Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Little Red Riding Hood. Let’s start the story
a different way. It was dark inside the wolf. Human beings are creative
storytelling beings. They make art because
that’s what human beings do. As a writer, your goal is to
keep your reader believing in your story even though
both of you know it’s fiction. When I wrote The
Handmaid’s Tale, nothing went into it that
had not happened in real life somewhere at sometime. The reason I made that rule
is that I didn’t want anybody saying you certainly
have an evil imagination, you made up all
these bad things. I didn’t make them up. If you really do want
to write and you’re struggling to get started,
you’re afraid of something. Remember, it’s only
you and the page. The waste paper
basket is your friend. It was invented for you by God. People are always coming up
with new theories of the novel, but the main rule is
hold my attention. Any form of human
creativity is a process of doing it and
getting better at it. You become a writer by writing. There is no other way. So do it, do it more. Do it better. Fail. Fail better. Somewhere out there, there are
the readers for your book. I’m Margaret Atwood, and
this is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING]

99 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing | Official Trailer | MasterClass”

  1. "Somewhere out there, there are the readers for your book."

    Those words stuck with me, no matter how many times I feel I've failed, I know the end product will end up being something good, as long as I don't give up.

  2. Despite her goyish name she is a Jew. One who wrote some absurd screed about imagined dangers of Christianity. Now, imagine the reverse happening and the media promoting her work.

  3. I never wanted to write a book, and still don't, but wish I had the funds to take this "MasterClass"… (0:37) I wish it was all just made up.

  4. I would love to join!! All of my friends tells me i should public my stories !! So i found this i was thinking… This is good idea !

  5. "It was dark inside the wolf."
    Am I the only person who hates narratives that jump back and forth in time? Is it so much to ask for a story to begin at the beginning and end at the end?

  6. I spent the first month of the year doing this course (a lesson a day) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Margaret and the course are brilliant!

  7. I'll remember her words forever. She inspired me to start writting and so I'm doing ^^ Wish i could meet her ~~

  8. This was an advert on a video I was gonna watch and when she said it was dark inside the wolf my heart literally dropped and I was like woah how she do that

  9. Maybe she can teach us how to completely undo a promising and otherwise solid work through an incessant need to be recognized for one's own "genius." You know, like how she ended A Handmaid's Tale! Perhaps she will explain her need to unravel that story with a futuristic setting devolving the novel to essentially found-footage. I particularly enjoyed the professor who conveniently let we mere mortal readers know that there is a double entendre in "tale," referencing also "getting some tail." Just brilliant! I hope she will teach that masterful art!

  10. that opening gave me fucking CHILLS. This video played as an ad before another video i was watching, i literally left that video to come watch this full video. WOW.

  11. Seems like a race between these four five writers sharing the trailers of their master class. Hard to choose which one to take. Well this one from Margaret Atwood seems more intriguing.

  12. I’m imagining there could be a ‘game’ or quest to find the real world examples of the things that happen in, ‘The Handmaidens Tale’.

    I can think of a lot of examples, but not the impregnating ritual.

  13. I really need this Masterclass and her in my life. She's so inspiring, wow. <3 This may sound odd, but I had tears in my eyes seeing the ad pop up earlier and I had to search for the vid again. I've been struggling a lot with writing, getting started or even getting it done.

  14. "it was dark inside the wolf" that gave me chills… you know its good when you get hooked on the 1st sentence..

  15. I absolutely loved that trailer. She seems to be a very interesting person, although I haven´t read a single book of hers yet.

  16. To he honest, I really love old ladies like that because their voice is so calming and soothing, the way they look is so elegant and fool of charm..

    And she’s one of those teachers wherein she gives you great lectures and lessons, but I think she’s one of those classes that is hard to pass..

  17. I want her to be my teacher in everything. I would like to start the writing class but i dont have money. Maybe as my bday present.

  18. First time ever I didn't skip an ad and even afterwards I looked up for it. Now I'm watching it for the third time. Something about the way she talks is so captivating

  19. In my opinion you are very scary and remind me of Anjelica Huston in the 1990s film The Witches!
    I disagree with you about why people find it hard to put pen to paper! My reason is because some people are busy living their life, while others are writing about it! There is always something going on in my life! My life is one drama/screen play. There is never a dull moment in it which is why ATM I never have time to write about it, not that I am scared or don’t want to!!!

  20. That smile at the beginning😼 ,ever since this announcement aired i read 3 of her books and fell in love with each one of them !

  21. I wana b able to do this… it was an add that I herd this on n was gona skip n her intro had me like… woah.. I want effect in my writing

  22. "The waste paper basket is your friend, it was created for you by God"
    That is the most helpful advice ever, I've been writing for a while, so thank God for the waste paper basket

  23. Margaret is the kind of teacher you would want in school. She would be tough on you, but you would learn a hell of a lot.

  24. One of the darkest minds, also been motioned in the glossary of terms which had to do with everything bold in Literature

  25. Can anyone here who took the masterclass give a brief review? Did she cover the technical aspects of her writing process? Thanks!

  26. These classes must be really good or this is the best marketing ever done. One minute in and I already signed up.

  27. I've seen almost all the writing masterclasses and my favorite one is her's followed closely by Neil Gaiman's. Not that the other ones are not good, but I guess it depends on the type of books you like or want to write.

  28. It was dark inside the wolf. Little Red couldn’t see anything in front of her, not even her own hands. She extended her arms in front of her to keep her from knocking into anything or slipping, as the ground was slippery. The air was thick with the stench of rot, mixed with the metallic scent of blood. Almost enough to make her gag, but Little Red kept going, persistent that she would find Granny, no matter what.

  29. I don't know why but when i hear her talking i feel like i am a 4 years old boy feeling comfort while listening to his Grandmother.. ❤❤

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