Modern Film: Museum für Moderne Kunst

Modern Film: Museum für Moderne Kunst

welcome everyone to another video in
this video I’m going to talk about trip I took to the Museum of Art in Frankfurt
it’s also called Museum film noir Denikin’s the artwork is seriously
experimental that you really connect with your own thoughts the works force
used to encounter the world in ways you wouldn’t have done otherwise or at least
they get you to acknowledge those thoughts some of the works that stayed
with me where the films that were on display so I’m going to talk to you
about them as well as an interactive art work and I’m also going to talk to you
about an artist I discovered who I think is mesmeric you’ll find out what I mean
by that shortly one of the short films I had to take note of is called sex to her
4b this was a film from around 2015 and lasted about 40 minutes maybe a bit more
you can find a teaser to this video online the tease is great but I
recommend seeing the actual thing sit through it I’m sore bit it’s so well
made that it will inspire you to meet your own films it really draws you into
this all the world when I watched it I had to sit through the whole thing
40 minutes seems long in a gallery with so many other artworks beckon in well
this one really gripped me I won’t say too much about the content of this film
in this video because it’s not for me to spoil the experience for anyone else I
believe it will be shown in other galleries I did some research online and
I found that it’s also been shown in Tate Modern in London so no doubt was
going to be loads of opportunity to see it the next film I’m going to talk about
is safe-conduct by Edie Atkins you can also find the T’s to this
online if you’ve seen the teaser you’ll see this is more of an installation
piece than a short film as one might think of one it’s content is very
repetitive it seems very mechanical and calm yet
also horrific it’s really unnerving to watch actually it made me think how
everything in our life can be reduced to a mechanically reproduced commodity and
in this artwork things that definitely should not be mechanically reproduced
were it makes you think of a horrific dystopian future have a morbid sense of
curiosity with this work again I recommend you immerse yourself
for this outlet to get the full impact of it watching a teaser online is not
going to have the same effect I mean it’s one thing to read about it online
I’ll see a video of it online it’s another thing to be in that gallery
immersed in the installation the next outlook I’m going to talk about is an
interactive piece I find quite cute it’s called towards a diagnostic gears
by William Forsythe and came about in 2013 it’s comical in a way but also
presents a good message about intercom and mindfulness it’s basically a feather
duster lying on a stone slab it’s a very pretty feather duster shattered on the
slab it says olds the object absolutely still if you attempt this you become
aware of all the little movements of your own body your balance the
atmosphere that’s moving with feather you realize you cannot hold the object
absolutely still as you would assume any way but this force is used to also think
about why this is when I was looking around the gallery I found it was a nice
comparison piece to Ned Atkins mechanical nightmare finally in this
video I’d like to say a brief word about the artist
Charlie Shamima she had a number of artworks on display in the gallery in
Frankfort when I was there she’s a visual artist whose works explode body
sexuality and gender when I was in Frankfurt in that gallery and was
confronted by her works I just had to stir her work is both provocative and
mesmeric look her up online but I think honestly
to get the full experience you have to be there in the gallery immersed in the
experience I can’t really do her work justice in an online video like this
hopefully I’ll be talking more about her work in later videos well thank you for
watching this has just been a bit about my trip to the Museum of Modern Art in
Germany if you have any comments or questions and please feel free to leave
them in the comments down below

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  1. Hi all! This video is about my trip to Frankfurt's Museum of Modern Art! It features a selection of artworks that were on display. If you have any questions or topic requests then by all means leave them here! 😀

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