NEW AMSTERDAM Official Trailer (HD) NBC Medical Drama Series

NEW AMSTERDAM Official Trailer (HD) NBC Medical Drama Series

Everyone in the cardiac surgical department, you’re all fired. Oh, I am serious New Amsterdam hospital This hospital is a city unto itself we perform the world’s first c-section in the world’s first maternity ward I know the history the Dean makes me tell it to every new medical director and how many of those have you worked with five in five years Well everyone in the cardiac surgical department, please raise your hands great Great. Thank you. You’re all fired Any department who places billing above care you will be terminated so, how can I help You know, we all feel like the system is too big to change We’ll call you when we have a doctor available. Okay? Hon But we are the system and we need to change. Let’s be doctors again Going somewhere I have to tape segments with the morning show. I actually expect you to practice medicine because that’s your job. You’re funny We have a patient presenting all the signs of malaria TB or Ebola I need you to so a throat biopsy just take a second. Sure. ahh for what patient ahh me This girl has been abused three times in the foster care system If you can’t help Gemma as a doctor, then just help her as a human being am I allowed to do that? You are now Why did you perform half as many procedures as your colleagues because there’s other ways to help people then by cutting them open Run the cardiac surgical department. There is no cardiac surgical department then build one Helmet now! Forget it Im going in Dr Bloom wait! Gemma, what do you want to happen? Nobody’s ever asked me that before Working for being able to save someone else’s sister or someone’s daughter Its a dream come true They’re not gonna let you come in here and just help people. So let’s help as many as we can before they figure us out You need to slow down you have cancer But you knew that didn’t you How can I help? You

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  1. I’m just curious who this lady was in another commercial who said “this show is better than Grey’s Anatomy” 🙃

  2. The trailer kinda spilled off everything, but there seems to be a "good cause" and "humanity" in the script so pretty much watchable.

  3. Loving this, there is no sex, edgy extramarital affairs, just good storytelling, cheesy at times, almost always a good outcome from problems. Just something to watch and enjoy and forget about our fucked up lives. And the actors have committed to their parts so are believable. On episode 7 in a binge watch marathon, snacks and caffeine to hand.

  4. Tom Keene was searching for truth about the bones redington was hiding and that leads him to be a Dr now I bet he and Liz r working together in a secret mission

  5. I really like this show i've been watching online 13 episodes in and I've really come to care about the characters and the show. It is now showing on Amazon Prime UK. I hope there will be a second season.

  6. Just saw this on Amazon Prime and I must admit that it was the firing of the cardio dept clip got me interested. I found it very uplifting, good story, optimistic and so entertaining. Surprisingly good chemistry with all the cast and they did not need graphic adult content to keep us hooked. It does not take away from the human side of the stories even though they need to be dramatised. I would recommend it.

  7. Fires a whole unit because of his views and were supposed to think that's a good thing what about the people in need of care and oh you had a good career guess what now your family is homeless because muh political views

  8. Came here from the trailers that are being played on Amazon Prime just to tell you that this looks shit and the main character looks even shitter

  9. New Amsterdam is what doctor should be like, people are not money , but real to humanity love , and remember why you took the job.

  10. Another network show following a cookie cutter approach. So happy I cut the cord.

    I appreciate this works for some people but with what is being done elsewhere you would think networks would start making some less obvious choices.

  11. الطب عمل نبيل وعظيم وهم ينقضون الأرواح كل يوم وهذا الفلم يجعلك تفهم ان الطب مهنة عظيمة وذات إحترافية وأنا أهنئ الغرب على امتلاكها أقوى سلاح وهو الدعاية والافلام مما جعلهم سادة الكوكب وأنا أحلم أن يتجسد هذا في عالمنا العربي

  12. We started to watch this show with hopes it would be ok. But quickly realized it was just another agenda driven pile of shit from hollyweird. You had free health care. Faggots. Mixed relationships. More agenda driven bullshit. Not In My House !

  13. that moment when youre watching an episode of the blacklist and see a small ad with "tom keen" posing as a doctor… seems kinda morbid…

  14. salve cerco il titolo canzone iniziale del new Amsterdam  chi mi puo aiutare grazie sono cinzia di lecco

  15. oh God, tears in my eyes after watching this clip, soooooooooo emotional soo moving, it's like God give me this life not just for myself but for something bigger purpose for God.

  16. Anyone who actually works as a doctor or medical professional in a hospital is rolling their eyes while watching this guaranteed

  17. Seeing a few episodes, this show reminds me of PURE GENIUS, where you have Top Notch Doctors with cutting edge tech taking on all cases to save people and the Head of the hospital was sick and dying, likewise on New Amsterdam, Max Goodwin heads the hospital wanting to cure all and is sick with cancer and wants top Doctors that want to save people.

  18. This is good, I am a great reader of programmes to the point people hate watching shows with me, as I am always saying what is next, but you aren't expecting the next load of head ** s they throw at you in this show anyway.

  19. Next week on The Blacklist:

    Reddington: Liz, I have a case for you.

    Liz: Cool, whose the target?

    Reddington: It's Tom, he is alive.

    Liz: o.O

  20. I saw this trailer when it first came out, but never gave it a shot! I think its about that time! (but honestly, I feel as tho, their really trying to get a greys anatomy 2.0, when they should just make a GOOD show, no comparison, differently good)

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