March 18, 1983 CBS commercials Part 1

March 18, 1983 CBS commercials Part 1

tonight a CBS special a Wizard of Oz The Dukes of Hazzard will not be presented this evening but will return next week in its regularly scheduled time period next The Wizard of Oz sponsored by the Campbell Soup Company for over a century making products that are good for America tonight sponsoring brands or Campbell's condensed soups mrs. Paul's fish products and prego spaghetti sauce soon there's a harvest oh how did you get so wet very wet go ahead and eat your soup while it's nice and hot it's a favorite Campbell's tomato you eat all that soup and maybe you'll be okay you're more likely to get sick when your resistance is down a balanced diet that includes nutritious foods like Campbell's soup can help keep your resistance up food it's naturally high in protein naturally low in calories and just plain good for you and now it's coated with real oven baked bread crumbs for a taste that's crispier than ever before introducing mrs. Paul's new crispy or crunchy earth fish sticks and fillets when was the last time your kids had fun eating something this good mrs. Paul's it tastes good because it is good tasting bellamy you've never tasted a bit like this you've never felt freshmen so cool and fresh may take your breath like a breath of fresh mountain air the Bellman's taste comes through cool and clear refreshing you refreshing your breath like no other men for great taste and cool refreshment there's nothing like Bella Minh taking great things Oh stranger no date tonight negative I'm just gonna go out and grab something to eat well how about staying on for a decent meal with your mother got something different you might like homestyle chicken noodle soup super to make us of it gamble help me out they put in all these goodies nice little noodles real pieces of chicken parsley carrots celery and seasoned it up real good and you heated it up all by yourself eat your soup soup is good food Joey come on stay for dinner we're having spaghetti well if your wife made the sauce I'm staying actually it's forgetty sauce from a job yeah I'm going Joey this is prego yeah it is prego ball that good stuff your wife puts in it's in there yeah like little bits of real herbs and onion and garlic huh it's in there what about homemade taste it's in there prego spaghetti sauce all-natural ingredients homemade taste it's in there I'm staying where do you get your coconut sun-drenched naturally sweet coconut snowy white tree ripen coconut tender coconut you get it in your store in peterpaul mounds and almond joy juicy coconut in dark chocolate that's an ounce moist coconut almonds and milk chocolate that's on and joy you want great coconut get it in your store the most frightening thing about this house and others like it is that they can go unsold for six months eight months even a year haunting their owners with a financial nightmare that's why er a real estate develop the sellers security plan and if you qualify will assure you that if we don't sell your home we'll buy it the sellers security plan another reason we're selling houses fresh and clean as a whistle that's Irish spring fresh and clean is a whistle Irish Springs green and white stripes have to truly effective deodorants two deodorants and a fine fresh scent so you're fresh and clean is a whistle that's Irish spring deodorant soap gets you fresh and clean it's a whistle around et shoes for Buster Brown are here and they're extra terrific plus you get ten ET trading cards and ET sticker and bubblegum free with purchase PT shoes for Buster Brown they're extra terrific eggs with a pot Easter Egg color kids look at all this stuff you drop a cobbler patented vinegar water and get the hard gold a ready hey this is fun when it's dry I like to rub on cotton the rabbit I like to keep my eggs in the ankles I like to put my name on mine which way do you like them Jamie paws Easter Egg color kit comes with everything seen here if I take some Heinz ketchup at the start of your meal and put it right here and put this other well-known brand right here something amazing happens before your half through see the competition Ram and Heinz is thicker here's where the thickness pays off taste because on a hamburger or anything else Heinz is the best tasting ketchup so pour on the huns America's thickest best-tasting ketchup we will return to the Wizard of Oz first on Monday it's the hilarious Peanuts gang it's something you'll find her Charlie Brown gang a stolen necklace but small and fry in some pretty hot water Monday Saturday the dupes are racing around the world with balls all hot on their tail feathers Saturday morning tomorrow on CBS both these people are eating a balanced nourishing meal but that's a pizza she knows natural both meals include foods from the four basic groups dairy meat grain and vegetables but that's a pizza Gino's natural no preservatives pizza a nourishing balanced meal with no artificial ingredients it's still a pizza which meal would you rather eat the natural pizza one of Gino's fine Italian foods arrests near and John Belushi death at 11:00 you're looking at a very unusual kind of egg from Cadbury that's only around till Easter its shell is pure rich Cadbury milk chocolate look inside sits a sweet creamy yellow yolk surrounded by delicious white filling cream eggs from Cadbury why they're the best thing to come along since the Easter Bunny and when he's gone they're gone know what now when these are making bacon no fakin bacon Wendy's is making bacon introducing Wendy's bacon cheeseburger crisp lean strips of bacon on top of a Wendy's cheeseburger to become Wendy's new hot and juicy bacon cheeseburger we're taking with bacon so come try Wendy's new bacon cheeseburger we're making bacon a star to people if you're for again box America's favorite cereal it's gonna be a great day listen why make your hair full and free come on turn off the bun with new pure green agrees new pure cleaning and pure conditioning formulas will wear your hair down they'll turn it up bigger we will return to the wizard of our March is premiere month on CBS Tuesday it's Tim Conway as ace Crawford Private Eye it's the case of the nursing-home burgers as ace goes undercover to find the culprit ban on gun shy the railroads coming through prices are going up for Amos and Theodore Shaq but the bad guys wanted for free gun-shy after ace Crawford Tuesday good evening from CBS News this is news break CBS News has learned that President Reagan has selected William Ruckelshaus has the new EPA Administrator and that Ruggles House has agreed in principle to take the job if details can be worked out he was the EPA's first administrator and during Watergate he resigned his Deputy Attorney General refusing to fire the special prosecutor the American Public Health Association today called toxic waste an imminent danger and called on the nation's governors to sue the EPA to force a faster federal cleanup Kathy Evelyn Smith the woman indicted on murder charges in the death of comedian John Belushi turned herself in to Canadian authorities in Toronto tonight after many delays the space shuttle Challenger will make its first flight April 4th do you know me I wrote the king of the road but I didn't become one till I got the American Express card don't leave home without it Connie Chung CBS News Los Angeles more news at 11 on this CBS station this is CBS

45 thoughts on “March 18, 1983 CBS commercials Part 1”

  1. I was just starting out in life in 1983. I was 22. Life was so much more simple. Didnt think so at that time. Boy was I wrong.

  2. Man, how did everything go so wrong in just three decades? The 80s was peak America, it really was the greatest country the world had ever seen.

  3. good lord, i just went back in time 35years ago ( i can here the popcorn popper popping in the kitchen-hahaha )

  4. I found a way to feel good about current times. Think back to these times, the 80's, and how we all speculated about how different the world would be in 30 years. How technology would be far more advanced and such. And, darn it, it is! Look at now through the lenses of the 80's and it's kinda cool!

  5. Real Italians DO NOT accept any sauce from a jar!! You would get tossed out of the kitchen on your ass!!!!

  6. Oh yes! The great old 80’s , my time and good times. Why was it a better time? Because we were just beginning to dream of the future of what we now have , but we didn’t know how it would destroy our society. We had to wait to watch a TV movie when they came on at their time on the networks. ( when network ps were not at each other’s throats. We all got ready by taking our showers and baths and hung around together to watch our floor model color TV. It truly was a better time socially in our family and with our friends. Yes things were slower but we really appreciate it the simple things in life like air conditioning in our car we didn’t have it until later in the 80s. We didn’t have central air and just had to deal with the heat. Dinner was actually cooked from scratch every day and we truly did not have to lock our car doors or our front door. Holidays were truly family traditions and get-togethers. Now! I would not want to bring up a child in this crazy world ….

  7. 50's 60's 70's 80's and 90-95 was the BEST… Then all this happened… We should of stopped over thinking everything and just be happy with what we had and call it day.

  8. Lost it when I realized the son in the Campbell's chicken noodle soup commercial is STEVE FROM 90210!!! xD lmfaoooooo IAN ZIERING!!!!

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