LUGAR INCRÍVEL!! teamLab Planets in Toyosu (Tokyo Digital Art Museum)
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LUGAR INCRÍVEL!! teamLab Planets in Toyosu (Tokyo Digital Art Museum)

You’re not doing it right, do it again did you enjoyed your childhood?! You’re such a kid I’m a eternal child They tell you to put all of your stuff here You can’t take anything except for your camera and cellphone nothing else. The rest stay here in the locker Your shoes too. Take your sock off and I made a bad choice today I wore jeans today and theres a part which you get wet till your knees And you need to be wearing something you can roll it up like this But in my case, I’m wearing a non-stretch jeans so stupid Shut up. How would I know?! I didn’t know about that You didn’t wanted to wear the short pants Look, a really important thing. They lend shorts for those who can’t roll up their pants. But she didn’t wanted to wear beacuse it wasnt pretty Of course! My pictures would look horrible if I wore those She lost a really beautiful scene They saw it already Yea, I saw for her If you think about coming here, make sure to wear a skirts or short pants or a pants you can roll it up and bring a nice camera because there’re scenes which your cellphone camera wont be ab;le to capture nicely And it looked sooo nice in my camera. I love my camera. The best investment I’ve ever done but thats it guys Where shoul I look? OMG you really love a camera, don’t you? look here to the lenses Okay to end this video… We got out from Ultra yesterday all wet Our shoes all soaked You’re gonna show my foot, won’t you? And he got a hole on his shoes So he didn’t had anything to wear this morning So he came with the hotel’s slippers kkk But you know what makes me mad? Is that he can still look so damn good! Common dude Stand up! Make some pose. See? He doesn’t even need to try Look at him! Guys if you’re interested, you can get one for 20 bucks Guys I’m free. I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend so if your interested… Omg, I give up on life


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