and shine it’s good on mind stink pants
whether you got a happening man can you say anything it says I’m live on my end
and I just gonna have that screen look at it a lot that we can do there not on the screen now
stink pants you know nothing about damn trying to see you Hey I wash it a little
bit okay your honor – yeah how are you painting and okay oh
yeah this game is a game of Thrones stink
what’s your name stink pants she’s – stank to play for a moment now up tall
there don’t forget to turn off the game sound as soon as you can and I’m gonna
be right back sky captain’s here as well brothers a
yeah hello okay these are the crazy of power parity here
help me bring order to Torian take the soldier to another one prove to
me you are what your comment oh okay I will try so what did I do Jon Snow they’re always under attack say hello Sammy 100 how are you
I think this is the first time you’ve been in a stream the other guys already
know that if you want me to come check in your channel just make sure you leave
a comment on one of our videos it reminds me to do it now guys can you
actually hear us okay over the game sound cuz I was just checking it on
another computer in it I could hear stink pants are pretty
clearly even if they say you can hear us even though the game sound is on well I
guess the next question is should I leave the music on or no so wait for
someone to answer whether you want music on or off you know you know I love the
banjo so what do you do amazed think that’s and it’s still like teaching part
Oh will you tell us what’s going on not quite sure that’s good we might lead the
game sound on for this one then that is saying on and leave the music on because
they love the banjo – he doesn’t love pansy do you like their tasting pants
all right come on we we heard it how many times I that’s right
kami is came here’s the same soundtrack over and over again I’ll have to work on
that now first question do we have any Game of Thrones fans here because I’ve
got a few jokes like I always do and we’ve also got some trivia stink pants
is gonna be hopeless attics think you’ve seen one episode why not skip here and there Oh say you
had seen a few yeah man why with you know with me I’m all in his sleep
tonight he’s you pour me that’s why not me they
mopped run boy you know I’ve already seen its work the first seven new
seasons but season eight now say all excited but I don’t think we ever going
to tell you you’ve got to get it on Netflix or something like that
Peter who had the most votes from the previous video well came you changed
your vote on me he voted for me originally the maybe changed his vote
distinct pants to be perfectly honest I think the cap my ten hottest the cat
seems to have got more votes than either stink pants or me and if I’m not
mistaken I only got one bite so haha well if I could count Kane’s vote but he
took it away from me Oh unit Thank You sky captain we are
placed the 1 point 4 K subs now the only sort of yeah and mates I’ve got a vote
and the previous one as well does fair release that’s Beethoven isn’t it yeah
so I think Beethoven’s got a mention maybe you gotta vote as well I’ll have
to check it to be honest I’ve been up all night just trying to catch up with
all the comments that have been left over the past week
even though that that videos gotten pollinate how many 500-600 comments
there aren’t that many votes that’s just people saying can you check out my
channel mm-hmm what’s the story with that they think
that’s all we do we’ve got our angel no check me out anyway
yeah the piano got more votes than me to say in that last one I failed badly
I can’t believe would put the kitten in the latest one he’s gonna beat me again
but as we said at the end of that particular video the next musical
challenge is going to be something different to give old Pooh top half a
chance of winning now what’s happening in the game stink pants what can you
tell us so far it’s like building the soldier training soldier then you have
to like how where’s the crop create some farm nice say say my day’s been pretty
long cane I’ve been up all night basically just trying to clear comments
and I say is well great to see you in the stream this is awesome slays and a
great chat with us as well paint a very very good sir mutual supporter of each
other’s channels which is awesome so yeah it’s been a stink pants had a good
night’s sleep but I haven’t gone to bed yet it’s something I’m gonna have to I
don’t know what I’m gonna do there somehow I’m gonna have to work out how
to manage the workload the reality is steep pants doesn’t do anything except
to play games isn’t it happen you’re a game player I’ve got airplane
gamer trains at the moment why was your Fridays scary
you came is it because it was Friday the 13th no it wouldn’t be but that would be
scary you seen Friday maybe you stink pants Friday 13 no I don’t think we’ve
got it it’s an old thing there’s a number of them but I never watch Oh miss
Kiamichi hi how are you arrow sort of her pets I am I bet did he go that’s
better I’d say first well as I say Metesky um and everyone else in this
frame for that matter sorry that it’s not a full screen but this game plays
vertically unlike all of the other games we’ve played so it’s just basically what
you see is what you get yes say it’s the first time playing Game
of Thrones we’ll see how these guys stink pants will give you surrounding
running commentary and yes so is well they agree it is so much work to be
honest every time I thought I caught up with the comments I just have more
coming through so it’s been basically a whole week of doing that and nothing
else now Cain says a student had a seizure at the cafeteria well I’m sorry
to hear that I hope those student was okay that actually happened at
university as well when I was a uni and up in Queensland a girl had a seizure
just before the class started she basically class
started having a beautiful fit she’s okay and she ended up like we were
friends and she told me that she did some all the time so it’s scary when you
say it the first time there is the first time I’d say one
I’d say I yeah so Miss Kim we are playing it on a
mobile and unlike the other games this one actually plays vertically say
unfortunately it’s not going to fill the whole screen the ones that play
horizontally fill the whole screen but it’s always a bit part when we’re
playing again from scratch that we have no idea what it’s going to do until we
actually start playing brawl stars was the same what was the other game
employment Harry Potter that was the same we had no idea what was going on that’s a huge map already yeah but it
was kind of empty so like see here you build the farm you
build the sawmill to feed your true and now it’s a pure stable and how to do
that how do you do it well what are these things with the red written
numbers on it my stink pants is working it out as we go
is that kind of rated progress I don’t builders at a pewter dobara
should I get the magnifying glass by cam don’t you have it around here – Jesus –
job great I love it when these guys chapter each other they’re all chatting
to each other now I gotta say everyone that’s in the stream that’s some saying
alone I know all of them they’ve all been very good and loyal supporters of
the challenge say thank you for that looks like a stable looks like the
horseshoe right yes yeah lucky horseshoe then how can I do it I know be in pry
and fruit gaining so I wanted to try it yeah you should try it although we don’t
know what we’re doing it to my man say if anyone has actually played the game
you can certainly help us out cuz stink pants has no idea
yes cane will do he likes the crazy tree braids so it will do another place a
clan stream now the last one wasn’t promoted for some reason don’t know why
but we have quite a few people in it then stay for long but it just wasn’t
promoted but he loves it he loves giving the suggestions and gives me crazy troll
suggestions oh it’s this what did you do I don’t know it looks like a map alright
well obviously you commentate on what’s going on and I’ll grab the magnifying
glass pretty god probably needs glasses go with the magnifying glass of the okay
so I’ll be right back just be everything I don’t even know what’s happening one you stock I don’t know it said it
was stable but I’m not quite sure how to do it like last time I they said
build the farm right it just press on it and that’s about it
do you wanna build so this one is stable that first one is that building
something I guess so but how I will build on what is idle beautiful that
means a build is ready to do something okay do without me it’s like click on
the next one in silhouette change at the beautiful river na kehna
where it said build a stable it’s when you click on it it’ll show why
these looks like treasure but it doesn’t say anything Oh what did I do and I
don’t know what I did just say where’s Texas he needs to be in the stream I’d
say yeah he actually left a comment on the musical challenge video saying do is
strain so I’m not sure where he is but he might show up a little later on and
we’re sixes how do you play a game instrument live
so that’s a good question so um so what we’ve been trying to do we’ve actually
been trying to use a different app that hasn’t been working that well but
basically you can do streams from either the mobile phone or a Playstation or
computer or even an iPad you’ve just got to get the correct app that works for
you and we’ve had a lot of difficulty in a
number of streams trying to get them to work Cayman would be able to test the
fighter that he’s been in virtually every one that failed and succeeded so
the streaming app that we’re using at the moment it’s good don’t get me wrong
it’s been very helpful to us we wouldn’t have been able to stream without it but
it does have its problems as well so it’s a real hit miss I think and even
with the updates I guess that’s been going on with you there was a period in
time where we couldn’t actually save the stream on our computer in fact the last
stream I couldn’t but this one I can Oh Stevens is doing something I don’t know
actually you know it’s like similar to a cracker plan where you got how is crap
ready then you just press it’s just like you know oh my god a load and a HEPA go
oh you didn’t say no I saw something flicker on the screen in that yeah it’s
just like when goldmine have the goal right so it’s got the sign at the top I
mean you tap on it yeah and you just collect that the same as the farm here
it doesn’t have it now so so I think it’s keep producing you have
to wait and then you collect it it’s gone to your thing on the top here yeah
and you might need that to build a stable I don’t know but it looks like
it’s gonna take a long time should I up read it all with you I don’t think I can I don’t think so I can’t see I can I can
I can’t have anything to build anything and it’s God look at the time I don’t
know which time is relevant to this thing like series at the left corner
looks like you have to wait some time and this the goal thing you have to wait
it’s a waiting time I’m not sure it says 6 day 21 hours and then whatever at the
bottom there in 3 days 2 hours and then another here on the top right hand
corner is 2 hours 51 minutes so it got a crown in that picture I would have
fought at the start of the game you should be aware fuck god goodness I did
it again what do I keep pressing oh okay sorry for that that I would have thought
that at least at the start if it’s anything like
the clans for example you should be able to do long and dystonic shouldn’t have
too much white time there’s my real instructions you say
what is their instructions Oh what did I do what’s that
I just keep pressing stuff what was that at match okay Said’s let’s have an orgy and we’ve
been missing out on something a chance so how do you that’s what I was going to
see paired up our clan games going yeah where you finished it already and hi JC
channel it best not to advertise your channel thanks yeah we don’t
yeah your messages aren’t going to be approved for for doing that and say
we’re happy to chat to you if you’d like me to come and visit you just make sure
you leave a comment on one of our video that place like that Victoria’s you
channel the snakes it’s conceded convert that finished saying we’ve got the maximum
rewards or night thanks the stink pants is it
Lakshmi my God why would I play in your account to get nice to the points
I’m sure you hmm maybe it’s not that we’re good idea to do this yeah well
this is the thing like when you start a game from scratch there’s really no no
way to know what’s going to happen until you start playing it Oh
thought you said okay we’ll enjoy your dinner we just had a call not long ago
ah we’ve got an attack ad Jake I had a taco jacket I remember now
so you remember boy I can say is if you try and put some cheese on it it’s nacho
cheese my cheese like your cheese nacho chases my taste
nah because you’re not not sure because nacho cheese oh hey he can attack and do
things like that why aren’t you doing that I can’t I have a claim say that
he’s loud can you I’ve turned down the volume of
the gaining teammate or turn down the volume of the music you know I Shelly in
many there a new supporter of ours I recognized the name because I just sent
a message third stop by check out the live
streaming yeah you just learn reminder to young left to say and throughout this
dream drop a comment on one of the our videos just say that I can remember to
visit again because it’s too hard to do it from
to chat that is difficult
kind of you gotta let me know which one by the
game saying is there a way to change Emily
I don’t know it should be like a profile or a setting somewhere where that’s a
good question ah Jerry leads here as well hi Jerry
litt how are you I tried to sleep pretty much everything and this one looks oh this looks like a trumpet
but that’s at me gee they’re really struggling with a gay
man’s baby just thank you much information at all daylight is it mean
like no sound and sound well we thought that you liked the Settings thing that you want to have a girl nope
no I can say topic stay with me okay on your phone on the side is there ah
well that’s one way to do it it’s muted now say I don’t know that that’s gonna
help they came because I think I made that mistake with clash of clans way
back in the day have you played this game on a dick
Jerry’s askin is the game art I’d have to say yes because it’s very difficult
to work out what we’re supposed to be doing there’s no no real instructions or
join an allegiance chat with them there’s just not there’s not a lot of
info hi garden go to yeah they just don’t give us a lot of
information on what to do it’s taking me somewhere else now where am I going
I’m following the arrows I don’t know why today those arrows just keep going
where are we off to well that’s it there’s all of these different houses
that I think this place to attack there’s always different numbers of the
Lord Jesus more arrows going in different directions that doesn’t help
bye hang on I’ve found settings hey crystal my what was up nice guys very visible yes I was I can see you can see the top
there is a there’s a sitting single but it’s the
story well nothing’s happening how do you
change the things on the stand but if you got their steam pants feeling
normally much more intuitive than iron with this stuff this is too much fun sorry I’ve gone a little bit quiet just
while I’m concentrating trying to Kabir and oppress anything that didn’t work why will it not let me
touch them see this is like pleasure plan when you can get the crop and you
just press it if you saw me
they got Phonak from the song you need so what I’m trying to figure out Jerry
lip is how to turn off the game sound t-that tickling the threads Joe today
well this is so not intuitive but I can see
that did they’ve got a settings thing there at the top in the top right hand
corner there’s a little Settings icon that it’s just that I can’t press
anything what’s that see the power all right you know what I want to be a
Google search too now if you want to turn off game sounds
to step on any game you want them started on the top left-hand lift on the
top left side you found a two symbol that’s not really to those with sandy she’s game in
throwing these ended up fixing it by simply turning off the surround speech
that doesn’t help either she tell you what this is risking
playing these new games from scratch isn’t it
it’s very difficult to figure out Kevin through stuff whenever Tom exactly know what we’re doing and why is
that when I watch the game only see a black screen that here game audio that
doesn’t help velocity games had a my baby turns dragon noises it’s limited am
I gonna help safe I’d like to be able to turn off the baby
sounds without silencing Kamath trains decorated semi is it
really bad cuz we can what I could do is check it from the other room maybe would
that help evening I’ll have a popcorn with extra butter canes make me hungry
already where’s my bacon eggs and bakery and stink pants OS where’s my salmon
bacon baked bacon beans eggs why do you have to have that debate beat corn
popcorn now the Cannes mentioned it oh no no no you keep playing the game just
might happen oh my dear what’s going on with that I
can’t make anything work neither do I try and attack someone’s see if you can
do that ok justice is that you can you can go and attack some house of whoever
what he’s gonna watch the stream like a
maiden which means we’ve got to be entertaining but you’re not entertaining
we stink pants neither am i looks like they can have a CD yeah you should be able to attack them
hey this is our Sydney that’s not no it’s in the UM before when I was looking
at different memorize following the arrows we passed the holiday festivities jacket with some sugar is off I used to
do that say yay announced muttering sprinkles
soon as you talk that’s too sweet I think I agree with the melting mother it
should be Bray he liked the triple bottom what Drupal
water his hot butters that’s a dream father it’s not enough we’ll move on Adama butter triple butter
it’s still not enough yeah attack someone but do leave your options open training can you train troops here can I
try on some trade what’s that thing Marcus don’t march on someone people
still do it these days as in like ate popcorn and what’s amazing we do it all
the time Danny not all the time that’s you look very really happy we should do
it more often but we eat and watch movies all right so we’re still trying to
figure out these things right in this day your venue I’m thinking the chatters
actually played it you might be able to help this to be a bit oh maybe it’s like
waiting time that you have to wait before you’re doing things and I start
you can usually at the start of every game you can do a lot more and then it
takes longer and longer as you progress most certainly that’s our clash of clans
works but both songs that’s pretty much
instant Oh cake drumming attack something to say
yeah fine fine I it present act this guy the attack I need to do it again you can only press gather together I’ve been see it requires something or maybe that’s what you can get from
gathering I want to like kill these people
yeah kill those people the white but again it doesn’t show anything Titus is
making me hungry he keeps talking about food you say mashed potatoes with gravy
in sweet peas with pork and ham with charts with dressing that’s what I want
to eat Jane you gonna invite me around for dinner it sounds like you’re a
master chef can I go to the city you watch my day gone so I’ve gone to their
city what does that mean Nancy they are our city but I don’t think of ourselves it’s not different and you have to keep
her naked until maybe reached one limit it’s gonna take time forever he’s starting to annoy me I had no idea
what stay at home everything he says it’s taking time
writing what’s these that’s that map thing again so what happens is you excuse me what
happens he says sorry put on there’s no room for
one by Daniel how are you welcome to the stream I think it’s the first time we’ve
seen you in a stream now how’s your day been and what have you got planned for
the weekend and I’m still just trying to figure out
this game hopefully someone will actually join the stream that knows how
to play it and then they can tell us what to do oh I’m in the ocean now how
did I do that what is this Mike it’s got a Red King on
it can I do there nothing what about rocks we have a ship shape but say what do you call the shape with
my legs the cloud unsightly to the kiddies table
I’d say that’s probably is Satan may then isn’t it
no I’ve always put on the kiddie table maybe when we have Christmas dinners and
whatnot like the air the kiddies table not that small
maybe but makes me feel like a giant went on there keeps taking back to the
same thing we work anything the others let me do another search on how to paint watching me breathe Lyman how to play Game of Thrones it’s gotta
be fine game with us coming up with a board game Amos trains that power up your dragon
and fight she say to fight the iron arrived Kara your
dragon blah blah the fighter for the iron throne is real right houses clash
this is not teaching me how to do services again that’s not really teaching me how
to do anything it’s conquest whoa whoa what just happened man
what did you do nothing just wondering they got exclamation marks and question
marks here what but I can’t raise anything that is it’s a very difficult
to figure out out of piety Skype it’s just the time fact that
but clearly there’s people that play it is number one these reviews and then
number two there’s all these places to attack that we can’t attack I’m just
pressing buttons left right oh what’s that flashing can mean oh no that’s me
flashing I’m a flasher what’s that mean upgrade and enhance can press on this
face but what can I build more all right Texas how are you good to see we’ve
fulfilled his request he said do restraint but trying a new game but
still want to keep doing it we got to be noobs playing stuff other than clash
clans every now and again yeah you know it will still play clash of clans don’t
get me wrong the the other one that I had planned
which one is that yeah how about other games what needs strain I shouldn’t do
that we’re still desperate to try and work
out how to play this one build is stable but look it’s got a notification for
clash clans and I remember we made the deal that once we start doing oh gee
what are deaf and then I’m just clicking stuff how do you get taller BAE’s other yeah
this thing say how do i attack these people and what is that that number mean
six legs what does that mean you know you know what I think
see see all of these have got shield dispute on them you just gotta find one
that doesn’t have a shield and what’s that man that’s right there
which is blue or we can join them allegiance say Emily join
agents does that mean I’m to stop some
questions left right and center say this is a bit more interesting if we can
actually figure out how to do something why can’t I gather that it’s blue not
red just asking questions myself what is
that name look at all of these little characters
can I gather that what are those coordinates main button
is through ceiling you might know more than they teleport let’s tell all look I
can do something I don’t know what I just did well it gave me a cross or a Oh what’s
up Kate fifteen and quiet just travel around this and press stuff teleport
look say it gives me arrows and things what can I do here
what are those beers I want to be able to play me to be one of the able to
Ryder bear is one so what I’m to play deer hunter to all so Texas has given us
a suggestion deer hunter to 2018 it’s a free mobile game too so we might have to
do that one because I know Texas himself is played
is one of the I thought I saw that understand but ya might have to do do that on the
next one figure out what’s going on our booze we can teleport prices 45 we need to be able to talk to someone
in the guy who joined allegiance to chat for the Morlock – but how do I do that stink pants oh no I didn’t say he’s Jake
hang on all right but still what do you call a pig with my
head a headless peak oh cool yeah it’s like Lord of the Flies remember that
maybe slash book I made to watch nine black-and-white movie yeah put the pig’s
head on a stick tonight to ward off the evil
spirits of Allah I didn’t watch well I kind of washed but
daydreaming babe it’s not really my interested just gonna get the whole
point of this movie how are we doin a you’re gonna get back
into this cuz I don’t really know what’s going I don’t know either
oh by the way the the the main protagonist video Jeremy why do you know
she’s I don’t know my sister called I why she writes email at Queen I can’t
remember anything about that I’ve watched several seasons Oh
to Oh can you attack Barelli do you want to
attack Parral the typically hashtag –
something happened and then nothing happens what is going on here x9 the house details I got nothing
what’s that teleport there what’s this but does the Husky check asking thing
after thing this is really loud yeah but K and I have no idea how to
turn the settings what are you doing this thing parents
he’s supposed to be helping with the stream not checking what your favorite
food is checking what’s your favorite food how do I change the settings on
this I’m drying game I am trying my best can’t can you please try and find it you are the game though he thinks are we
gonna stop maybe mid game hey all right stink pants can place maka remember that
while I trying some unofficial team here loser said she fans not after any of that great praise of
lectures even I none of that this is the official thing that it
doesn’t give me a search function hang on I’m trying to catch it from her
have everything kind we’ve got stink pants playing the game
too late trying to figure out in speech up the sound we head off
I’m inspired that sound his name is TT cinematography music question
option container game sound directly turn off the game sound right when you
do that’s what
no sound let I turn off from your phone from the homepage not in the game that’s
not gonna help alright so what we might do seeing is
this is just this is not grade easy you can’t do anything with this game can’t
turn off the sounds say what we want to just bury theme is end the stream about ten minutes and maybe start a
different game your game will be playable well we’re trying to have our
you tried Texas’s idrd on top okay and then he might be able to actually help
us for that because he’s probably played it all right place we’ve got one person
that can say yep we know how to do that so just bear with us with that I think
that’s right I might type it as well just in case our in trouble here
okay you got a joke for them – I don’t I don’t have any job
I’m serious pleasant but that does mainly that we can have
two consecutive video what do you think before I could see any
other alternative is just to get out of this dime and get into another one me
need to strain what do you think well I always wanted to just you know to
have the one who one name per stream rather than having multiple games we
have no idea how to play this thing yeah you cannot move along
Janet ride the we can’t do Texas’s one during the strength is about a
downloaded first of all that stuff yeah or you can get back to classic land
yes we have twitch came sign line it’s a sign P dot stink pants what do
you call it profile yes you wouldn’t know Yellen try to have fun
one now with the thing with that one cane I think I’ve got to change the
settings on the PlayStation because it doesn’t seem to let anyone else watch me
play or watch us play so we’ll have to get that sorted I keep telling the stink
pants we’ve got to do that ok Tyler there’s lots of stuff we’ve got to get
organized this is says to me leave me alone
well I want to do is win musical challenges and play games that’s all she
wants to do there’s an instinct dance no answers has got all silent silent on
me all right you know what I don’t think I
can even wait cuz you just completely not helping me with these all right
we’re doing it midstream hang on this is the one that I’ve been waiting for I was
kind of hoping that yeah she is hopeless Cain I agree another update I just
updated this thing like literally just not that long ago
all right so gonna try another one midstream hopefully this will be better
well we have no idea how to play this one either and but I’m kind of excited
this is survival stuff now I know we can turn that see you can turn it off on
this one straight away just like that nice and easy all right side changing
game midstream I’ve got to say anything that the man vs. wild says to do don’t
do it but the game is completely different so I want to mention name
names but I don’t drink your own pee don’t drink your own pee it’s not good
for you all right say this one unlike Game of Thrones cuz I’ve checked this
out I haven’t played it yet but have a look at this yeah only it is brain is
for check-in all right day one whatever they stink pants come on you gotta be
part of these newbie pack I don’t know what that place
newbie pack yeah we’re newbies so we gonna be doing it so that means you get
more snap more than the others so I do I check in now yes huh oh we haven’t got
any points I guess we have to get to maybe pack hi yes going newbie so that
is the oh jeez I can’t did I get that check him is it gonna let
me do that I don’t think we’ve got any point no this is a born at bonus
checking then the next one here look at this
nothing all right what are you doing there bumper see my little Incas look
I’ve checked say look there’s all of this stuff here we got a story but we
don’t have a story yet because you haven’t played yet we’ve got biology but
we haven’t got a biology yet all the items a lot yeah
nah but wait there’s more look these are the ranks of people see this has got all
this information before you even start playing the game look at that there’s
players from all over the place uh-huh I guess you so impressed with this game so
far so even though I haven’t because I’ve got to show everyone what you can
do now look at this people die in this game and then they have like last words
huh see this guy said I have a lot of gifts but I don’t have any friends to
give to give me your ID and I’ll send it to you why don’t know if you should do
that hang on you can die and then you is not gonna
realize you I’m not sure because these people are all dead you can do it never
give up I want to live and then there’s little tips here like you can give a
rope after passing molten cave whatever that is it is a key for entering cliff
cave suggest you go to the cliff cave after you get the rape and get some
replenishment at the camp take to medicinal brews with you the beasts
inside 51 days 11 hours and 48 minutes in this hellhole of an island and I’m
naked too but he froze to death see they say how people die oh Ken doesn’t get
why we talking about drinking your DNA hey bear grylls easy I wasn’t gonna be
okay but man vs. wild we know people know it’s Bear Grylls Bear Grylls gives
really bad survival advice I’ll just say that he’s not a survivalist he’s a
entertainer anyone in their survival community
says that some of the stuff that he recommends you probably shouldn’t do
alright so they’re the last words move on for me and one of the things he says
is drink your own pee so that answers that question
alright now look at this stink and we’re not gonna buy anything yet but you can
get seed and get stuff with coins in the game I guess or conscience they are and
then look at this conch stuff and then these characters there all right and
then there’s talent there who we haven’t even started the game yet and it’s got
all of these stuff and then look at these look at the man manual yeah I
loved making and afraid so distinct pants and hey I rub stirred
seven-sixteenths first time we’ve seen you in a stream thank you for hitting
the like if you want us to come busy your channel just drop a comment on any
one of our videos because it’s easy to do it from that than it is from the the
chat alright now look at that vine armor stink pants got to be paying attention
here look at that bamboo explosives there’s all kinds of
stuff here there’s a bag so on so forth alright we’re almost finished look at
that that’s a potato we love potatoes and that’s mint so there’s a whole lot
of stuff there and then these characters and then there’s build which is locked
alright so we ready let’s do this thing we’re starting the game now you’ve got
the story so what I’m always curious Robster what time is it there and what
day and what have you got planned for the weekend oh look at all of this this
is another very cool game but I may have the horizontal games and hi oh
hang on I’m gonna have to do a translation here Arabic I think it is
came yes I have eaten bugs before in fact the last time I went to stink pets
is home home country I ended up eating bugs they’re delicious crickets are nice
I’ve gotta say so it’s Arabic I’m just gonna can you do that please tap on the
pot are you sure you might die quickly if you let me play these things I know
so why will you try and stay alive there you can swap equipment use this car item
did he save it in your backpack okay Lincoln afraid’s awesome show you love
that so anyone eating bugs do you like survival I’m into this survival I love
it I’m excited to be out here we should
have started with this not the Game of Thrones stuff survival was great why she
speaks English awesome so sorry cuz I have to do translations to make anything
work there I’m not even sure my Arabic made sense and what’s that saying sting
so while she’s looking at that and she’s gonna explain to me what’s happening in
the game let’s talk survival what’s everyone’s top survival items what do
you think you should be carrying with you if you were on a desert island what
would you do how many things I can tell you also one backpack okay pick now
we’ll start with 10 items or five items ten now we’ll start with five five items
if I know English it’s not one pot a pot yep a nice in oops
Arabic sure big translation works so what did you say a pot in the knife yeah
I have three multi goals let me think some kind of rock maybe hang on where
are we going desert desert island or just an island
doesn’t have to be desert I don’t even know what a desert island is basically
deserted island not inhabiting I’m not in the habit of oil and if all they have
saying something like that I guess some claim is tough for justice state of
mind failure is common longer survival needs to question mark for help look up
for walk through there is no way to survive while you’re always high click
fence door and find supplies out of here so you’re gonna click that equipment or
if there is a zombie invasion and you have to know where to go what would you
do there I’d grab myself is shoddy if there’s husband
I love the shotgun for the shoot-’em-up shoot-’em-up games equipment unlock new
pet matriarch Sten when the friendship between you and the female wolf reaches
four and a half stars I think the quality is pretty bad
cuz it’s light lightnin see who’s in I don’t know
unlock new patriarch defense more defensive or capable oh gee there’s a
lot of stuff here backpack on the COS regional injuries but did I collect
anything no I don’t think I’ve collected anything yet food can I get all Hey
I collected something food you know no tools why don’t I have any tools
I’ve just got food hmm what’s this what’s that water
I suppose that’s water I’m just collecting everything I can well a it
looks like oh look at this oh okay so you got 40 space in your backpack when
it reach 40 you can’t get it oh it’s saying I know I might have done
that a little bit too quickly so if you have a look I can’t get any tools
I’ve already grabbed all of the food I’ve grabbed all the water
I haven’t grabbed any planks of wood and I’ve grabbed two drugs which I guess is
like medicinal herbs so what are you wrecking more wood more drugs I might be
able to fit them all how much is left ten three four five
Oh yes it’s either one one drug or no drugs
left um it just looks like some sort of head but doesn’t tell me what that whoa
what did I just do then oh you can say you can actually adjust look I can grab
as much as I want here and it says it’s full but I can get rid of one like that
and then add like that say what do you think drugs got to be good mm-hmm
I’d say no tools no food there’s a couple of planks of wood and no drugs
how’s that that looks good and I don’t do any of them it’s great you can’t
press then you can say is that all I can do here I think that’s it so we’re going
out mmm-hmm oh whoops I’m already there all right
what’s going on here say trauma battles in our TV show before
you didn’t look no you already cited eg what’s these – what’s that night what oh this might be a you know you had
there’s some games you can have ads in it and save your clothes and it’ll give
you a bonus in the other game you might as well plan place a few of those I
guess but it’s not playing it’s just at I would say four seconds enough for that
you can get out of this okay and that’ll give you some sort of bonus so now you
can get out of it mm-hmm and then – I think it kind of shows it’s
just so was it just chose the bottom okay then so you keep playing me oh yeah
I’m not a pain I’m the same but you know if we ever get monetize that will be
part of the channel do you want to go to stony forest
do you want to gave this tiny forest an area of numerous Stein’s and different
shapes and sizes scattered all over the place should be able to find suitable
ones for building yeah let’s go space we want to an area what can I just write
that yeah you want to do store storage or explore storm strikes war first my wolf come
then what did I do well why do these things keep flashing
at the top there and wolf cub appears in his facing you ready for battling it’s a
cobbler that’s only a little thing so this flashing thing is gonna affect you
the whoop-up might affect these stop so should we fall like mental thing and
hungry so you have to shoes what do you wanna do fight I want to be friends with
the wolf cow I want a little wolf pet Wow fine is
facing can I can I do anything other than fight it I don’t think we’ve even
got anything to fight it with what are we gonna fight it with our bare hands
is that what the plan is we’re gonna run away stay needs you know what let’s gave
is storage I didn’t like the fact that I faced a wolf straight away take all will
take all can we take all we don’t have space in our backpack that doesn’t help
low hunger affects infection and sleeping you can recover hunger through
eating what sad hunger at unable to work when too late lowers your accuracy and
affects immunity you can recover memory we ready for a nap already do we want to
take your sleep puto would you rather eat soup or wear a cactus okay well I’m gonna say cactus a cacti
is that plural cactuses are just armored cucumbers that’s the way look at that
should we can we do anything else other than stony forest simple and plain that
it’s the only shelter for you to survive about 1 hours 10 minutes away should we
go where should we be going to camp but they are do we James the TV from camp
and there’s only another place I can press which is a stony thing we will add
the camp you know let’s fight that wolf let’s fight him
let’s see what happens wolf cub towards you one away you’re screaming you can
throw your fists no what happened stage click costs nothing lost nothing three
broken nothing get long press long press the item for details
problem is I might have are the backpacks fall hang on let’s a consume
and my fall now I might have wasted a bit of energy there eating eating food
mentality you do I have to sleep Oh on the backpack still fall oh hey don’t
carry you great to see you if miss stream to you what do you have to this
weekend and to answer your question there Texas
I am Caine I’d rather eat soup than wear a cactus and the reason is this game is
also a vertical game so we don’t really have a choice
unlike clash of clans that’s a horizontal game that fills the whole
screen these vertical games just don’t the previous one that we were playing
there Game of Thrones one that was also a
vertical game so not too short why they do that but yeah it just basically means
it’s not going to take up a huge amount of the screen are the backpacks full of
shouldn’t and fought that wolf what else can I do here life on hunger I should sleep early lack
of sleep or rest so then he had I just take him now maybe I’ve got to go back to camp to
sleep but I think I’m wasting some food here that’s not good in an island
survival all right just bear with me we’re gonna have to go back to camp I
think not actually I might ate one more thing if I can storage what kind of
store take all can’t do that I’m gonna eat all right let’s say consume I’m gonna have to slight not able to
work when too late lower accuracy well anyhow do I go to sleep I think we’ve
got to get back to put my packs all right I can get okay
what’s this take it back packs hold do I have enough
coins I don’t have enough coins stink pants let’s see if I can take this can I
take that backpack still fall right like the first meeting just when you’re about
to leave this tiny forest you suddenly hear a scream the scream is very
innocent yet helpless you follow the scream and come to a pile of stones and
discover a newborn chick in its nest what bird makes a nest like this you
walk up to the nest and discover it is broken and the baby chick seems to have
suffered an injury looks like the nest must have fallen down in this pile of
rocks the chick was not afraid at all with its
beak started crawling here may be mistaking you for its mother
you think it’s like coincidence that you bumped into it and thought it might be a
good idea to take it with you and nurture its growth this is a good idea
to add some life in this barren land yes you need to name it what should the name
bee sting pants we in a name a little bit isn’t gonna
let me do that stink Pam and call it stink pan then and
yeah I agree Texas I think we will do deer hunter
next you’ve played it before right say okay of your name stink pan so we picked
up a little birdie yeah and really I think I’ve got to go back to camp simple
and plain but he’s I mean shelter tips even though you are I couldn’t even read
that warehouse the place where you store and use the things that you brought back
for why should have done that before and hopefully Texas you’ll be able to take
this out of DD antic is when we’re doing new games like this we have no idea what
we’re doing or lay this one is same as much easier than the other one anyway
sleep play sleep is the only way to recover life for mentality but please
distinguish day and night well it keeps telling me I’ve got to go to sleep
anyway so take a power nap take a short rest usual sleep cycle it allows body to
better a cover sleep till 6:00 a.m. but that’s got time on its a simple been
created by simple tools can used for sleeping but not comfortable
can I upgrade that there will cost 60 Minutes simple bed created by simple
tools do we have to all we’ve got yeah we can do a vine bed so let’s upgrade want to use cotton 9 because we don’t
have any conch okay I can’t do that then let’s take a power nap and see what
happens this is not real this is not a dream and
on the deserted island in trouble however there are a lot of things that I
can eat on this island it will be the biggest joke in the cooking industry if
I cannot survive so did I get enough sleep it doesn’t look like I got enough
sleep let’s go for big proper Slough okay that worked well enough sleep looks
like I have been now gonna eat Jesus I’m hungry all the time is crazy
where hunger affects where my consume consume again alright that’s looking
good now manda look the day is getting late I should sleep
early today lack of rest makes it hard to spot didn’t I just have a sleep how
does sleep already nights die are you whining realize I’ve already read that
story oh legend is that there’s a mysterious place far away on that other
side of the ocean we don’t have a bite yet so hard to shorts can happen with
that this unknown land is filled with treasure of different tribes the grand
selling era thus started from here as chief chef known as a chef has been away
the name Roland is very insignificant we got a chef all right well well actually
where are we on the stream yeah no worries can you take a break I’m
probably adding it a do it for about another 40 minutes anyway we definitely
want to keep this one under two hours for once the name Roland is very
insignificant compared to the last thing that fired
whoever with the grand sailing Arab beginning you realize that there’s also
delicious because well in cuisine not far off family helped you attain a small
permit to sail and with the dream of cooking great seafood dishes why are you
gonna be a chef in this that’s a lot of reading oh no Jenny you cook delicious
food and party but we haven’t cooked anything yet oh this is just a story
okay that’s done after looking around you’ll find there’s no one here in the
wilderness war we’re gonna be alone we don’t want to be alone stink pants I’m
alone as being too long no matter what you
need to find a place set up camp first you’ll find three suitable locations an
opening in the bamboo forest an opening in the trees and an elevated position
can i press on any of that no I can’t all right let’s set up camp here then oh this is what we’ve already been through
okay how do I get out of that so I gave back
what’s requests Julie’s longbow can I request that 9.9 that no we can’t
request anything okay back count request anything name can I request that nine we’re out of there so that’s monologue
off in store again so if I go at the discount backpack night
what’s this event shell party can I get that mine
can I get that clear one time more normal mode and seeing conch today bye
for now can’t do any that how do you any of that
answer question today one time survival question survival knowledge question and
answer get gift when you answer right five questions every day during the
event what you do when you find a hornet’s nest in deep forest break it by
stone take it off by hand I’m gonna say burn it up will possibly avoid of what
it as far as possible and you find a hornet’s nest I’m gonna go with burn it
up who is the researcher behind the holy
fruit program I have no idea let’s just say it’s that I’m probably
getting all of these wrong what happened to kid a night in the story kid left
nightmares the kid killed night and left kid died night left well say it’s that well it’s because stink pants she’s
disappeared for a bit they’re Texas saying I’m also trying to figure out how
to I think um how do I come on I got zero correct say what we were trying to
do Texas is just mix it up a little bit between the clash of clans strings and
doing I guess like an uber plays series but what we found like it’s good that
you suggested the deer hunter game because that’s obviously quite popular
and I know that this game is kind of popular as well but we don’t really know
what we’re doing and unlike say the Harry Potter one because it had really
good graphics that didn’t matter so much brawl stars the other one that didn’t
matter so much because it was very easy to play but when we started with the
Game of Thrones that was very difficult to understand and this one also looks
very difficult to understand say we need sort of more simple I guess more simple
games if we’re doing them from scratch the reason we wanted to do it from
scratch is so that people that might be interested in playing them can see how
to do things from the very start so that’s what I’m what’s that trying to do
now but it’s very difficult to do and yeah we can’t come really figure things
out without some mucking around a bit so hopefully that makes sense did that make
sense once these constabie like you know I
have no you don’t to do that so yeah it seems we thought it was going to be a
good idea originally just to mix it up rather than sort of playing the game
first and then showing how it’s starting because the difference between this and
say clash of clans where we’re experts of clash of clans so whereas any other
game we do we just don’t play many games and the other thing the other thing I’ll
say is I’ve been very very slack at working out Twitch and also working out
how to to stream on that say people can actually see us because the the last
time I tried to play it looks like everything was set to private so yeah
that was the issue with that one and sorry what have you said you seemed
somebody like somebody shot your dog or something well Texas there the other
thing I’ll say there is I haven’t had any sleep so I’ve done
what you’ve you normally do I’ve been up pretty much all night trying to catch up
on all of the the comments that have been left I’m really struggling with it
too to be perfectly honest it took the whole
week – it took the whole week – and what’s going on here yeah just to catch
up with the comments and I hope you wake up an hour ago so you’re really fresh
whereas I’m about ready to go to bed dear hunter it’s a pretty simple game we
can hunt your fish you can walk around you can do archery you can be targeting
shooting all kinds of stuff that’s it sounds good
and is that a horizontal game as well so it’s not going to do what these two
games are doing right because yeah I must admit when it’s some a vertical
game like this it’s not so good it seems to take up a very small amount of the
screen so yeah seeing is sad no one else is chatting at the moment on I’ll keep
talking to you about this rather than doing our our private stuff that we
normally do that when it comes through dealing with the YouTube stuff at the
moment it’s I’m finding now that the the channel is sort of grown a little bit
faster than what I was hoping in terms of subs and things cos most of
those people of them like we we do have people that are supporting us that don’t
ask for anything in return but having said that there’s a lot of people that
they’re just there visiting because they they want us to visit them and that’s
fine I don’t mind doing it but we’re getting something like as an estimate
maybe now 200 to 300 comments a day and it took me pretty much since the the
last stream I’m just gonna do a proper sleep here sure I haven’t even had
anything night so yeah it’s gotten to the point where
I’m spending so much time dealing with comments and visiting other people’s
channels that it’s making it really hard to do anything else
and unlike you I don’t have other people helping well even sting pants at the
moment like she’s not even here doing their district yes I have a problem with
you quantity over quality system so it’s do
you mean that what we’re doing is the wrong thing or what you’re doing is the
wrong thing because we do aim for the quality over quantity there’s a reason
for that say and Emin I will qualify that by saying that you know I don’t
know what I’m doing I’m still trying to figure things out as I go but and it
might be different for other people as well but basically if I come across the
channel where I can see that they’re uploading prolifically or their content
isn’t that good it makes me less inclined to you want to
even visit the channel so you know I’m not saying that everyone’s like this but
let’s say I go and contact a new channel for the first time and I can see that
they’ve got 500 or more you know they they have that badge of sorry I’m just
trying to do your stuff here at the same time where they have that badge of
uploading thing if they’ve got more than than 500 videos
I don’t even want to check out their channel so I’ll actually even though
I’ve opened it up but it would just be like now I’m not interested in looking
at that and I’ve noticed you don’t even watch the videos anymore you just copy
and paste a comment and now I’ve noticed you don’t even watch the videos and you
just copy and paste a comment and before that you actually watch the video and
critique it now you don’t do that so are you talking about your channel or what
you’ve seen me do on other channels because the truth is I do do the
critiquing that I used to do is just do you mind just playing that for it
there’s just three stuff to make this screen do something having a chatty answers back you know after a long
hiatus and all you’re doing is reading it reading it all so I’m having a
serious discussion with Texas of the my own is it you know he’s asking what’s
going on with a channel so if you’re talking about your way let me know
you’re firstly you’re talking about your channel are you talking about seeing my
comments on other channels because I’ve run across Texas as comments a lot as
well you sure everybody support and I feel you should show the people that you
actually watch you sure everybody equals support and I feel you should assure the
people that actually watching myself so I do do that and I do that based on
the comments that they leave on our channel so I can tell when people
actually watching the content because they’re the ones that have been the
really good supporters we know there are and they know that we watch their
content as well and as bad as these sounds the the realities for me to just
be able to get through the way if you have a look at any of our videos now say
that the most recent musical challenge and you see the replies that I’m leaving
for everyone if it’s not personalised if it’s a template response that I’ve given
them it’s because they basically they’re doing the same thing to me
I can tell from the comments alone that they’re not watching the content they’re
just basically dropping alike and moving on so therefore I will drop them a
template comment and I will move on and when I visit their channel I’ll do the
exact same thing because I just don’t have the time to critique people’s
channels as if I was doing that like when I was doing that initially like
when I first met Texas I guess I’m talking to you to stink pants I had a
lot more time to do it you know the channel was tiny I had plenty of time to
watch people and I don’t know just muck around with it and see what you can come
up with there when T of time to watch people’s stuff you know suggest
improvements that kind of thing but now it’s just it’s not possible and I think
with I know that when I go and visit your channel Texas I’m not leaving
template comments for you it might start with a template because I usually do
have a copy and paste there but then I’ll change it accordingly so I know you
feel lost when it was some sort of or the last one I checked was some sort of
animation in video so yeah exactly so I do the
same as well and the the reality is we’ve got two different types of
supporters we’ve got the really really genuine ones that have been around for a
long time the coming to the streams stay for a while they visit our other videos
to leave comments there as well we know they notice the growth and they
basically we know that they’re watching the second kind the the people like
yourself that are also trying to grow your own channels so there’s ones like
say for example Kane I don’t think he really cares too much about his channel
cuz he’s already said in his videos that you know he’s lazy to upload and I don’t
think he’s taking it that seriously I’ve been subscribed to him for almost a
year and he hadn’t uploaded a video how can I go back to the map I’m not too
sure I’d say where are you at home seeking yeah and I just play around with
it work it out say okay you’ve got those guys that are their actual genuine
subscribers but then the bulk of our subscribers unfortunately this is what I
was saying you in the private chat that we had on Instagram that you ended up
building this huge base like way to have at the moment where there are other
channels that are trying to grow now I know that Texas takes it very very
seriously and he’s doing everything he can to grow his channel there will be
people that will give up that’s the the thing that we know it’s gonna happen
we’ve already seen it happen with certain channels where though they’ll
try but they I don’t think they are aware that the
just isn’t that good you know I’m not gonna name names but there’s plenty of
channels out there like that where yeah they keep producing stuff but no one
wants to watch it and I know that to a greater or lesser degree people don’t
mind our content just based on the from what I’ve seen you haven’t seen any of
this we will get the one of the reasons I know like Satan musical challenge one
you for example they enjoyed it if you don’t see the mostly someone then
they’ll watch all the others and then they might gone Oh what happened are you
getting them started so I came welcome back door we’re having a serious
discussion at the moment so I want you make them sleep so you have to if you
press on that so oh hello bracing beep I remember you
he’s a relatively new person to our channel thank you for joining
haoyi what are you up to this weekend and what time is are there always ask
those same three questions and we’re having a bit of a serious discussion at
the moment we’re talking about YouTube so the reality is Texas it is very
difficult for me these days number one to critique a channel as much as I’d
love to do it I just don’t have the time to do it anymore
we it’s just me unlike you Texas cuz he’s got people that actually help him
and I have to get stink pants kicking and screaming
I gotta beg her to do anything on YouTube whether it’s sitting here in a
stream like right now she’s doing something with the game so I can
concentrate on the chat but you’re not saying much there – I got a tickle you
haha that’s better we don’t even get a proper response from you
oh by the way bracing just after the streams finish just don’t forget to
leave a comment somewhere on a video so I can remember to go and visit your
channel cool anything I cannot cook anything
you gotta start the fire fast we don’t have meat we should have nice way little
Laurie I’m motivating at all nothing I didn’t copy and paste a comment on your
last video Texas I’m sure I didn’t with you I never do the last video I made
took me seven hours and I spent $34.99 for an editing app and when I saw you
copy and paste a comment on that I was just a offended stink pants brought in a
bag of chips for us I’m having a bit of a munch on that that’s the I’m almost
positive Texas the last video of yours that I saw was that animated one and I
don’t have a copy and paste template for animated videos so I’m not too sure why
you would have thought that but I never do not with the way it in fact you know
I don’t even say say geez I’m getting really honest now it’s Texas that’s fine
so this is there if I okay say how do I explain that not copy and pasting it’s
gonna have a like number four first start you know I do that I’ve been on
your your channel aids at times so it will start with that and it’ll usually
end with have a lovely day or wonderful day weekend or whatever now
yeah I’d do that on pretty much every comment but that’s the stuff that’s in
the middle that’s not cut copy and paste so correct me if I’m wrong but I believe
the last video that I commented on yours was that animation one and I would have
said something like great animation or whatever it was
there’s only a 40 second clip so let it play for the whole lot I usually do and
I remember that one I certainly did so yeah I’m not too sure why you’re saying
that Texas you’ll know the the template responses just based on how do I put it
like here whenever you leave the comments on the our videos that’s
definitely not a template response and it’s the same with Kane he knows that I
don’t template response him because he usually on a video sends four or five
messages on one video that’s what Kane does then then it’s same again on your
channel and say I said I’m not sure if you’ve got me confused with someone else
but yeah there I could name I’m not going to but I could name all of the
channels where they get a tailored response for me they always do and
you’re one of them I do it most of my videos suck and I understand a copy and
paste it was not the forty second one which one was it
you’re gonna have to let me know Texas because normally with his I am a little
bit worried of offended Texas a bit here cuz I swear to God I don’t copy and
paste on your channel and I swear to goodness if I’m shouldn’t say swear to
God so yeah I’m just not sure why you’d be
saying that because I know I don’t do it on your channel but people will know
when I do it cuz it’s the same basically if they keep sending the same it was the
one it’s least four minutes long you know what just bear with me young
look at yet channel if I’ve got a page I think it need to eat something
how can I do that say okay back just bear with me I’m hoping this thing pants
for the game orgies you’re always dead can see alright just bear with me taxes
what’s the name of the video just so I can check for myself and one month the
gauge yeah that’s the animation one isn’t it
Amanda young and Leatherface animated fan it’s like 4-minute
Oh have you deleted another video it’s where I can eat elite stuff all the time
just bear with me for a second yeah is it the the most recent one the
one that’s called I’m gonna find it again Amanda young and Leatherface
animated fan films that one right it was waiting for a spawn stare second
chain that was requested by a subscriber they made the RHS yeah that one alright
let me have a look now we got a like number there I can already see that
great thumbnail and variety and content keep experimenting well done have a
wonderful day well it’s not a template response so yeah maybe you wanted me to say more
about it I’m not sure but that’s not a template response Texas and it was a
great thumbnail and it is variety in content and I did say keep experimenting
say yeah I’m not not too sure why you’d say that
so you want to drink at the waterfall do you space the boil water I can just
drink it straight you tell me it’s running water do we made it this is say
a drink in his life yeah distracting to call Victor’s oh then yeah I am you
should then feel this yeah go on do it running water so yeah Texas look I’m
sorry you felt that way but no that’s not a template response it’s not a copy
and paste just think about it I would have to come
across a lot of animated channels where they do have a variety and I gotta tell
you now when I come across animated channels I don’t have variety in contact
it’s the same stuff over and over and over again like manga there’s one
example or that night course stuff which I really don’t understand but it’s
always the same stuff I say all I can say that the copy and paste part of that
would be the start say the like number and the end which is have a wonderful
day but I’d do that every time I visit anyone’s channel is gonna have the same
thing say yeah I don’t know if you I mean I can change it now I was just
saying it seemed not for me you haven’t I can tell you that now you can in fact
I’ll be really almost dead can you help Oh what are you doing
you need the sleep get out of here you’re almost dead mm-hmm I know you
gotta get back to camp oh you’re almost dead sleep I think you
died say Texas some I would not challenge you but I’d say hey Jay have a
look at any one of your videos and see if I’ve left the same comment you can
check them all you’ll find that I haven’t I know that for a fact
because Texas been really good to us the only channels that I do that to you
are the ones that keep doing the same thing on ours and even then initially I
would put in the effort for them to be like alright oh you know say something
about the content of the video give them some words of encouragement or
if there’s some kind of improvement then I’d suggest that but I’ve given up on
that now cuz they they don’t bother so why should I
but Texas doesn’t do that same yeah I know you do Texas because I’ve seen your
comments all over the place so I don’t know where you’ve seen that comment
before but it’s not from from me and again I’d say check any one of your
videos check them all you’ll see I don’t leave the same comment it might start or
in the same but you’d know we did the same thing and in fact I’m gonna call
Texas out now because I saw that he used the the same hour when we’re leaving
comments now they’re almost identical in the way that they had set up say he’s
now using the approach that I’ve used and I’m using a similar approach to what
he’s used as well say there’s one I can’t even remember the the channel but
there is one where I saw his comments like geez that looks a lot like the type
of one that we would leave and say when I leave it it looks almost the same now
he wasn’t doing it before but he’s doing it now so I don’t have a problem with
that but yeah I’d say check it Texas so I’m happy for you to call me out and say
yeah you’ve done it on this video in this video but I don’t think you’ll find
one in fact I’m willing to bet that you haven’t found one where I’ve left a
similar Ward template I should say where I’ve left the template comment so yep
I’d say check it because I know you haven’t and I know that I haven’t not on
your channel but I’ve done it on plenty of others they and let’s have a look
here I might as well have a look at spear with me for a second I was getting
back to our channel for a second here almost there so if I go to the the most
recent book do young enough to turn off the volume so if I go to that musical
challenges one and have a look at oh wow look at that see how these people get
all of these likes like that I know Texas is doing the same thing and
I’m starting to do the same thing as well
say they now well actually I can’t say Texas is doing it but I have a feeling
he’s doing it and I do it sometimes and when I can really be bothered but they
what these people are doing is they’re coming this is a great example say this
person’s left a comment and then they’ve made up fake accounts so that they can
like burying comments that goes fire in the list Texas I don’t know if he’s
doing fake accounts but he’s certainly getting instant likes from other people
and I’ve done it as well we’re just not very often because I can’t be bothered I
can’t be bothered switching accounts and creating accounts but I’m seeing it more
and more now like if you have a look at that that was done a couple of hours ago
it’s got six likes on her why it’s not a good comment saying about say yeah it’s
read that I’ve seen you leave them comments everywhere so that yeah well
they’re yeah I say he’s copying me I said he was no but then again I’ve done
it as well like to be honest Texas is balding and stuff now and I’m
doing that now because it does make things stand out a bit more but again
I’ve talked to you privately about this I’ve kind of chip away even
salt-and-vinegar think pence loves the salt and vinegar so yeah the thing maybe
I will talk to you privately again after this Texas I wasn’t planning to because
like I am so tired yeah I’ve been up for almost 24 hours that’s fine so more salt
and vinegar for me say if you’re up for it takes us all through the Instagram
thing for you again oh you don’t like something vinegar cane we don’t mind it
it’s too salty then what did you get it the last two weeks that they don’t have
anything that it’s not soapy the last two three four bags and tips that you’ve
got of all the salt and vinegar nothing method and ease but I still
think it’s too salty hmm it is very salty it’s like that about that what
kind of chips do you like cane but I’ll just let you guys know that we will be
stopping there the stream shortly you know got myself me yeah so you’ve said
that before Texas and I don’t have that I don’t have anyone other than me doing
all of the work you know stink pants is pretty busy why he likes hot cheetos we
don’t have that in this country I’d like to try them I’ve seen them YouTube
videos on people eating the hot cheetos do the hot cheeto challenge like I did
the Carolina Reaper challenge oh my goodness
ah look who finally shows up well I thought Luke didn’t like us anymore I
haven’t seen him for a long time mm-hmm how you doing Luke it is great to
see you we we have been missing you dearly I don’t know maybe
I’d loved our statement and left to help me out but Luke’s already helped me
heaps canes already helped me eggs and what Texas is talking about is an
altogether different kind of help or he’s been playing brawl stars
he got me classified as a spammer and he cut yeah well yeah so I’d be worried
about that to Texas to be honest like you have to trust I trust Luke I don’t
know him personally like as in I’ve never met him in real life but I’ve
spoken to him privately on this court a number of times he’s helped me out a
number of times but he’s also still in school and came still in school these
two guys are actually trust I’ve never spoken to came yet he’s got to work out
discord he said he couldn’t do it but people in that stream joined the
discordant so I don’t know why that doesn’t work or Instagram guys Texas has
taught me about Instagram now that I can at least talk on that I know how to do
it sort of sort off now and he’s been grinding at brawl stars where our fire
have you gotten in the game in brawl stars look I miss like I love like he’s
great you gonna say I like hey that’s what I’m gonna do drag drag you out of
the door to work um all right well see these are all of my trusted companions
here Texas like and kind so how do I explain this say look I’m not so I think
one of them might have left based on how many people are watching but we’ll see
our guys look if you’re still here came if you still the end Texas if
you’re still here this is the deal 6.4 k number 75 in the US for all well
geez lick must be really good at brawl stars by really good and he’s one of the
top players that’s amazing if you were me we don’t kick him off
he’s not being the best manager all right say guys we’re gonna do a serious
discussion here before that can you leave something for me where did
you get something to eat in this game so you just tap on that and then see tap on
that all right so Texas has been teaching me quite a
bit about how he’s been growing his channel and he mentioned that he’s got
like a manager that deals with comments and that’s the problem that I’m having
that there are just so many comments that I’m getting every day that I can’t
keep up now he’s gotten another person that he doesn’t know personally but has
been getting this person to be a manager to help him with some of the workload
now I would love to get lurkin came more actively involved in the channel but the
the one thing that’s or there’s a couple of things that stop me from asking for
either of your help number one is both Cain and Luke is still in school and
school comes first guys like you know I don’t want you to help me in a way
that’s detrimental to what you should be doing so you know you should be studying
and doing your sports and and everything else so this is why I haven’t really
asked them to do anything Luke I’ll ask occasionally like what I’m
gonna die again no not yet so yeah we need basically I do kind of
need help with YouTube and stink pants just does not have the time to do it and
nor does she have the inclination well look you’ve already helped out so much
that I don’t want to put you in a position where it’s going to be too much
of an imposition and Cain says I don’t get home when I come in special
education why would you be in special ed these are paints a very intelligent guy
car might mean something different in in the States to what it does here so the
thing what I was thinking and because you guys don’t really you’re not doing a
huge amount with your own channels if you do end up doing that one day when
you get older I’ll definitely be able to help you guys because I’m doing the hard
work now one of the things that Texas has been suggesting to me
oh yes ADHD I’m sorry to hear that but sometimes question whether I have it all
you it seems to be it’s a very common thing so one of the things that we were
looking at doing is to make you a manager to help with some of the
comments that we receive and we were talking about it before that I have a
lot of templates that I used to reply to people particularly on our Channel and
then you know if you’re going to support another channel I also have templates
for that as well but you have to be able to type specific things you know think
for yourself to do that as well I won’t do YouTube most likely if I do it would
be for frost a club in ball starts okay and that’s what I was going to ask in
the comments so yeah it’s you can mean you can do things like make people
managers on your YouTube account too to help with the workload and I know that
Texas has grown his channel by doing that because it means less work for him
when it comes to dealing with responses on videos and that kind of stuff I mean
if you guys have a look even though the last musical challenge one I’ve got
something like 600 comments on it or maybe it’s not that much
what’s it yeah like over 500 comments in less than a week it’s a lot to deal with
for one person know Texas doesn’t pay the person and I’ve actually considered
paying we’ve got a flatmate with us at the moment that’s looking for work and
I’ve offered to her that you know reduce the rent a little bit to get her to help
with that but she’s not doing it so yeah say we’re willing to you I’m actually
willing to pay people and once we get monetized and have the the longer-term
plans stuff in play then that’s more viable I need money for a car I’ll take
a daughter it might take you are you talking about a Hot Wheels car look cuz
the dollar a month I’d be happy to do that I’d pay you more than that that’s
uh it might take you all to get a car same I mean we can do things like um we
have to organize pay these are the things that I’ve asked stink pants to do
repeatedly that she just it’s like getting blood from a stone to try and
get stink pants to help but the PayPal account is still haven’t
set up I’ve got a patreon account we haven’t set it up properly all of the
things that will generate an income have not been set up properly sting pants
heal this thing you did again not yet Matt what do you want to do here I don’t
say escape escape escape ok after you streaming yeah but yeah well that would
be a good idea to lurk see actually look while you’re here can you help Kane a
tie and he’s got Instagram as well so I think I know Cain can you send me a
message on Instagram that way because then I can talk to you on Instagram Luke
already know with discord we’re fine with that Luke also Cain and Texas have
had problems trying to get our discord up and running I think they’ve both
tried and they they couldn’t do it if you do Cain have you downloaded the year
say Lex helping Cain now Texas says if you do make a manager make sure you put
him as a manager not as the owner yeah well I probably need your help with that
Texas as well but I want to make sure because basically the three guys that
are chatting in the stream now the three people that I would trust the most
online you know these are the people I’ve never met in person but I have
spoken to at least Texas and Luke privately I’m still waiting to to be
able to speak to Caine privately as well but it’s funny when he uploads videos
it’s almost like he’s talking to me so he you know to send my little comment
responses to him and so on say and Texas had trouble with this quarters
foul incited I came that trouble Lex the only one that knows how to use it
properly that Texas also showed me how to do Instagram save that helps say well
it will have a private chat like obviously not in the stream and just see
what you guys want to do and how we can move forward with all of this very happy
to have a chat now having said that the the stream has gone for a little over
two hours now so what I might to lurk are you available to speak to now on
this Gordon and can you send a message and then that way I’ll know who it is
but I think I already know you K knees on Instagram on t sure and I was also
gonna say have a chat to Texas but I’m not so sure if in five humming the
buzzer say you can you can do stopping the bathroom stink pants I’ll try and
get you to keep streaming when you’re in the bathroom but you won’t do it huh I’m
giving it’s taken in five minutes you sinking ships and that’s what he’s doing
not just draining the snake now and then possibly Texas if you’re still there
after I speak to work and or cane or might have a chat to you now ideally if
we can do I think came notes sorry I think Luke said to me that you can do a
group chat in discord okay that would be awesome if we can do that oh just first of all have a talk to you
okay because I’ve never actually spoken to you in person
so nothing serious but I have spoken the Texas very briefly on Instagram but
we’ve exchanged a lot of messages I’d prefer to actually talk just because
it’s easier to to have a conversation that way than through text and I’ve
definitely spoken to lurk a number of times yeah in Texas saying if you do get
a manager if you better if they’re older are very responsible the guy now has a
managed 1816 and he’s being pretty rude to people so this is the difference
Texas because I also thought the same thing about your manager with my
interactions with lurkin Kane even though they’re younger
they both to me seem very mature for their age they’re very respectful
they’re very polite from what I’ve seen as well looks really polite he’s been a
very well brought up kid he speaks very well and Cain even though I haven’t
spoken to him he writes very well and he calls calls us out if we do something
wrong like says says an order you were dialled tell us straight away stink
pants is the only one that does that huh same yeah looks 15 but he acts like a 25
year old and I’ve got to save Kane’s the same Cain’s 15 to that he’s very mature
for his age same you know they’re probably more mature than I am stink
pants hmm there’s what you’re saying same with
with these guys I would actually trust them Texas I think they’d need a little
bit of guidance I guess because what we do it does take a little bit of
intuitiveness if I can use that word a little bit of forethought but having
said that you can not train but once you show someone how to do it it’s not that
hard it’s it’s quite easy to do yeah well that’s the thing but I do want
to speak to them both privately first so I actually look can we do a group chat
on discord and can you help us with that because you’re you’re the expert when it
comes to discord and someone’s I’ve got a message on discord and see what’s that
I think that slope keeps changing his profile pic he started a call are you
there look so I’m not Shawn it looks like that’s connected so just
got to wait for like to say something but the problem using this chord while
we’ve got the music in the background is to be able to hear you the music gets
turned up as well so I’m not even sure if thats done but say first like put
them both what two managers they say yeah if you can answer that Texas but
look if you can tell me can you do a group conversation on discord yeah is
there you can can you help Kane and Texas be part of that because we’ve all
struggled Texas has tried to join me on discord he couldn’t do it Kane’s tried
to join on this chord he couldn’t do it I’ve tried to connect them and I
couldn’t do it but you saw how much trouble
trying to connect with you as well like for some reason we all find discord
really difficult because I’m a techno tart that’s why la diets they call it so
came hit me up on Instagram gab gab bit can you do dad can you do group chats on
Instagram because at least we all know how to use that but is that possible but
I think it’s possible it may be texted sorry why you can do it on Instagram
alright hang on I’m just gonna turn this music off for a moment so just bear with
me while we do the the silent stream so yes you can do a group chat on Instagram
well now he’s left already if you one of you guys can sort of help with that then
that would be a good start how to get us all all I Linda’s house and chill it’s
another new person we’ve recently met or I should say I have stink pants how are
you today what time is it there and what are you up to on the weekend sorry and
just say that you know we’re we’re having a sort of in-depth conversation
that mated with some supporters that we’ve known quite well everything that
the owner can do but just say I’ll be back mom came in say Texas if you can
sort of guide us or look if one of you two can guide us on how to do a group
chat on Instagram but when I mean group chat I mean conversation not just
texting because texting makes it kind of difficult it’s easier if we can talk and
Linda’s just lounging around it’s p.m. now you don’t have to answer this
Linda but I I’m always curious when the time is very different
just the country that you’re in I’m gonna hazard a guess that it’s probably
in America somewhere east coast or west coast I think both of them would make
great managers because I don’t yeah well that’s right and neither of them are
actually taking the the channel seriously at the moment I know that
they’re both said that they’re they’re not being super active at the moment
they’re still in school say you know they would be good I think
but again I’d like to be able to have an actual conversation and get everyone’s
approval first before I just go and assign them manager roles because it’s
they’re helping us out you know what I mean like it’s it’s something that
they’re doing for us as a place what we’re doing for them and if both already
helped us out a lot work in particular has a lot of things would not have been
possible without him and same again with cane I I assume you guys are connected
to us on Instagram if you’re not just do that
now but or send me a message on Instagram as well I think cane or it is
but I don’t think work is I know from fact Texas’s because I’ve already spoken
to him and say it’s a good way to get us all to have a conversation together but
I just need to just sort of clarify when I say have a are group chats been made
selects done that already so I guess we have to end the stream first before we
can do any of that and finally stink pants is actively
taking a role in how to play this game and it looks like yeah you’re kind of
into it now you know what you’re doing sting Vance more but not a lot at least
last time I was dead on this day sixth day you’ve survived six days already
mmm then how long I’m keep playing oh hey Blaine this someone made I showed
you the leaderboard some others been Pike McCabe like three years I have a
long it’s there was thousands of days we lost because you know if you add this
strain you might want to continue it in an a stream or something or if you use
you yourself you want to go to sleep and do something else how can you pause it
well because these guys are all online at the moment these are all of the
people that I’ve wanted to speak to say I might make another cup of coffee and
stay awake yeah you do don’t you so what we’ll do cuz the streams already
gone for two hours and 15 minutes um just give it a few more keep playing and
I’ll give it a few more minutes P don’t go on the chat can I do that
from the computer because we’re using the phone for the stream say by neither
Instagram is actually different between the computer and the the fine
there’s I was having a problem with oh okay what’s going on here my these are just people that have
started following me it looks like I have to use the fine to do it their
computers not going to let me do it now they’re actually but while I’m here we’s the homies I have followers site I’m just going
that request so I’m just having a look at the follower list
cainy you see a dot one sorry see a dot in 99 because I think that’s kind and
Texas already knows there but look I don’t know if you’re there yet because I
don’t know what your Instagram is let’s have a look
everyone is added you do hang on I mean just a lot of these chat
I got work on Instagram its Instagram group chat made Texas what to Instagram
that’s done we don’t go to the chat everyone is added you just need their
email addresses and you can add them from a computer or don’t don’t do any of
that in the stream we can do that privately but as long as you’ve added I
think songs you’ve added me on Instagram then that works isn’t it I think that’s
how it works that we’ll find out at the moment alright so what I might do is
just end the the stream now and then we’ll go to Instagram and sort of work
it out from there so I’m sorry to the the people that have just joined the
stream on realizes a few more viewers there but it has been going for two
hours and 15 minutes we were trying to keep it to about the to our market okay
so we appreciate everyone’s staying for as long as they didn’t thank you you got
nothing else to say there sting pants all of your loyal people they’re there all right so I’ll just try is for
joining stream alright so we hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and
basically we’ll end the stream now so sorry it wasn’t the greatest we don’t
know what we’re doing with either game but we might take up Texas’s idea for
the next one just to do something that sounds easy all right say thanks all we
will end the stream now if I can get the phone off stink pants and Eddie yeah
just as I’m about to end the stream more people join hopefully it’ll be the next
one I will see you on say thank thank you all for joining mm-hmm I don’t know
how I’m even gonna have these set is a stream later on because it’s got two
different games in it at least the the man versus wild one looks a bit better
than the other game right uh-huh play anything mm-hmm yes maybe I should
just least middle if I listed his man versus wild to begin with mm it’s not me
envious as wild notes play so I’m going to just finally addicted to this game it
took her a while to stop playing in there she doesn’t want to stop okay


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