Make compression artifacts in After Effects – Tutorial 182: Compression Glitches

hey what's up guys I am Joe from workbench and this week we're gonna talk about how to make a highly compressed look using pretty much any image that has an alpha Channel all right so this is what we're gonna be making it's like a nice 1980s vibe kind of Blade Runner you know with a hard G jiff as always we're gonna go over the stuff pretty quickly but if you want any more in-depth information on this you can download this project file from our website for a dollar all right so let's take a look let's break this whole thing down by starting from the very bottom started from the bottom now we're here on big black we got curves that is to make this whole thing a lot more contrasty and we have a box blur just to kind of smooth it out because otherwise it's this and if you turn the whole stack back on its got hard dots in there and I didn't want that so fast blur you do that kind of oscilloscope kind of look to it all right so let's go to the next layer poorly named shape one is actually just a vignette vignette and then above that we have a grid and if we solo this guy and do that you can see this is what that grid looks like we set the width to 60 so that we get squares in here we have another grid on top of that and that just gives us a small bit of grid in between if you click on this you can actually see what it is it's box blurred but we have a grid that's 15 pixels the smaller border so if we turn this off you can see it's a much smaller grid that's blurred and above that we have the layer where all the magic happens and then is our base layer because this is a procedural effect so if we click into this you can see basically it's just this text with some J's classic layers put on top of it so I'm set to overlay this one set to normal we're just adding complexity by stacking two of them on top of each other doesn't do anything nothing moves it's just this you're not limited to just text in here pretty much any image or anything that has an alpha Channel all the edges can have this effect applied to it so let's go back to our compressed layer here these other ones are just intermediate stuff that I'd messed with so clearly we have a lot going on in this base layer let's turn all of the effects off except for the first one and we can see what we're doing so the first thing we have is a CC image wipe and that's actually animated so that this thing grows on the next thing is we have a CC image wipe Wow imagine that and that one's animated so that it goes away I know tricky so the next thing is a CC glass and that's set to the surface using itself and this gives it a little bit of bump as you can see that gives it this Total Recall vibe like 1992 or 1989 one not not that current one the dam you quiet one not not the new one so then we have a displacement map and surprise surprise we're looking back at the same layer we open up these keys you can see that our displacement map here animates from a small negative displacement to a positive displacement which means this thing is gonna go all the way to the top so this is all above middle gray so it's gonna shoot upward instead so this value is technically negative direction so that's how that whole thing is accomplished but note that some of this stuff is left here because the glass effect makes some of this black so that's what gives it this outer blockiness so if that's all you're looking for that's all you have to do is just not animate this thing and just vertically displace all of this stuff off of the screen but we're using Colorama because we're going crazy with it which adds all of this like crushed screwed up JPEG kind of goodness which if you didn't know is another way to pronounce gif so we got that JPEG look and then we go over here and we have a mini Max which then gets us back to that jiff look from before and then we use this displacement map here to just give it a little bit that giffy goodness to push it back in just one more time just just to give it you know something interesting so combine all of that makes this happen which is pretty neat but what is that without glows I mean it's it's pretty crap with that glow so throw deep glow on there might be a little a little hot but that's okay cuz it was the nighties and you know that that was in so then we have a TV glow which is basically an adjustment layer set to add we just have a directional blur on it that goes vertical by a lot then above that we have one more grid to just give it that CRT vibe then above that we have some color correction using one of our let's don't actually remember which one this is because I forgot to name the effect I will go back and figure that out let's do that now all right through the process of editing we will determine that this is actually limo limo okay there we go and that's that all right so after that we got nothing because that's pretty much what we did there we add some saturation to it we bumped up the intensity of the brought the blacks down which we could go back up here yeah man I'm not I'm feeling that bring it back he was a nice contrast in the edge too far too far could pump the shadows up a little bit it's kind of more way intended I actually calibrated this monitor there's a brand new just giant super wide monitor that I had to get because of some hackintosh issues I had and so now I'm actually running a full-on calibrated setup for this thing I'm not looking at any scopes or anything so we are we're testing it out this project was made in a different computer so anyway that is that so we get the same same deal so this is kind of like you know eighties late eighties early nineties kind of you know gifs style but if you want to go back to like a night 70s gift we can bring this in we get some chroma blur here from Boras effects sapphire collection and we're gonna blur that chroma and then you can get a little bit more of a washed out kind of super vintage vibe the greens are a little bit more like that you know old console style maybe like an IBM ps/2 or you know some sort of Tandy variant you just wanted something IBM compatible and you didn't want to drop that Macintosh money does that actually might have been more expensive than the new Mac Pro and I mean spec wise the new Mac Pro and the old Macintosh they're probably pretty similar I mean the current Mac Pro's hardware is almost as old as the original one and the new one doesn't seem to be much better anyway you guys are me comments or questions leaving the comments down below and if you liked this video make sure to subscribe if you like to helps for what we do check out you and yeah it's gif sorry Andrew light

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Hell yeah its GIF with a hard G !
Super nice video, tahnks so much! Keep up the great work, one of YTs best tutorial channels for AE (and that is also what even big AE tut channels on YT are saying btw)

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