Metal Detecting England Finds Ancient Roman Artifact and Historic Relics

Metal Detecting England Finds Ancient Roman Artifact and Historic Relics

it's November so prostate Awareness Month I want to be aware that you might have a prostate and if you do or if you think you might you should probably go get it checked out welcome back guys I'm sorry it's been a minute life got crazy I lived in a camper for four months this summer that was awesome wish I was still doing it but some life things happened and we got another house that's why I thought echoing here we're still kind of moving in but I just wanted to say thank you guys so much we made it to 50,000 subscribers on YouTube that just blew my mind I will be giving away the gold coin as soon as I can find it today's video though today I'm just catching up honestly on doing some edits this is like day two and England of April this year April 2018 guess what day two luggage came I got my machine I got my camera gear I am ready to roll what a difference 24 hours makes yesterday this was just covered in snow it was a blizzard like conditions out here and it was miserable this is like a whole new world now Rick just found a really cool fibula brooch a little bit ago so we're hoping that some more Roman stuff pops up we'll see King George I think another coin here slick another thing about when you go digging in England is that you have to leave your stuff there for someone to sift through and then you get it back like a year later I didn't think to myself hey Brandon you know maybe you should probably take better photos and video of this stuff while you have have it your hand instead of waiting until you get home and then realizing oh my gosh I have zero footage of these coins I didn't take any pictures of these coins why didn't I do that oh yeah I was busy trying to find stuff probably 1800s yeah nineteen eighteen be cool find right here that sucker was deep cool probably see though by the GoPro footage even if I were to take pictures of these coins there's nothing left of them they're essentially just a green disc that used to be the coin but after a couple hundred years in the ground there's really not much detail left to see here in the States we find large cents like that we're on cloud nine because this is some old colonial stuff here but over there they actually usually just end up in the shrub at the end of the day not a case for me I still I still find value in so probably my coolest find of that day was delivery button French for delivery but nice button Wow the button actually was used to identify who your servants were and when you brought horses to a dull and Noble normal meant no man's house when you rode up to an important rich Dukes house on your horse you handed your horse off to the man servants you check out this button and say wait a second that's not his symbol or maybe it is you can identify if the person you're actually giving your stuff to works for the person or not before that though it was used in battle the Knights used to actually wear it on their helmets and on their shields as a symbol like when you got to the war and started swinging your axe at someone you could see the oh oh oh wait no no reference yeah okay okay woman to pop I hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much again for watching if you would like to join me in England in 2019 we have a trip lined up from April 1st to April 12th we've got some really amazing sights lined up all you have to do is head over to metal detecting holidays com sign up or you can even just message me directly and we'll work out got two spots available so

45 thoughts on “Metal Detecting England Finds Ancient Roman Artifact and Historic Relics”

  1. Have you got any metal detecting days commen up in the future budy, if so what's the coatings for a days dig with you mate. I live in the Cheshire area. Regards Ian.

  2. Loving the old new house budy, bet you make all your mates in America envious ha ha haven all them permissions. Are you living in the Cheshire area.

  3. Congratulations on your new place and your 50000 + subscribers. This could be a good year for you looks like it already is ……

  4. Took it out for a test spin and I do believe I will make memories with this machine.>>> It handles smooth and is easy to understand/ follow for those just starting out, like me. I highly recommend for all ages.

  5. Did you guys ever find the ghost town that burnt down ? If so how videos of it did you make ? As I would love to watch them all in order if I could just know which one they are . Thank you for some awesome videos ! Keep'em c oming please ! Thank you !

  6. Hey Brandon great to see you again glad everything is going so well..great to be on 50k subs brilliant gets in the way sometimes but glad to see you posting videos again..awesome ..Take care stay safe and well…Norm👍👍👍

  7. Sweet video, good to see your back on track, congrats on the new house.
    Would love to hook up in the UK.
    We're heading out to the states next year roughly Oct time,if your around that would also be cool..👊

  8. Always love your videos man. Glad to see everything is working out for you. So hopefully we'll see more vids. Cheers!!!!

  9. Hello, living in Bakersfield the oldest thing I've found was a Merc. What are the details for the coin hunt in England. Just the thought of finding something hundreds of years old is exciting. Thank you.

  10. Nice Video 👍👍weiter so Kollege echt Klasse macht Laune zuzuschauen 👍👌Abo und like 🙋‍♂️
    Gruß Quatermain Detecting

  11. DRTONES, so stokeded to see your vids, nothing gets me pumped to put my coil to the soil like watching your vids… we need more…

  12. Great finds and video as always Brandon! So glad to see a video from you. BTW, I moved to Germany this last March and you can't believe the stuff I'm finding over here! Check out my vids if you get a chance. Best wishes and happy hunting, Dave.

  13. Brandon congratulations on the 50,000 Subs you deserve more and congrats on the new place but living in that camper trailer is one of my dreams and go exploring hope you get all your fines back I've been having a blast with my detector here in Utah thanks buddy keep up the good work

  14. Oh nooooo! Hope you get yours finds back and the button too!! I look forward too the next video and please please give me the equinox 800 please!!!!😭😫😫😫😫~Norma~

  15. Glad to see you back again! Well done on the finds over here in England. I still love getting our pre-decimals out as it gives good dating evidence ( hydrogen peroxide, they're still green discs but more detail visible). Well done on the new home & 50k too! 👌

  16. Brandon! Sweet ‘stache. The video was pretty good too. Congrats on the 50k. Good to see you posting again. Did you settle back down in the Boise area? I have a permission in eastern Oregon for a once booming, now ghost town all on private property. Hit me up and we will go find stuff.

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