Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

– Today we’re gonna be
doing a night mode test on the Pixel 3a and the
new iPhone 11 Pro Max. As soon as I heard that the
new iPhone 11 has night mode, this is a test that I knew I wanted to do. So I’ve got this really cool rig. Look how cool! – You look like Gandalf
from “Lord of the Rings”. – Is that a “Lord of the Rings” joke? – Gandalf, from “Lord of the Rings”. – I’ve still never seen “Lord of the Rings”
– circa – or “Harry Potter”.
– 2019. – Okay, let’s go get some photos! (upbeat music) Super cool! (crickets chirping) All right, this is gonna be on auto. Night mode, engage. (upbeat music) Wow, wow. These both look really good. (upbeat music) Okay, I’m gonna, tell me
where I should go, Jen. – Okay, ready? I think I’m taking a photo. (upbeat music) – Whoa, I look cool. I forgot which phone was which. Okay, let’s move on. (upbeat music) Jenna, I gotta take a photo of me. Okay, the first photo
I’m gonna be taking is, I’m gonna set this to the max exposure so it’s gonna be eight seconds. One, two, three–
– There’s a person walking in the shot. – Oh, you’re ruining it. (upbeat music) Yeah, you can’t even see her. She’s gone. – Maybe it was a ghost.
– She’s like a thief in the night. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s go somewhere else. We’ve got a little water fountain here. Let’s see what this looks like.
– Oh, it’s wet! – This is really not
that great of a photo. (upbeat music) The Pixel definitely makes
everything a lot more colder, whereas the iPhone, I feel like, is a little more of like
the natural type of light. What they were mostly saying is they wanted it to feel like it wasn’t taking you out of the element and it was more natural colors, whereas the Pixel looks
a little more neonyish. Although, I do like neon. This is gonna be a really cool shot. There’s hardly any light over here. So I’m gonna turn the
exposure up all the way. (gasps) Wow. (upbeat music) This looks amazing. I’m super impressed. I mean, they both look
like really good photos. That’s the problem when
you’re doing a comparison. Like, if I just saw this one, I’d be like, “Wow, that’s incredible!” And then if I just saw this one by itself, “Wow, that’s incredible!” But then, when you get them both together, you’re like, “Wow, okay, let
me just pick this photo apart.” – [Tyler] Like, wait,
but look at both of them compared to what the, like… – Yeah.
– Completely dark. – It’s so dark. That’s cool. Okay, maybe over here,
there’s a lot of light here. Actually, wow, you look like a demon. (Jen laughs evilly) This looks cool, you look cool. – You said I looked like a demon. – All right, there’s a
lot of light here, though. – Okay, I’m not gonna move, ready? – Yeah, hold on, wait. Okay, well, whoa, just hold on, hold on. Ready? Do not move, starting now. (upbeat music) See, what’s cool with the iPhone, is it does show you the rest of the frame, so this is what you actually
will be taking a picture of, but if I wanted to zoom in or zoom out, it’ll show you that whole frame. Okay, you can move, sorry. – Well, what the heck, man? Is it my new profile picture or– – Definitely not. – Okay. – Not our best work. Okay, we need darker. Should we go down to the beach? I think that’s a good try. We should try that. A good try, it’s a good try. Okay, we’re gonna try to
get this shot really quick. Oh my God, this looks so
cool, I’m so hyped about it. Setting it to max, five seconds. Okay, let’s see. (upbeat music) Both of these look great. Like, the fact that we’re
getting this type of photos in this low light from a freaking phone… Let’s find more darkness. – [Jen] Look, we can see
what they’re watching on TV. They’re watching baseball. – Tyler’s using his phone light because it is so dark here that there’s no way you guys
could even see me at all. Okay, let’s get this shot. Okay, are you ready? (upbeat music) Wow, wow, holey moley! You guys, this is insane. Okay, show them how dark this is. This is so insane. We need to find darker. – [Justin] What? – Darker.
(Tyler laughs) I don’t even have a weapon right now. Did we miss the full moon? I think we did. All right, let’s see what this looks like. – [Jen] Oh, there’s an animal. I’m gonna go look at that animal. – Though, there’s crime
down there, careful. All right, ready? It says, “Move back to improve focus.” The Pixel is struggling right now on this. That’s crazy. 28 seconds? (upbeat music) The Pixel did not even
manage to focus at all. We’re gonna try this again, though. Okay, it focused, so that’s good. Oh, that looks pretty good, actually. All right, I’m gonna go back to the iPhone and I’m gonna do a little less exposure ’cause that was kind of aggressive. And we’ll do five seconds. Yeah, that’s a lot better. Wow, wow, I’m so impressed. Haters are gonna say it’s photoshopped! They both look pretty good. Yeah, but this is crazy. Right? – [Tyler] That’s just, wait, black? – [Justine] Yeah. – [Tyler] It’s insane. – It’s really crazy. I’m impressed. Actually, could be
cool, I’d like to get a, maybe a shot of myself. – [Tyler] What if you sat there? Like, sit up on that wall? – I like that. – [Jen] Okay, ready? (upbeat music) You don’t have to pose anymore. – Oh, okay. I’m into it. They’re both like two different looks. I would like to do a shot, Jen, right here, looking down, and then maybe flash a little light at me? (upbeat music) It’s so dark down here. – [Jen] All right. – [Tyler] I’ll just do it
for, like, two seconds. – [Justine] Okay, that
might be even too long, but we’ll see. Well, maybe not. – [Jen] Okay, ready? Go. (upbeat music) – I look like, I’ve got a dumb pose. I thought you wouldn’t be
able to see me as much, so I have messed up, ’cause you can see me quite a lot. This is cool, though. You’re, like, leaning, this is
such a cool shot, I love it. Oh, man, this is so
crazy, they look so good. This video was so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I would love to know from
you, in the comments below, which photos were your favorite and which phone do you think looks better? Maybe not look better, but which ones did you prefer more? Because I think they honestly look, they both did such a good job. And now I’m gonna go,
I think, to bed because it’s past my bedtime. It’s so dark out here. Jenna! Where has my Jenna gone? – [Jen] I found a beach kitty. – Oh. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!”

  1. Do this with the Mate 30 pro or P30 pro. Apple makes things look like daylight instead f night, Huawei does it more accurately than than Apple.

  2. El iPhone 11 da unos colores mas realistas, pero el Pixel tiene una mayor apertura así que entra mas luz al lente. Lo que ocasiona que la toma se vea mas saturada e iluminada. Pero los dos dispositivos hacen un excelente trabajo en estas tomas nocturnas. Las fotografías se ven geniales.

  3. That Gandalf staff mount is the only thing I want to buy 😆 So cool!

    Do you know iPhone 11 has the power to record with multiple cameras at the same time? I take this opportunity to introduce, an app I made 🤠

  4. Remember when Google introduced night sight and everyone laughed at the comparison they made to iPhone, some even said Google faked it. iPhone now catches up with their $399 phone.

  5. What Google has managed to do a year ago with one lense, Apple has now kinda managed to do with three lenses… And the Pixel photos looked better in my opinion

    Google wins here!

  6. Comparing a phone that is a year old and called as a mid-range to the maxed out "pro plus" model of the latest iPhone… 😂😂 Wait for the pixel 4 . And then compare. Will wait for that video..

  7. Should have taken non-night photo shots as well for a full comparison. You'd be amazed at how contrasting the differences are ^^

  8. This i's a battle between software processing of photos. Google has the upper hand when it comes to software. iPhone still needs to catch-up.

  9. I like pixel photos
    As its taking photos in such a way that we can say that its taken at night
    Were as iphone photos are having lot of light
    Hats off pixel with just one camera

  10. I tried my 11 Pro in completely dark bathroom with minimal light coming from the door frame and it took a clear picture even without a stand

  11. I gotta say man, I LOVED that pixel photo of her sitting at the beach. It might not have captured as much light than the iPhone, but that looks gooood

  12. Night sight is hyped. Huawei started this and still it's ahead of everyone. But I'm surprised that even iphone beat the pixel night sight.

  13. The test makes no sense at all … Night mode is basically increases the exposure time (shutter speed slows) and clicks the photo .. she is doing it on a tripod where .. both phones are stable .. so u get perfect 5 second exposure real life ..u won't be having a tripod with u to click photos…should have done with hands … It would have been a better test

  14. the pixel looks better. It still has the detail and retains the fact its night time. Night shots shouldnt be trying to make the picture look like day time. It should only bring out details

  15. Do you know how this shutter speed works? I can have my subjects moving all over the place and they are still in perfect focus at the end. What exactly is shutter changing??

  16. The pixel is more realistic in my opinion you can tell it’s dark still… the iPhone seems to over brighten some pictures

  17. can i have one of your iphone? it's been one of my biggest wish to have an iphone huhuhuhu. I can't afford the iphone because we are not that rich. Every time i touch the iphone of my classmate my skin hair is standing, i feel that when i touch an iphone it would be an honor because i dream to have it but sadly i couldn't afford it. My mom and dad told me that maybe on my birthday they could buy me an iphone, so my birthday is on last june 24 but i didn't get an iphone instead they gave me a tshirt, a tshirt that i would remembered. I saw disappointments in their eyes because they couldn't buy me an iphone that suppose to be their gift for my birthday. But i told them that it's ok we can buy an iphone maybe next 4years the most important is we are here and complete celebrating my birthday with love and joy. I HOPE YOU CAN GIVE ME ONE IPHONE. If you give me that one iphone it would be the most memorable valuable thing that i could have and it would be the best 2019 of my life. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS❣❣❣❣

  18. Great video with great photos! Thanks.
    I was wondering about the tripod you used. It seemed so handy. Which one are you using in the video?

  19. I like the pixel better because you can tell it's in the night but when you use the iphone it looks like it's really early in the morning. The pixel did better too for one lense in it while the iphone has 3 and the pixel is way cheaper.

  20. All the pictures look similar, except for the one they chose for the miniature of the vídeo, just because in that one the Iphone was better. That's what Iphone users do.

  21. Wooooooooo pretty cool how googles affordable phone is going against apples recent release! Props google!!!!! Cant wait to see this with the pixel 4, best part is that our tech is progressing!

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