Mobility VS  ANF therapy

Mobility VS ANF therapy

I’ve got Chris here without five
workflow and today is mobility Monday and I’m Steve you don’t have any tools
or toys out but we’re talking about these awkward looking patches on I need
to get a close-up photo hi yeah yeah they don’t know – it blends in with the
skin tone so is glow-in-the-dark boo do stuff so my buddy dog Perry has brought
me out their city and Louisa and they’re talking about the amino newell frequency
you know how to save the company but technology so I didn’t get take
certification for play but I got to go into the valleys and shoulder issues so
obviously me being natural skeptic is like right what what is this stuff right
so I go in there and they just assess me real quick and what they saw the dish
shoulders kind of sagging down so I wasn’t really using my upper trap as
much I was concentrating on and I’ve been do a lot of and work and we have to
work on external rotation trying to rotate back and drive my arm down but
what hand balancing and do an animal closeup I’ll stay on pain in my shoulder
so sit down do an evaluation on me and they can do any actual muscles like
releases which was important I think we didn’t stretch or a RT or anything like
that they just assess put the patches on and then reassess and I think I can’t
see it but they said they could see my track starting to kind of come back to
us it was very black again I have a merit appear to not but I did feel some
heat down the side and then I mean your posture was very very good right now and
Fox nothing was a little better than and I just lifted – but because he parted
but if anything was so then I was sitting there ago tried to move I was
doing it or reaching on the switch to crab reach which kind of look so much it
can I be and then almost page but I came here wrote in me post on this arm
natural again the boasting so how do you do that now but stuff a little bit less
able to be pretty different but in there without warming up or anything my soft
Airy like trying anything was like alright quite warm up but it’s kind of
get the rules laughing I’m here miles will try it and
huge difference huge difference complete crazy stability in my shoulder I just
felt like I can hold that position much longer and just like stuff so I felt a
crazy amount of difference with my control in that position without warming
up without doing any construction or releases or anything else was pop right
into a table hold that position so as far as my testimonial for it it worked
wonders for me while there and Prince Bandar’s two days to renounce ahead
Saturdays stays Monday so heads on Saturday afternoon and definitely feel a
little bit a lot better as far as my shoulder has done against it yet so I
should get one earlier today and it’s still a lot more control so for me at
work I got to sit there and watch a couple of eight studies come in and some
of the people immediate change some people actually were texting them later
on and talking about how much change you had these notice you’re moving without
saying so again no full spectrum of how these things work but it’s bigger than
those fifty both sexes but you perceive effect like one day or whatever so that
I was expected maybe in my mind meld but oh it self had control but because had
that statement set three days later that’s a little bit different I feel
like because I’ve even seen people with different modalities and oh well and
crazy this crazy card trick and they feel great prevent an hour later next
day two days three days later they feel like crap versus I felt I feel better
today than I did as far as my shoulders concern without any kind of treatment or
anything else so that’s my testimonial again everyone has their own results
with everything I think one of the biggest issues in fitness and got people
right away our quick sit back something that the doors dance so like all excuses
well do that just because they don’t not want to take the time out to learn what
may be going on how that thing may actually help someone if they’re
beautiful so for the close-minded people know we can be closed-minded that’s also
know if you have an open mind if they try it if you don’t like
it’s nothing new and that’s cool too like you know just admit that it wasn’t
for you but you need to learn something about it before saying something doesn’t
work or not the right thing or whatever so for me work well I’ll try one now
we’re very like alright nomatter be forgetting that load up today as I
didn’t work out earlier but we’ll see and get some other states control that
it has before email ahold of the dishes so we want to show them that in our
right side so this feels way better they did before having a patent on how do
they want to take them off now but you still have it way more force on this
side a happy fourth so for me work well try them out let me
know how it goes find out more information we’ll put the
link on here to not check out doc terry and there’s nothing i can’t remember
pause ice and i remember the guys name was clear I think was John Joe doesn’t
matter equal matters my husband right now but check out check out the
informations awesome stuff again the only be don’t like it cool but um try it
out we’ll see you guys tomorrow for our so excuse it

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