become available.So…

  • How to Find Affiliate Marketers for Your Product

    How to Find Affiliate Marketers for Your Product

    affiliate dashboard this is actually one step before the affiliates signup page so as you launch your affiliate program or if you're migrating over to League Niner from another affiliate platform this is how it's going to look from your affiliate standpoint so our dashboard our affiliate website one of our claims to fame here so this is what your potential affiliate partners will see we give you a little landing page this is fully customizable so you can update it with your company your brand's logo colors write your own welcome message so on so forth style it to your heart's content you can even put the affiliate dashboard…

  • Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

    Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

    you I feel like I grew up around firewood I grew up around wood I grew up around wood-burning stoves fireplaces I feel like it's kind of in my blood my name is Jessie horn and I am the founder of smoke and flame firewood company North America's only premium handcrafted firewood manufacturer I started smokin flame in 2012 after growing frustrated by seeing poor quality firewood flooding the market I wanted to bring craftsmanship back to firewood production my criteria for sourcing logs is simple I only source logs that will give me the best firewood in the world that's it each piece of firewood is unique it has…

  • What Art tells us about Gender

    What Art tells us about Gender

    when we consider how gender is defined and discussed today it's tempting to think of the present moment as somehow aberrant a dramatic break from a past where the roles and characteristics of men and women have been fixed and clearly definable but in looking back through art history we can find a huge range of ways that gender has been understood and represented at different times and around the world today we're gonna think about gender not so much biologically but in terms of how we differentiate men and women socially and culturally the art and objects humans have made give us a lens through which we can see…

  • How To Light and Edit a Classic Portrait

    How To Light and Edit a Classic Portrait

    hey guys I'm Lee Morris this is my buddy Nick my Lac as you can tell he has a glorious beard we're going to be doing a photo shoot today with Nick because ac/dc is sponsoring this video later on we're going to be using their photo Professional 2019 software to edit this photo but let's go ahead and build up the lighting and see what we can come up with all right so I've got Nick sitting down here he's got this epic coat and I'm gonna start off lighting with a beauty dish and we'll just work through this as I take pictures and I'll kind of tell…

  • BATMAN Silver. Glow in the Dark. Spray Paint Art. by Antonipaints Art

    BATMAN Silver. Glow in the Dark. Spray Paint Art. by Antonipaints Art

    and what's up guys central mall at Aqaba and welcome to my channel Anthony pens haha to those who don't know me yet my name is Antoni I'm a spray painter I applaud videos once or twice a week I also saved my painting through my webstore have a look at Antoni paints calm I put the link below so here in this channel you can order your own painting with your own ideas simply contact me by facebook at Santoni paints a heart or email me at Antoni paints at gmail.com and to those who already know me sense guy for watching my videos and supporting my channel also…