My trip to the museum in Lahore رحلتي إلى متحف لاهور في الباكستان

My trip to the museum in Lahore رحلتي إلى متحف لاهور في الباكستان

Today I am in Lahore and yesterday as well and few days ago Today we are going out to see nice thing in Lahore To be honest I did not expect Pakistan as good as I imagined it to be honest it is nice and way better than I thought and their streets are very clean and from here we start whoever wants to come this hotel is very good Because there are kids coming from schools so they have prepared books for them or something because maybe there are many schools trip coming here Historical location carpet Look this is year 1080 The best thing is you are allowed to touch it Imagine how they used to do it This is how they played in religion They used to put it to scare people to scare enemies and scare their self to have stronger believes unfortunately started worshiping it after this is I will send you the video of salman khan so the story is that Krishna used to love a girl called sita then some people came and kidnapped sita Krishna started asking help from bajrangi then bajrangi brought sita bake to krishna and then krishna started loving a girl named radha but he did not get married to her just loved to dance with her so he used to enjoyed dancing with her who was a cowgirl radha and the dance name was rassa layla she has 4 hands 1 2 3 4 every hand has a meaning she used to love dancing dressed in white white means purity and she used to love riding the goose and the swan

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  1. ১৯৭১সালে পাকিস্তান যে বাংলাদেশের সাথে যুদ্ধে পরাজয় বরন করছে সেটা জাদুঘরে রাখেনি শালারা।

  2. Thanksgiving information about Pakistan & Pakistani culture.. nice and informative vlog. Appreciate your efforts. Thumbs up🤘👍
    Hopefully you continue your visit to Pakistan.. well done..

  3. Its said that your guide haven't shown you the actual Pakistan, The Northen Areas of Pakistan. Lahore has nothing except some sikhs history. The most disgusting city in the world. Next time when you come to Pakistan do visit north of Pakistan. The mini Switzerland of Pakistan

  4. You tell a very perfect story about dividing this part of world, they distributed us in different areas so they can divide our minds also..

  5. I really appreciate you and thanks to you sister for visiting over country Pakistan wish you like Pakistan ……
    ….أنا حقاً أقدر لك وشكراً أختك على زيارة البلد ، أتمنى لك مثل باكستان …….شكرا جزيلا

  6. معلومات قيمة جدا عن باكستان وعن الباكستانيين

    بارك الله فيك وكتب الله أجرك فيما بينت ووضحت

  7. اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته كيف حالك. مرحبا مليون مبروك يا قلبي يا روحي انتي. انا باكستاني انا هلخين سعودي عرب

  8. U showing bullshits things,,,show people h many wars Pakistan nd India did,,,h we help Kashmir,,,h many years we ruled on India,,, u showing only billshits

  9. U explained only Indian cultures,,,u nt discuss about baloch,,,pathan,,on karishna nd radda,,that fucking Indian religion

  10. i share your video to my tunisian friend because she can understand about pakistan after your explain good job sister keep it up

  11. Huge respect from pak
    If u want to go Kashmir let me know
    I work in Dammam
    Ur volg will be rech soon in millions
    May GOD bless u
    Keep u in Amman

  12. A.a sister…subhan ALLAH…Arabic is #1 language in whole universe..bcz it's the language of our RABB…subhan ALLAH…ALLAH u Akbar….

  13. اھلا و سھلا فی بلاد السند، Pakistan was never part of today india , british ad this part After 1857 , only indian punjab have similarity with pakistan.this was بلاد السند from دیبل( کراتشی) till kashmir including punjab

  14. عزيزتي تستمتع به ، وأخبر بلدك عن بلدي ، لأن الجميع هنا يفكرون جيدًا في الإنسان. وشكرا لك ، تعتني.

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