New Samsung IP68 Advertising Court Case (JULY 2019)

New Samsung IP68 Advertising Court Case (JULY 2019)

Samsung has been accused of misleading customers about the water resistance of its Galaxy mobile phones with a consumer watchdog launching legal action in the federal court so if you watch an advert and you see a guy holding a mobile phone jumping into water you would assume that that phone is water-resistant well some sort of hit the news again this week and it looks like they're going back to court Samsung has been accused of misleading customers about the water resistance of its Galaxy mobile phones with a consumer watchdog launching legal action in the federal court it says ads show the phones being used around swimming pools and in the sea but the phone's small print says they were only tested in fresh water samsung says it's standing by the claims welcome back to the lady B Channel hope you are well my name is Lee and of course if you are new around here consider subscribing and hittin that Bell icon to never miss a future upload so we're going to talk about Samson it looks like they are back in the news once again for misleading customers on the ip68 rating of their Samsung Galaxy handsets so the ACCC are taking Samsung to court the ACCC is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission they are the ones that are taking Samson to Co because they claim their ip68 rating is misleading and they didn't give the choice of a customer to make an informed decision now on Samsung adverts and promotions a state their phones are ip68 certified and they can be kept in water for up to 1.5 metres depth for around 30 minutes or so but the truth is it doesn't cover for all water types which is why Australia is gonna be taking samson to court because in fact it doesn't actually work in the sea for example but when you're advertising a phone that says it is waterproof and it will cover you up to 1.5 meters depth at least 30 minutes you're going to assume that that also covers you for the sabre if you take your phone back under warranty because that's exactly what you don't you may find that it's not exactly covered which is very misleading and a bit of a dirty tactic for years we've seen on the Sam some promotions people diving into water and swimming and from that type of marketing you would assume that it is fully waterproof regardless if it's going in a swimming pool or an ocean it's still water but doesn't seem to be the case and that's why it wasn't really clearly stated that it wouldn't work in all types of water which is misleading which comes then to the conclusion that consumers are not having a fully informed choice on whether that device may be suitable because they could be buying it under the assumption that it may work under the ocean perhaps they want to use it when diving I don't know who knows my phone's water-resistant and I still don't want to drop it in a pool or take it in the shower with me but everyone buys phones for different reasons definitely interesting to say the least but of course they are up to their own dirty tactics once again what do you guys think let me know in the comment section down below of course at this stage we don't know anything about the court case or when it's gonna happen and stuff like that but this is just the early days it's been publicized that the ACCC will be taking Sam's in the courts so I'll be covering the updates on this channel and the progression of that court case and at the minute it looks like Samsung are sticking to their guns but what do you think is it a dirty tactic are they right in what they did and do you even take advantage of the ip68 certification that your phone is waterproof I'm a bit scared too to be honest but keen to know your thoughts anyway I'll keep you updated on this story so again if you earn your own – you consider subscribe and hit the bell icon and I'll also leave a link down below to my new youtube channel which is streaming related if you want to get up-to-date with all the latest streaming apps and news and stuff like that then head on over and subscribe to that channel hit the bear icon on there share the video around and I'll be back with another one soon I'll see you in the next round

10 thoughts on “New Samsung IP68 Advertising Court Case (JULY 2019)”

  1. Wow, great video.
    Samsung πŸ™„ did it again!
    Another One Bites The Dust! πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄
    I'd be worried, if I paid that much for one😞
    Thanks Lee, you always keep up on Technology. πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for sharing brother LEE. Didn't know that. I surely wouldn't take any of my devices in or near water. Keep the videos coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend brother

  3. I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S8+ in my pool with no problem but I sure don't want to go swimming with it common sense.

  4. Well Lee. I am glad someone is taken action about time too too many companies are misleading the public.

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