N Gauge Model Railway Layouts Scratch building a fire escape Elvenhome EP 64

N Gauge Model Railway Layouts Scratch building a fire escape Elvenhome EP 64

Welcome to Elvenhome and to this edition
which is after a month off whilst I went off and had a very nice holiday up in
Orkney in the far north of Great Britain it’s a beautiful place I love going up
there. I came back refreshed and ready to get on with things in particular getting
on with the build of the hotel and also some information about – whilst I was away
I had a chance to think – about what I intend to be doing and the main area for
development between now and Christmas so let’s get on with the video and I’ll
speak to you again at the end. Well it’s time to return to the build of the hotel
the position I’ve got so far is that I’ve built the walls on three sides of
the hotel built the lift lobby with the revolving door the porch has yet to be
built and the light block paint has been applied to the clear plastic that
provides the glass essentially for the windows and I had already cut out and
stuck on the windows for the start of the rear wall which is in three sections
partly because cutting out all of those windows in one piece of cards I thought
it was almost certain that I would foul up on on the almost last window and
have to start all over again so it’s better to do it in same sections but
also the middle section has a fire escape attached to it and I also had
some idea which I now I think worked out that if I can I would like to be able to
be able to slide the middle section in and out to provide access and in the
event that I need to change lights or the kind rather than just trying to work
down from the top and I’m also getting close to finalizing the design for the
roof and how that will set on but more of that in it in another video when I
came to I was just about to start marking up this piece of card which is
obviously the central section when it occurred to me that I really did
need to finalize the design of the fire escape because that was plainly crucial
I had in mind what it would look like which would be two sets of windows the
doors coming down here and then stairs between each floor with a frame fire
escape on there but it wasn’t that I hadn’t drawn on my master drawing which
really just had the design of the back of the building I had sourced various
sorts of i-beam and h-beam in strip styrene and really did need to work out
how that was going to work and in doing that it caused me to change the design
of this part of the card if I move this out of the way you may just be able to
make out that when I originally drew this I drew in the two lines of windows
that are meant to be there this is the ground floor this has no windows or
anything there these are the fire escape doors and obviously these are the
ladders leading down from each landing and the frame would sit around there
once you start actually putting pieces of h-beam and i-beam onto the onto
this plan and seeing how the thing will look I realized that this set of windows
just wasn’t wouldn’t be right it would have
firstly they did have the frame round them there’s nothing unusual in that
except they wouldn’t be able to get out of these windows onto the fire escape
which which might be a bit galling if you were trapped in there burning alive
and couldn’t get out onto the fire escape
so no windows in there and then I started to think about how I was
actually going to make everything fit together I had a sort of loose idea in
my head and so what I’ve been doing is using building the beginning to build
the frame and I’m still at an early stage here which is why I’m doing this
quick bit of recording and then I’ll stop and finish building the fire escape
and come back but I can now show you perhaps in a bit better detail how
everything is going to fit together the first thing I’ve had to do was to build
the frame which I have done this is a combination of two sizes of
h-beam if I show you here you can see the H and that’s H beam as well and this
the first one that this was very fiddly the plastic did not want to stick
together that’s going to sit about there on the card and I built the
first of these making sure that each one of these lines up with the line so the
door opens out onto the top of the H beam I then strapped the two uprights
with masking tape on top of the uprights here so that I could position the
crossmembers exactly to match the one below because plainly we do not want
people there we go we do not want that to be off-center one to the other so
that now gives me my frame I’ve tried to source all over the kind of open mesh
flooring that you normally see on these but I just – at N gauge you just can’t get
that it’s too fine it really wouldn’t support itself I thought about using
fencing but that doesn’t really work because I’ve got to be able to cut a
hole out that will allow the ladders to go through so in the end I’ve decided on
having a solid floor and I’ve cut the first floor out if I show you this it
needs to have a tab on each side to fit into the h-beam so am I bring it here
that fits into there to give us our floor and you’ll see – it fits in rather well it’s rather snug – that I’ve started to mark this up this section here is the
door I will cut out about halfway there a hole because that’s where the ladders
going to go down and the ladder will actually land on the floor below about
about here but give enough room to be able to turn round
so the ladder will land down onto here and then around the edges there will be
this railing all of this is going to be repainted in black so the fact that I’ve
this is left over from when I did the railings for the lift lobby those will
be sitting on there and a piece at each end to encaptured – to include it the
ladders I’ve now cut my ladder this is the
length of my ladder or stairs that are going down and I also have and these are
all plastruct pieces I’ll put the numbers in up on the screen now that I
used for the plastruct actually I’ll put in the description below so I now need
to cut these to be the right length that will sit on there either side and then
each one of those can will essentially come down from the floor sitting looking
about like that if I get it right which should be fun so we’ll see how that goes
that one looks a bit like I’m not in the right place there we go there and we’ll
see how we go once all that’s put together so what I’m going to go and do
now is spend the rest of today building the the frame once I’ve got the frame
done then I will mark this card up because I can position everything how I
well are positioning the plan here and then I’ve got to do it all in Reverse
because as you know I mark up on the back and the last thing which I
mentioned before is that I think I’ve worked out how I can allow this to slide
in and out and actually it’s solves a problem of how you get these three
pieces to stick together well enough when when they go and it is essentially
nothing cleverer then using a piece of this h-beam so what I’m going to do is
the h-beam will sit there and then I’ll be able to pump on and they’ll be one on
the other side and then this will simply slide in place that will also give me a
quite nice decoration because this is going to be in dark green separating the
building through the through those sections
and because I’m doing that was one of the reasons I decided that this frame
will move in a bit more so the frame was sitting out there with one row of
windows down here and then the exit doors coming out from there so that’s
where we are let’s get off and get that done and the
next section I hope will show the completed fire escape. While I was away
on holiday I was able to just pause and think about what the next pieces of work
will be actually on the layout as opposed to scratch building the hotel
and I realize that actually my intention which was to try and complete this
section here before moving on to high elven would probably take quite a while
because what is intended to go in here is certainly a police station and I
can’t really see a police station that I would use from a kit so that’s probably
a scratch build I think I’ve said that we also need to have I think a post
office needs to go in and I was thinking of trying to fit in there somewhere as
school a kind of church school but all of those if they’re going to go into
this space are going to need to be scratch built now scratch builds can
take a long time and I don’t really want to be just doing scratch building and
not seeing the layout itself develop and I can’t really make it develop unless I
get on with something and that’s something turning around to here let me
just move my light is building High Elven operationally I really want to get on
with building High Elven because being able to run the trains properly up
into here and possibly do some shunting and things will make this a more
interesting layout to operate and I am going to try when I build this to
include and use the dapple easy shunt system so that I will actually be able
to shunt things whilst we’re up here that should be fun so I need to get on
with buildingHigh Elven and I also need to say
in my mind how I’m going to construct the baseboard on which is going to sit
not least because plainly I’ve got to have a means of getting in underneath in
the event that I need to get to a point motor that’s not working or a derailment
now of course nothing but nothing has derailed around these curves in all the
since it was laid not anything ever once but the moment I put a the upper section
on you can be sure they’ll be toppling off the tracks left right and centre I
need to work that out really I don’t really want to put one big board on here
I think that I just don’t just don’t like the idea of that but and laying
this on which is the reason I’ve done this is to help me see what needs to be
really hardwood we’ve because there’s going to be point motors screwing into
the bottom of it I think all the points and the point motors are free from the
track but the design may well change once I actually see what space I’ve got
I’m pretty certain I’ve got more than enough space and most of the point
motors will be in the void rather this I think the only one that’s near track is
this one I think what I have in mind is to get a triangular piece of wood that
will essentially sit under all of here and contain the track because I can use
the shaper sheet that I used to construct the cliff front at the
other end of the layout to can then construct the town and the and the
hillsides but also to think then about how I provide access somewhere around
here to be able to get in and get to anything at the back I think that’s
better than trying to have a single piece which go which would be lifted
whole on or off I did think about having a drop down front I might do that as
well I’ll see but I think it is time for High Elven to join
the layout and that will actually be quite good because that will then give
me both the round roundy roundy if you like and also an end to end with the
branch line running from Weathertop all the way up to High Elven and the goods yard
so that’s the next piece of work to be done and we’ll I hope by the time I see
you next time I will be able to let you know how I’m
going to do that section but if you’ve got any ideas of course you’re always
welcome to let me have them well here we are it’s actually a few days later this
took much less time to put together than I feared I thought it was going to be
really very very difficult but the work in building the frames accurately and
accurately measuring the floors and accurately cutting out the tabs so
everything just sort of slotted together made life much much easier once I’ve got
everything and started putting things together the plastruct stairs &
railings worked really well they fitted together and the plastic weld very
quickly put them together I was amazed how easy it was it really didn’t take me
very long to do but I’m really pleased with the result I’ve put a pound coin in
I always forget to try and put something in to give an idea of scale I’ve cut out
the rear wall now onto which this sits because now that I’ve got that I could
be sure that everything lined up as it needed to and if I put the wall in
that’s how it will sit on the back of the hotel and as you can see everything
lines up I’ve got I’m thinking about how I’m going to build the doors ideally I
would like the doors to be flush so I may use the card cutouts and then paint
them black and reinsert them see how that looks
because I think because they’re so narrow those doors trying to put a frame
around those might just look odd I do have some very thin strip styrene that I
can use to make the door frames but it may just look better
to go with a flush black door that that may just look right so ah but I’ve got
some some thinking to do on that so the next piece of work which I’ll come on to
in the next video or more of it in the next video is to get on with doing the
window frames I’ve got 66 window frames that need to
be built I’ve started building some if I bring the model in just very quickly
I’ve started building some so I’ve I’ve built so far I think four of the ones
that will go eventually here those sit on the front there and then in the big
windows that sit below I’ve so far built seven of the eight that go on yeah
around around those sits on over the front of those windows remembering that
these are going to be painted a dark green so I’ve got another two of this
style window to be done and another one of this and they’ll all that that will
complete those sides and the start here and then I’ve got various other types of
windows another 55 – 53 that will need to be built after that which will complete
the bedroom windows on the sides here the corridor windows and then a few
special sized windows prophecies and the kitchen this is a very tedious job I
have to tell you so I’m not looking forward to doing that though the fact that I had my
vernier caliper which I’ve shown before she’s here this has been invaluable for
working at these kinds of tolerances and actually was probably instrumental in me
being able to cut accurately the cuts for the fire escape but I’m really
pleased with the fire escape I think that is going to look pretty good I mean
whether this was stand up it probably will refuse to do so now I managed to do
it once before but that is pretty much move you up a little so that’s what it’s
going to look like on the back to come on I’m quite pleased with that this will
be painted black I’m going to go and do that and so for the next video that will
have been painted by then but I am pretty close now I think I’ve got to get
the windows done because they need to be painted up to being able to start
assembling the back and putting the lighting in and once we’ve done that I
think we then need to have to construct the roof and as I say I’ve got an idea
for that but I need to think about that a bit more before revealing all so that
pretty much completes the work on the hotel for this video and in the next
video I’ll show you where I’ve got to in making my windows and starting I hope to
construct the back and the design of the roof well that’s about it for this
edition of album home I hope you enjoyed the build of the fire escape I had great
fun making the fire escape I’m really pleased with the outcome and also for
those of you who I’ve been teasing with getting on with Elvenhome – with Elvenhome – with High Elven you can now see that is indeed the prospect so I’ll be
thinking a bit about that and hopefully as I said in the next video can talk a
bit more about how I’m actually gonna go about doing the building but as I said
and as I always say if you have any comments which you think you would like
to give and any views you would like to share please do I really enjoy getting
the comments they’ve been enormously helpful as I’ve developed the layout if
you’ve liked the video please give it the thumbs up that’s very helpful and of
course if you’re not a subscriber please do consider subscribing and hitting the
bell notifications so you know when I uploading so you can see the development
both of the hotel and the layout as a whole but until I speak to you again in
about a fortnight’s time that’s bye-bye from me bye-bye [Music]

21 thoughts on “N Gauge Model Railway Layouts Scratch building a fire escape Elvenhome EP 64”

  1. Excellent fire escape build. Looking forward to High Elven station becoming a reality. The Dapol easi-shunt couplings are a bit hit or miss – you really need to have them set millimetre perfect to work reliably. Euan

  2. Good to see your progress, Stephen. The fire escape is a great success, though fiendishly fiddly! As are all those window frames. Such patience. I also enjoyed your Summer Steam section in what I think was the previous video. The engines looked splendid.

  3. Really enjoyed your latest video, at the risk of throwing a spanner in the works regarding the fire escape doors these doors i think by law have to open outwards to aid escape from the building so would be framed with the frame on the outside ,also i think there is a minimum width for the door as well or am I nit picking ?

  4. Hi Steven, the hotel is definitely coming on and looking great. Love the fire escape.

    You mentioned future builds ie school, post office etc. May I suggest looking at scalescenes.com they have downloadable kits, there School available in four brick patterns could be the right size for your settings. It’s a small village types school, looking around 3-4 classes in size. Many shops are available, which could easily become a post office, or even a shop containing a post office counter. They are quite popular where I live, we don’t have dedicated post offices anymore, our last closed in Feb 19. Have a think, see what you recon…

  5. Hi Stephen, that fire escape looks awesome. Are you going to use surface mount motors on the new part? There are a few options available as I am sure you know. I can recommend the DCC concepts SS ones if you need recommendations. Great update, cheers for now, Chris

  6. Stephen the fire escape is superb and really adds something special. With the High Elven, what about access from the rear or underneath with a trap door.? Maybe position what has to be solid and then look at your options from there.

  7. Im enjoying your scratch building Stephen, such detail for such a small building and in N too.
    I'm happy you're moving onto building High Elven, sometimes its better to do something quite big to then go back to smaller projects.

  8. Hi Stephen, The fire escape is a very impressive build. It's a model within itself, well done. I was thinking a good way to remove the center wall section was to use the H-beans, then you mentioned it in the video. You know what they say, great minds think alike 👍 I am looking forward to seeing the completed version of the railway hotel. Stephen, you have become quite an accomplished scratch builder, I do understand the time commitment on scratch building a new structures like a Police station, but if you cannot find a commercial kit that fits the bill, scratch building the structure is your only other option. I'm very much looking forward to the start of construction on High Elvin. As for access to the tracks below High Elvin, that is a good question? A drop down door with a piano hinge on the bottom and furniture magnets on the top is one possibility or just a quick screw on access hatch is another option. Just thinking out loud, what if you create an center Earth type scene below High Elvin, basic scenery with some low LED lighting, then leave an opening in the fascia large enough for you to reach in and retrieve anything that might go astray? That would eliminate the need for a drop down door, but then you'd need a way to hind the point motors? Unless all turnouts in High Elvin were manually controlled using Caboose Industries ground throws, are they available in the UK? If the points need to be controlled by point motors, then a drop down door or screw on panel is the better solution. Some things to ponder? I'm looking forward to your next update video Stephen. Cheers, Rich S.

  9. Good to see you back Stephen and you’ve returned with a bang, that fire escape is a work of art. Are we going to see it when it’s in situ on the layout? The plans for High Elven look good too with plenty of shunting opportunities while other trains run on the mainlines. 66 windows?! My word, I’m working on a project at the minute with 38 windows, an unenviable task but you’ve trumped me! 😆 Paul

  10. Excellent as always. Really good looking fire escape. Will be great to see the branch line to High Elven completed.

  11. For access regarding High Elvin, may I suggest hinging it so that it opens upwards. Sort of like a car bonnet, if you get my meaning. Have you thought about adding a hospital, if it will fit?

  12. HI Stephen nice to see you back and I'm glad you had a great holiday. The hotel's coming on a treat. High Elvenhome: it makes sense to only have the track on a board but will it still give you enough easy access to the track underneath? I know you are very reluctant to do anything to the baseboard but it might make more sense to have access from below by cutting an access hole under High Elvenhome so you can get to the track not only for any conceivable future derailment but to clean the track as well. With removing sections above you will probably have to plan for any shrinkage or expansion of the materials to minimise any noticeable join. Also every time you remove you have the risk of damage to buildings and fixtures, as well as disconnecting any lighting you may have. Either options has consequences but any cost in modifying the base board is minimal to the cost and time to repairing or replacing any of your modelling at High Elven. Regards!

  13. Amazing skills and patience…rather you than me with those window frames! Just a thought with the fire escape; would Elvenhome District Council Building Regulations have stipulated galvanised steel? (😉) If so a matt silver colour could be used instead of black. Just a thought 🙂 Keep up the good work👍

  14. You have the patience of a saint, cannot wait for next edition, plus a build of a police station, not many kits for those on the market

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