My Anger is Completely Justified | Spoken Word Poetry | Ahsante the Artist

My Anger is Completely Justified | Spoken Word Poetry | Ahsante the Artist

My anger is completely justified
I may not be in the mood to analyze or problematize or deconstruct it
I don’t owe you an explanation All I need you to understand right now is that I am hurting Physically and emotionally wounded, brutalized,
villainized Left to rot in the street for 4 hours This is about authority abusing their powers
This is about a system built on oppression This is about #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackWomenMatter And if you have a problem with that then you can stick… To your beliefs and I’ll stick with mine
Right now I don’t have the time, or energy to fight you
Right now it’s not about you Standing in your judgment and disdain
While I’m reeling with the pain of 6 shots in the back My people are under attack
Taking our suffering for journalistic abuse Our murder is being played on the 5 o’clock
and 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock news Our culture is commodified
Our torture is shock value But our capacity, resilience, and brilliance
are not valued Maybe later we’ll discuss
Debate, rant, fuss Talk ourselves in circles, if not ever moving
forward Reason with guilt and blame and the injustice
system But right now, I’ve just been shot
Choked Slammed to the ground
Beaten Lynched
Murdered And my pain
My grief My anger
Is completely justified Hey guys
I wrote this shortly after Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, and since then there
have been so many other tragedies, so many other black lives lost needlessly. Unarmed black people, men, women, boys, girls,
murdered. And it’s heartbreaking every single time,
and it’s an outrage every single time. No air of respectability can save you from
being racially profiled and targeted. It’s terrifying. And it takes a toll on you. Even if you’re not the one that time you could
easily be next. Thank you so much for watching. Even when it’s tough, remember to live spiritedly
and think creatively, and I will see you next time.

100 thoughts on “My Anger is Completely Justified | Spoken Word Poetry | Ahsante the Artist”

  1. My heart breaks fresh every time in the same crack it always has for my people, hurting a little more than the last because there has been no change, and it cuts deeper because healing never came, it chills me to the bone because it keeps happening… #altonsterling
    This was very well said but more than anything, I think I'm truly hurt that its just another name to add to the list of issued that need to be "well said" and articulated at all. Great video! #represent

  2. Thank you for your courage and for sharing your anger. I hear you, and I will keep trying to be better and help make the world better.

  3. You have such an amazing way with words and have managed to sum up how we are all feeling so eloquently.

  4. i'm angry too. at the police and those that defend them at the expense of innocent lives. sick people.

  5. this is so powerful and well delivered. could you please put the poem in the description post? I'm not too good at following poems when delivered vocally, I'd love to be able to read along with it so I can understand every single word.

  6. Not even a full day later you uploaded this video and we already have a new hashtag…. I will send this video now. No longer need to waste my time. Thank you for sharing your words and we stand with you sis

  7. And, of course, here's YouTube, looking at your video, thinking, "What dark, dank video of an Angry, Black woman would be complete without us putting a banner across the bottom that is completely out of touch with the message she is trying to convey?"

  8. i seriously got goosebumps bc of this! incredible poem – you really manage to get all those feelings through

  9. yes yes yes. I hate when people try to discredit people's arguments bc they're angry LIKE OF COURSE THEY'RE ANGRY PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED YOU IDIOT

  10. Spellbinding, really. I stand in solidarity with you, with you important words. Thank you for your eloquence.

  11. I love this and I love you. Continue to speak words of truth because I promise, people like me are listening.

  12. I don't agree most of what BLM says, and I especially don't agree w/ the message of this video that it's ok to just postpone rational discourse… but nobody can deny that Ahsante is tremendously talented.

  13. As a white person, I can't claim to understand what you or your fellow citizens go through. I can do my best to empathize, but I lack the frame of reference or the experience to do even that effectively.

    But I can, and will, listen. And as I listen, I will do my best to help in whatever way I can. If I stumble and make a mistake in doing that, I ask that you forgive my ignorance and educate me.

    This is a powerful video. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Wouldn't it be better if everyone just was segregated and lived in their own nations? Even the White people who try making out they care, don't really – They are just fulfilling the status quo of modern liberalism just like when they gave Malala Yousafzai the nobel peace prize just to accentuate their own egotism but do they actually care that their government's military operation systematically perform carpet bombings over the North West Frontier where civilians either perish leaving young children behind or left with no legs and abound in a wheel chair for life? No, not really.

    Their 'concern' strikes me as extremely superficial even if they themselves don't realize it.

  15. Holy crap… o.o That… Um. That's an amazing poem, Ashante. I'm a big fan of Ani DiFranco, and you've got rhythm like she does. It's very moving. As to the tragedy… I don't know what I can say. It is one.

  16. it's crazy, a cop kills a 🐶 while on a call & it gets more of a reaction if they were 2 kill a black person. da fuq? 🤔

  17. I wish there was a love button instead of just a thumbs up! Great job <3 Keep making great content and fighting the good fight! The world will never change if people don't speak up like this.

  18. I believe all lives matter. I believe racist individuals consider anyone who’s not their skin color as colored. I believe African American individuals aren’t the only colored people. What about Hispanics, oriental ethnic groups, Pakistanis, Indians, natives,…etc. I know African Americans weren’t the only ones who went through slavery in the United States. What about other colored people??? Anyone can consider anyone as “colored”. When I hear black lives matter it makes me sad. Sad to see that some people complain about racism but then they themselves feel so much rage and hurt that they too become racist and they don’t even notice. Why not all lives matter??? It hurts to remember that natives are legit blurred from the picture. It’s sad to see how society focuses ON ONE ethnic group but forgets about other ethnic groups living in the United States who have also experienced police brutality. In my last experience a African American girl had told me to go back to Mexico,…tbh I laughed at her comment but I wasn’t mad. I responded to her saying that the United States was Mexico before and that in reality European people weren’t originally born here or are from here. I laughed because it’s funny to see how someone from another continent came to conquer lands that WERE ALREADY INHIBITED, slaughtered the people living here and turned them into slaves and as if that wasn’t enough those individuals brought even more slaves from different contents. People who had lives, their own cultures, lifestyles, were taken by force by people who had ambition for “their people to grow instead” and in the process THEY did not have mercy of other people because of their pigment, considered them uneducated, and considered them as savages. It hurts to know that my ancestors were slaughtered and now are kept in refuges far away from society. It hurts to see how these Europeans( colonist) came and ESTABLISHED A GOVERNMENT in another land that wasn’t there’s and now they call “Hispanics” and everyone else who isn’t “white” immigrants. Who’s the really immigrant here though??? These individuals traveled from Europe through the Atlantic Ocean to come and conquer lands using the excuse that “GOD HAD GIVEN THEM THE POWER TO CONQUER LANDS.” But how???…. by slaughtering the natives, basically kidnapping people from their countries just to have them shipped to the new AMERICA,…..and for what???? For them to do the work. But they call us wetbacks????? I’m not racist at all. What I basically tried to explain is that many ethnic groups suffered under the hands of racist white individuals and not just one specific ethnic group. This is why I believe all colored races(ethnic groups) should unite, because WE suffered many injustices they think they can now just forget about and bribe us with the idea of lady freedom. They say America is a country where freedom is for everyone 😂 but I don’t see it. Freedom for who???? These Europeans really came from far away,….literally another continent and conquered lands, slaughtered many and then think they can establish a government and create a country off someone else’s land😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Then they have the AUDACITY to call colored people “wetbacks”. Okay👀😂. People really want to sweep history under the mat but is it really history if justice was never served?? Talking about justice,…America considers itself fair and brings justice to all👀😂😂. The irony!

  19. You ain't ain't experience no real racism 😤😤😤 I'm tired of the name black, that's probably why you angry, when you saying something over and over makes you go crazy, I hate that name black, I hate the name white sheesh!!! Annoying names

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