Making A Pop-Up Book | Nice Content | Tatered

Making A Pop-Up Book | Nice Content | Tatered

[MUSIC] What’s interesting about what I do,
when you open the pages of a pop-up book, like bam, it’s right there. It’s this huge thing, and it’s a surprise. [MUSIC] My name is Matthew Reinhart, and
I am a creator of pop-up books. [MUSIC] The pop-up book that we’re gonna create
today is inspired by those little things that get under your skin. It’s like ticks, eyelash mites,
and things that get under my skin. Talking heads on television,
especially on news channels. People that talk in the elevator on
their phones, which drives me nuts and we’re gonna make it pop up on a page. [MUSIC] Well, my process for making a pop-up, I
start to think about how things are going to move on the page and what’s going
to be impactful in certain scenes. And I think about the visual
things that might happen, the movement that might happen. I’m gonna think about what is
the most important part about a tick. Well, of course, the grossest thing is the
huge, distended abdomen filled with blood. [MUSIC] When I was younger my parents
lived in a very wooded area and I went running with my dogs. It was in the swamp and
there were alligators and snakes and everything we were always jumping over. Later that night,
I went to go to the bathroom and I felt something on me in a place that
I don’t usually make pop-ups about. I realized that there was
a tick on my private parts. Getting it off was just awful. I’m gonna exorcise that demon. We’re gonna make a big
blood engorged tick. And if you open it right, it kinda peeks
out and actually tries to bite you. [MUSIC] There’s those people that just think that
the elevator is their space to hang out and talk. She’s talking to her mom and she’s talking about whatever her
boyfriend did that wasn’t so great. And it’s kind of uncomfortable, it just drives me kinda crazy
cuz I don’t wanna hear it. So what I do, when that happens
I’ll start to whistle really loud, cuz I can whistle pretty loud. And she’s not paying attention,
and I’m not paying attention. There’s nothing like the Star War’s
theme to get someone to shut up. [SOUND] But you gotta do it super loud, it’s gotta be like [SOUND]
like ear splitting, and she finally stopped after I did that. There’s an asshole in the elevator. [MUSIC] I’m cutting and folding paper and
putting it together and I know these mechanisms but
it’s almost like I’m sculpting. You see the end of the journey but you don’t see the path
on the way to get there. And a lot of times I don’t
know where I’m going at all. Once I’ve figured out that engineering,
cut and fold the paper, and I like what I’ve created and how the movement works,
then the next step is refining the pop-up. There are a lot of wrong turns
that I’ll take along the way. And sometimes some of the mistakes, the
things that I was almost gonna throw away, might be a really good path to take. [MUSIC] I was a kid that always drew growing up,
it was always my art, making stuff, and it was something I did instinctually. I don’t know, I just wanted to make
stuff out of whatever I could find. And when you’re young,
you don’t have a lot of materials. You take what you can find, and at
the time all I had was paper, cardboard. I didn’t have a lot of pop-ups. I had one and it was destroyed. My little sister ripped it apart so
I never really thought about pop-ups as a thing until I was older,
but I was making them. So this was one right here,
I was a teen in the 80s. I made inserts to a mixtape for
a friend and it was a pop-up and I didn’t even realize that’s what it was. It kinda freaks me out, especially
when I see stuff like that old pop-up, because it’s something that
I was doing naturally. But it didn’t register and
then all of a sudden that’s your job. [MUSIC] I wasn’t a big reader as a kid. I read Star Wars comics and thought
those were the best things in the world. And then to be able to make books that
are kind of different and interesting. I hope that they might pull young
readers who aren’t necessarily into just the words. Get them excited about being there,
making a world happen on the page. [MUSIC] The most important thing to
me is to get a reader excited about being there in a book. [MUSIC]>>So what did you think? Tell us in the comments. Click here to subscribe and live forever. Click here for more stuff from us. And tune in every Sunday to watch
more videos that calm the soul, bye. [MUSIC]

58 thoughts on “Making A Pop-Up Book | Nice Content | Tatered”

  1. I had this guy's fossil and shark books when I was a kid, and they were my favorite books! I actually got into making pop up cards for my family and friends, and learned how to do it by looking at how these pop up books were engineered. So cool to actually learn about this guy!

  2. Really liking these artist spotlights. Pretty sure I saw some of these guys' books, albeit a little worn and repaired sometimes, at the library. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like there was a boom of popups sometime in the mid 90's-2000's, if I'm remembering correctly, and he might've been part of that! I feel this video, though – computer paper, scissors, and tape had me and my sibling entertained for hours as a kid. I'm getting back into it a bit now! So it's a nice coincidence I found this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wow imagine being on the phone with your mother upset about something your partner did and some fuckin dude is so annoyed that you aren't following some vague, implied, standard of politeness so he interrupts your conversation with loud whistling. That's so passive aggressive and rude loool.

  4. He seems super cool and love his creations. But the lady was right…..there was a dick in the elevator. ๐Ÿ˜‚. Who the fuck cares if someone's on the phone in an elevator?

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