I did it guys I made it I made it [Music] ciao everyone welcome back to my channel okay today I’m here with Amy you know look what I brought with me today why do I have a tourist waiver because Gaius we are going to the community with that so we can do all do that we want today okay guys actually the Luka Museum anyway the museum will be until I taught until this month but actually is until either July so guys if you wanna go just go uncle museum dr. calm and GP maybe and you will have all the info they ticket cost 1600 the yen so not so expensive but you have to buy in advance and you can decide even the time now is Friday and morning and not many people like last time I came here like I didn’t know that you should buy basic and advanced and very crowded okay so here at the time from 12 the uncle museum lets I go I’m so excited you know guys that I’m a fan of UNC kuna so going to mother uncoated a/c guy this is this is a map for the museum and but I need this for my life but Otsuka can you say is Italian so khakis are international [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay guys boom up Tony you can diet [Applause] go as you can see there’s a big here yes [Music] okay guys so is everything for today and today’s video about Luca Museum I hope you enjoy the video I am with the ambience today he didn’t these favors to me to come today with you and I hope you enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe to my child yes puts a big thumbs up share the video and I will see you in my next video and in my next adventure I’m it will you be there of course always yes so guys so

8 thoughts on “ONLY IN JAPAN TOKYO Unko Museum”

  1. Denoto che non fumi (^0^)! Il tuo amico assomiglia moltissimo al protagonista di una trasmissione comica (non so' come definirla) inglese! Grazie per il video.

  2. check this more extreme video called "UNKO" by Yuri A

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