It’s not every day you do a photo session in the Natural History Museum in London, .. ..(Whispering) but we are! Look at us! [Floor, ready?] It’s really exciting. And I think it is gonna be beautiful. Shall I do a selfie with the dinosaur? Because… It’s a bit cheesy but… It’s really great.


  1. Oh my, I've been there in september and I didn't want to leave this place! It's truly magnificent and when visiting Oxford there was a presentation by Richard Dawkins which reminded me of Nightwish 🙂 thanks for your music it helped me through many hard times!
    Ik ben zo blij dat ik Nederlands heb geleerd omdat ik zo de hele show van Beste Zangers kon zien, je was Magical 👍🏻😍

  2. Floor, that outfit and the background, makes you look like a queen in her castle 😳 Did the guys try to sneak any bones out with them? 🤓 LOL

  3. I'm HUGELY jealous, Floor! The fact you did a photo shoot at that museum!? Its like a metal band doing a photo shoot at the Smithsonian, the major museums in Washington, D.C., here in the States.

    So looking forward to the single tomorrow, and the album in April!

  4. Nothing wrong with a selfie with a dinosaur. If anything it's the right thing….. unless its alive then get out of there.

  5. Went there a few years ago on a visit from the North..Would love if you did a concert at The Royal Albert hall While in. London, it is said to have the best acoustics because of its dome..

  6. Billions of years of planetary domination, apex life form on the planet… and now reduced to selfie material for the descendants of the rodents it stepped over. I have to imagine that a billion years from now Human skeletons will be selfie material for the Insectoid race that dominated the planet after us.

  7. 0:19 hey, its too illegal and stunningly beautiful 🦖 I ever saw. On the left.

    Joking 😋
    Just – ♥️

  8. WOW !!! I'm speechless 😭, You guys are just in a class all by yourselves, and beyond the Sun and Stars ! What an incredible journey you bring us all on, every time you birth an album… it's an Adventure of a Lifetime !!! LOVE you, Floor ! Beautiful !

  9. Once in a lifetime experience. You look almost as happy as I do when watching your performances and WHAT a terrific looking dress! Another iconic look with perfect hair and makeup.

  10. Looks like Floor has a big red scratch on her chest? Hope she's okay? I had a similiar scratch on my chest from my cat, but much deeper..

  11. Well, that brought back some memories from when I was a dino nerd kid 🤓 Thanks for posting this, Floor! I hope you were enjoying yourselves!

  12. I'm curious about those 3 red marks on her upper right chest. Are they part of a tat or scars ?? It's hard to tell…

  13. Linda !!! Se fosse a Ludmila faria um passeio pela favela !!! Mas a Floor nos leva para um museu 😘🤗

  14. So cool to see that her meteoric success has not stopped her from being humble, and she still finds things like this exciting.

  15. Hello beautiful human! Have a good time with the Dinosaurs…… and with all your fabulous bandmates! Smile and say cheese😊

  16. Hey Floor, gefeliciteerd met het nieuw album met Nightwish en dan die fantastische song and video Noise (echt super en gaf gelijk mooi gespreksstof …denk bij velen). En natuurlijk die concerten in Nederland, geweldig. Heb mogen genieten en zie je graag met Nightwish terug.

  17. It's so funny, I've been there, at the same spot, a few days ago. would I've known that you guys would pass by little later.. damn 😀 // by the way: cool new music video #Noise !! #Nightwish for ever 👍

  18. This is awesome…and I love the irony of taking a selfie with the dinosaur given the subject matter of the "Noise" video. 🙂

  19. erm….what is your new single about again? xD :p hahaha jk, looking as beautiful as always and congrats on your new single, it is awesome and everyone should listen to it, you sure got it write with the lyrics in that song with todays society haha

  20. With the launch of the first song of the new album this video selfie is so appropiate. I love it how Noise is starting people discussing the way how we use and are used by social media.

  21. Is it wrong for me to wish that you sang everything ever written? When I hear songs and always think I wonder how Floor would sing this. Happy Valentines Day 🙂

  22. Je bent de beste zangeres die ik tot nu toe heb horen zingen. Geweldige range,diepgang en emotie in je stem. Ook je stage presence/uitstraling is geweldig. Ik ben ongeveer 35 jaar met muziek bezig (op m'n 20ste als toetsenist van een band) en dus niet onervaren op muzikaal gebied. Ik hoop nog lang te kunnen genieten van de band Nightwish (met z'n geniale composities) en jou als zangeres. Dank je wel Floor…

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