Old English Scratch Cover on Wood Silverware Chest, Before & After, Furniture Polish Demo & Review

Old English Scratch Cover on Wood Silverware Chest, Before & After, Furniture Polish Demo & Review

I’m Laura from Laura’s Last Ditch Vintage
Kitchenwares. One thing I sell a lot of is silverware and
I get lots of chests, and sometimes they look pretty awful. I’m going to show you how you can make your
silverware chest look better. This one has lots of scratches. I have some Old English. This is scratch cover. The label fell off, but that’s what it is. It’s really good stuff. You can see all these scratches. It’s scratch cover. It doesn’t actually remove scratches, but
it makes them so they don’t show up very well anymore. Now, if there’s a really deep scratch I like
to dump the polish right on there. Some of them you can’t really cover up, but
most of them you can. I’ll get this really nasty looking silverware
chest to look nice. Another thing I do is vacuum it out, and then,
if it has any odor, I put charcoal in it. Charcoal will remove a lot of odors, and so
you can get the chest looking really presentable and nice for storing or displaying your flatware. One thing to note about silverware chests:
they have anti tarnish silvercloth inside that will help prevent tarnish on your flatware. It’s important to keep the lid on the chest
closed, because otherwise the chemical they put in it to keep the tarnish away will dissipate
and won’t do as good of a job anymore. A
really big scratch, and see, look. You can hardly see it anymore. This is wonderful, wonderful stuff. You can buy it at hardware stores, Target,
Amazon, or wherever. But my favorite place to get it is at estate
sales. If you like to go to estate sales anyway,
a lot of them sell cleaners and things like that. It’s very common to find Old English there. It will only cost a dollar or 50 cents. Just a little tidbit. It’s also a great place to get things like
scouring powder. This is pretty much done. It just takes a few minutes. This transformed from a pretty bad looking
chest into a pretty nice one. It has a lot of junk in this, and also some
things hanging off, so I like to trim those off. I take the shop vac and vacuum it out. I’ll show you how it looks when I’m all done. I’m going to trim off the little hangers here,
and the strings that are loose. We’ll get this looking as good as we can. Here it is, it’s looking mighty fine! Visit my shop. I have hundreds of vintage kitchenwares, and
I have lots of silverware and silverware chests. I’d love to have you visit and like my video. Thumbs-up it, or whatever it’s called. And subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I've used Old English products for years. Great company. (I always love a new video from you!!)

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