Love Game (German Movie, Love, HD, Drama, Love Story, Romantic Film) full length love movies

Love Game (German Movie, Love, HD, Drama, Love Story, Romantic Film) full length love movies

Theresa, we’re closing. Just this last game. LOVING GAME One severely injured male.
The emergency physician is on his way. He was climbing around on the beams.
I don’t really know why. But these kids pump themselves up… Can you hear me? Well…
What can I do? Anybody know him? Hello? You have to get off here. End of the line. Oh no… Where did you want to get off?
-Convention Center. Then you really went
quite a bit too far. I don’t know where you need to be,
but it can’t be that bad. Just say there was bodily injury,
that sounds credible. We tried to reanimate
a dead boy this morning. I’d like to know
what his mom’s doing right now. She probably doesn’t even know
he’s dead. He didn’t have an ID on him. Some parents need four weeks to realize
their kids are missing. Four weeks! Parents either love
too much or too little. I would have quit a long time ago,
if it wasn’t for my dad. You act like you don’t care about
their expectations, but then you try to live up
to them anyway. Your tram is here. Thanks. Sorry about the boy. Ms Wink? Can I stop by your office later?
-What is it about? I need an advance. Well then, have a nice trip. Hope you have good weather.
Here you go. I checked the tire pressure yesterday,
and it’s fine. I’m going to borrow this, okay?
-But bring it back. The crossword puzzle’s mine! Look, Morten, my wife looks
just as big as the pyramid. Did I ever tell you
I was a merchant marine? Yeah, about 50 times. The others were really stunned when we
showed them the slides back then. My friends never got farther
than Romania. Always had to be careful
not to tell the wrong stories. Have you ever been to Egypt? No.
-Why don’t you go there in your trailer? I can’t go to Egypt
because I don’t have a car. Yeah, you told me before. Morton speaking. Hi, Dad. No, sorry. I’m really tired. Yes. Good luck with the surgery. Bye. I’m doing this for you, asshole. And because you owe me 200 euros. Why don’t you jack up your trailer?
You’re ruining the tires. What if I want to leave?
-You don’t have a car. I can borrow one. Why don’t you jack upcar?
You’re not leaving. Or are thegoing
to offer you a job as first cellist? I have an audition tomorrow
with the. Had I told you?
-No. Can I buy a lottery ticket from you?
-Cool. Pick one for me. “No instant win.” Too bad.
-Yes. Too bad, yes. See you. Shit. Shit!
-Do you know her? That’s the woman from the tram.
-Nice ass. You couldn’t even see it.
-I did when she walked away. Fuck off, Hasi. Excuse me! Excuse me! I have to go right back,
but if you meet someone twice in a day, then, statistically,
the next meeting is in five years. If I waited that long,
you might be married already. Are you married?
-No, I’m not. Good.
Then can I buy you a cup of coffee? I don’t drink coffee. Me neither, really. How about coffee today then?
-I have a lot of work the next few days. What about Monday? Where should we meet? I don’t know.
-At the Café… Café Hitlerhof?
-What? In the Café Hinterhof.
-By the arcades? Monday… at three? See you then. “Hitlerhof”! Stupid! How are you? Pretty good, thanks. The bar is closed.
-Yes. Should we go somewhere else? This is for you.
I was too chicken to get a red one. Thanks. What’s your name?
-Theresa. And yours? Morten. As in “Horton Hears a Who,”
but, not. What do you do? I’m a simultaneous interpreter.
-Wow. What languages? Spanish and English into German.
-Cool. How do you listen and translate
at the same time? You don’t focus on the translation,
but on what’s said. Do you know
the Previous Question Game? I played it once, but the questions
came so fast, I lost in the first round. Want to give it a try? You reply to the second question
with the answer from the first. First question:
What’s your favorite color? Second question: What’s your sign?
-Blue. Favorite music?
-Taurus. A dislike?
-Pink Floyd. A liking?
-Dominance. Do you have a boyfriend?
-Humor. Should we go to my place?
-No. No? I was answering the previous question.
-Oh, then you don’t have a boyfriend. No, I don’t. Do you want to come over? Come on in.
This is where I live. Nice. I have a Pink Floyd tape here somewhere. It’s broken. Now I have a few questions for you. Why do you live here? What do your parents do?
Do you have siblings? Are you ever happy?
If yes, when? That was a lot of questions at once.
-Five. You want to hear my family history?
-Yes. Go ahead. Dad is a heart surgeon
and addicted to pills. Mom is a nurse and an alcoholic,
which she won’t admit. My half-brother,
who always gets pampered, is also a surgeon and an idiot. His wife is manic-depressive,
but no one knows. They have two kids whose names
start with “T” because that’s terrific. He’s Torge, his wife is Tina,
and the kids are Torben and Timo. Any normal people in your family? No. I didn’t finish high school
until I was 22. Our exchange student was finished
with college by the time I graduated. And he’s a month younger than I am. Does that impress you?
-No. Why? Yes, it does. That impresses me.
Does it impress you? What else did you ask? When I’m happy, right? Right now I feel great.
And you? Me too. A perfect day. Are you leaving?
-I have to go, but you can stay. No, then I’ll get up too. At 5:15? What are you going to do today?
-Interpreting. Here’s the number in the break room.
My cell is broken. Thanks. Do you regret coming over yesterday? No, I don’t. I’ll come over tonight, okay? Yes, sure. Hello, I’m here for the table. Done for the day?
-No, heading out. We have an aneurysm. Want to watch?
-I can’t. Then stop by later.
-We’ll see, Dad. What’s up with you?
-Nothing. You can get fired for that. I only have four days left. Good morning. How was your date yesterday?
-Nice. Successful?
-Yeah, sure it was successful. What would you like?
-We’ll take those filled love-hearts… The two apple cakes, please.
-No, the love-hearts. KINGSPLAY GAME PARLOR Hey. How are you? Good, thanks. Can you hold on to this for me? Okay, can do. Will you tell me when it’s 6:00? Thanks. Did someone play here?
-We were closed yesterday. Helmut? When’s “tonight” for you? What? If I said, “I’m coming over tonight,”
when would you expect me? Why would you come over?
We see each other every night. But if I didn’t live here anymore…
What time would you expect me to come? Six or seven? Eight?
Or even later? Are you moving? No…
Oh, forget it. Theresa… It’s past eight. This game, and then I’ll quit. Did you fix the doorbell? Ask Helmut.
It’s his property, right? Should I fix it?
-If you’re expecting important company. Will you break that 100-euro bill
I gave to you before? You want to start on that now? Yes, I do. You know how late it is? Yes. Hello? Dad… I can’t, I’m expecting company. Yes, tomorrow for sure.
See you. And? What did he have to offer today?
-A heart transplantation. She’s making you wait, huh? No, she’s coming at eleven. Shut up. You’re scaring me now… Stop it! Defend yourself!
Come on! Why don’t you defend yourself? I can’t. I was trying to be funny. I’m sorry. Are you all right? Want to come look at my slides? No.
-Why not? Helmut, your wife left you. You can look at the slides forever,
but she’s not coming back. You’ve got to have
some sense of reality. Do you have to play at night? Don’t let it out on me.
She’s not coming, so just go to bed. Look, I don’t understand
much about music, but the way you play,
you’ll never be accepted anywhere. EMERGENCY SERVICES Hi, Helmut, did anyone call? You don’t know?
Where were you? Forget it. Theresa! Hello. Are you available the next few days?
-I’m busy tonight. I’m going to the casino tomorrow.
Would you accompany me? I’m not sure if I have time. Call me.
It would be my pleasure. PLEASE HONK AFTER 10 P.M. You’re not going to change?
-No, why? Get in. I need to go get my laundry. Hurry up! How are things in the clinic, Morten?
-Good. Are you keeping busy?
-This morning we played backgammon. Really? That’s great!
-Morten, you’ll get it together. And registering went smoothly?
-Yep. No problems. My med student.
-Yep. I’ll do that. Cheers, son!
-Cheers. And after the war my parents thought
the best thing to do would be… … to open a soap factory, because people always wash a lot
after terrible experiences. Ever notice that? Suddenly we had a ton of money. We were a partially
state-owned business. We had an incredible amount of money. Once I blocked my math teacher’s scooter
with our bigcar<.>Georg!
-You would have been amazed… Please tell her to leave me alone.
-Can’t throw her out for just talking. Sorry. I got your book lists… … and checked what we still had here. These are Torge’s. Anything he didn’t have,
I bought new for you. Wow.
-I always wanted one of those. Couldn’t even get one back then.
-Thanks. Have some fun. Thanks, but I don’t need any money.
-Money’s always useful. You could buy some new clothes. I’ll go get an empty box
from the basement. I’ll be right back! Excuse me.
You took my seat. This ismachine.
Please go to a different one. Why don’tgo to a different one? You can work on any machine,
but this one… That’s not yours. That’s not your money! Hands off!
-Leave it be. Just leave it. Theresa, don’t touch it.
It’s not yours! It just fell out of my bag! The bag was empty.
-That’s not true! You’re lying. You’re lying! Theresa, stop it. Get off me! Need some help?
-No, I got it. Bye. Bye! No new messages. What’s that? Is that your new girlfriend?
-Yes. Never thought she’d be so pretty.
Madame… Want in?
-Is Morten here? He’s already asleep. He gets really mad if he’s woken up.
-Really? Ever been to Egypt? Cheers. Want to sit down?
-Sure. Good evening. Good evening. Hasi! I’m Hans.
-Theresa. Hello. Got a beer for me? In the fridge.
-Thanks. Large straight.
-Nice. This is just not my game. Good morning.
-Good evening. Hello. I fell asleep on the couch last night. Sorry, I didn’t call you. Want to play? No, thanks.
-Come on, it’s really fun. I’m beat, I’m going to bed.
-Stay. No.
-Come on, Morten. I like Yahtzee,
but not at this time of day. I don’t even know you.
-I don’t know you either. I don’t know your last name.
-I don’t know yours either. Why didn’t you call?
-Didn’t say I would. You said you’d come over.
-I’m here now. Yes. Sorry, but I have to get up early and… Want to see my ID? My address is on it. Stop it, I don’t care. Is that new? I start med school next week. I don’t even want to. But after all the money
my dad’s invested, he’d kill me. Want to study something else?
-No. I don’t know what I want to do. You want to wait till you know
what you don’t want. Yes, exactly. Lindner. What?
-My last name. Lindner. Are you hungry?
-I borrowed a car. Want to go on a trip? Yes, but I don’t have any money.
-I have money. Want to play a game?
-What? Want to play a game?
-Sure. Make a new word out of
the second part of the word I give you. I’ll start. Off-road. Roadtrip. Trip planner. Planner…
There is no word with “planner”. I know! You tricked me.
-That’s how the game works. So I lost.
-Let’s do one more. No, it’s a stupid game.
-Come on, Morten, one more. Okay, what do I get in return? A kiss? Okay, the kiss first. One more. Theresa? We’ve arrived. Just as I imagined it:
blue sky and sunshine. Terrific. Come on. Should we run around a bit to get warm? Just a second. Come here, this is so great. Excuse me! Am I invisble?
-Seems like it. We’d like to order, please. Thanks. We’d like to order, please. Do you have two euros?
-Sure. I’m going to try that machine, okay? Hey, not bad. Wow. How did you do that? Beginner’s luck. Should we leave? Excuse me,
but your food just looks awful. Have you decided?
-Yes. A hot chocolate and a croissant.
-That’s all? For now. I’ll have the eggs with shrimp
and an orange juice. Make that two, or don’t you like juice? Yes, I do. And I’ll have a croissant too. Are we paying with the money I just won?
-Why not, it was free. It basically fell into our laps. I’d like you to ask
before you pay with my money. The two euros were mine.
-I put it in the machine. Okay, keep the money.
It’s my treat. Okay?
-Okay. Do you always let men pay for you? Yes, I do. I didn’t mean it like that. Keep the money
if it’s important to you. I’m sorry.
I just don’t have much money right now. Don’t you make enough at work?
-Yes, well… My place is too expensive.
I might get evicted this week. Move in with me. With you?
-Yeah. We’ll get a car and go on a trip. Travel the world.
One should do that more often. You’re right. Your orange juice. Thanks.
To us! I need to call my mom real quick.
-Really? Let’s eat first. I’ll be right back. I have to be back at eight.
My mom is sick. Something serious?
-She has a bad cough. Maybe pneumonia. My brother could go see her.
-Don’t bother. It’s not the first time. You have to be there at eight sharp? I just said eight,
since we still have to drive home. Can I finish
or do we have to leave right now? You can call her
if you don’t believe me. Could you please stop that? That’s where we stopped yesterday. Can I use your toilet? Sure. The bathroom’s here. Need a ride to your mom’s house? No, thanks.
She lives right around the corner. You don’t have a couch. No, I don’t. You said you fell asleep on the couch.
-I made that up. But I really fell asleep. Morten, I like you.
I’m not cheating on you. I have a lot to deal with just now.
-Yeah, sure. I’ll come over tonight. Will you call first?
-Sure. Next time we’ll go for longer.
-Yeah? Yeah, sure. Torge! What brings you here?
-Can I borrow your car? For what?
-Can’t say. Just give it to me. Seriously, Morten. No way.
-Why not? If you don’t tell me why you need it,
then I’m sorry. I’ve always brought it back
in one piece. Now come on. You only ever come over
when you need something. And if you don’t get it right away,
you start some family drama. I can’t drive the ambulance,
it’s too conspicuous. Why do you need an inconspicuous car?
-Who cares. Just give it to me. If you tell me what for.
-You’re such an idiot! That’s why I live in the trailer park. So I don’t have to deal with
you and Dad, you jerks! Say, do you like boys? What?
-You’ve never brought a girl home. Are you gay? You’re so stupid. Just give me the key. You’re not getting anything from me. You’re such a jerk. Wait a minute… Here, take mine.
It’s parked out front. Thanks. What are you doing?
-It’scar. What did you do today?
-Not much. Want to know what I did today?
-No. Tell me if you want.
-No, it’s okay. You’re going to the slots?
-Yes. Do you have enough money?
-Yes. I’m going to the tables. If you need anything, let me know.
-Okay, thanks. How’s it going? The machines don’t like me today. I lost quite a bit too. But… That’s part of the game. I’ll be back. Can I buy you a drink?
The cocktails here are great. I haven’t seen you all evening. Yeah, I know. Good evening.
-A room for two people. How many nights?
-One. Don’t look at me like that.
You lost 400 euros of mine. You’ll get it back.
-You don’tany money. Everyone knows that you… … gamble everything away. Theresa… Just act like you… … like me a little bit. Wait. Would you like to know
why I was at the hotel? No. I saw you in the casino.
At the slots. It was the wrong strategy. Strategy? The slots don’t care what you do. Push whatever button.
They’re programmed! Are you stupid? Wait! I’m not leaving you here alone. You need help. Sorry if I made you think that I care.
Because I don’t. Not true.
-Yes, it is. You’re lying.
-Don’t look at me like that! Just leave me alone! Fucking shit! Any news from the other orchestra? They don’t want me.
I’m not good enough. So, Morten, you can’t say
the opposite this time, can you? I’m sorry, Hasi.
-For what? That you said it or that you were right?
-That I said it. Your dad wants you to call him. He said today, but that was yesterday.
So you’re already a day late. Okay, thanks. Open the door! I know you’re home! I’ll be back tonight
for the overdue rent! Let me recapitulate. The analysis has shown
that we must take on a new direction. We have to… face the facts. This glossing over the facts… … has to stop.
Life entails movement and… Sorry.
– … movement means change. Ms Lindner!
Good morning. I’m really sorry.
It’s my mother. And next week it’s something else.
We will no longer be booking you. And don’t expect too much
from the other agencies. Your unreliability is known. Surely. I’m sorry. Wait outside a minute. Everything okay?
-Sure. Hi. Can I move in with you today? I thought you didn’t care about me?
-You know I care, Morten. No, I don’t. That wasn’t me yesterday. I really need your help, Morten. What about the overdue rent? They can keep what’s left in there. They’ll sue you anyway. Pay them back in installments.
You can’t just up and go. I’ll take care of it.
-Yeah, maybe. Tomorrow is a new day. “Do what you can do today.” Would you sleep with Hasi or Helmut
if they took you to the casino? We just had a drink.
-Don’t lie, I saw you at the elevator. That wasn’t planned. Just like your gambling strategy, right?
-I’m sorry, Morten. I’m going to take a shower. So I’m the idiot who let you move in?
-You’re not an idiot. Seems so. I’ve known you for a week,
and you’ve told me to go away twice, but I still want to see you.
If that’s not stupid, then what is? I could have gone to my mom’s.
-Yeah? Then go. Talk to me, I’m not deaf. Why do you gamble? At first I won a whole bunch
and was doing very well. Now I’m waiting for that again. That’s how I feel about you too. Ever been unhappily in love?
-Yes. And you?
-Yes. For about a week now. I’ll stop gambling. I can.
I just never wanted to. Why stop now? Because of you. Let’s hide and ignore everything. What’s under there?
-Nothing! My kind of place. Nothing going on.
-Nothing at all. I really like it here. Don’t…
-I like it a lot. Me too. What? Something on my face?
-Yes, there. Where, here? And there. How did you get messy right here? Then I’ll buy tomatoes and shallots.
-Great. Let’s go somewhere today.
-Where to? Anywhere.
-Great, I’ve always wanted to go there. I’m getting off here.
-Don’t you want to go the other shop? This store’s good too.
But I need money. Good morning!
-Morning. What’s up?
-Nothing. For you.
-Thanks. All the best!
-Is it home-made? Of course.
Feeling better? How’s your girlfriend?
-Pretty good. We had a fight, but we made up. Could I have the old bus? Sure, you can! Next week’s the big day, huh? I might take some time off. Do you want to start school
as an old man? See this through, Morten. I don’t want to study medicine. Since when? I never have. And you let me buy all the books? I didn’t ask you to. Have you seen Theresa? No.
I haven’t seen her all day. She’s not inside either.
-I’ll have a look. Go ahead. And?
Everything okay, Morten? Your girl likes to gamble, huh?
-Yes. Let her go.
You can’t help her. Right, like you’re the expert! My wife… … was a drinker. I don’t care about your wife. When no one’s left to help,
she might stop. Or think of something.
She might steal money. Get arrested.
Call you from prison. Implore you. Totally desperate,
she’ll start hating herself. You must be patient then. If you help her too soon… … she’ll start gambling again. Just be patient. One day you’ll be sitting somewhere… … not thinking about her
for the first time. Then she’ll be standing in front of you
because it’s always that way. But she might be looking for someone
who doesn’t know about her addiction. Morten, look what I won! For our trip. I don’t want it. Why not? I just don’t. What should I do with it then?
-We could give it away. Okay,
then I’ll just throw it out the window. Holland Subtitling
Translation: Stephanie Huffman

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  7. Even you are addicted to anything if you want to change and control yourself yes you can it's your own willing 😍…thanks for sharing..danke…guten morgen

  8. Getting addicted to gambling really ends relationships… it's very sad 😔 that some can't get over it..
    Really good movie loved it ♥!!!
    And yes the guy was really sweet 😍… 😘

  9. The woman is addicted to gambling and the man is madly in love with the woman and both are addicts in different ways. Both are doomed.

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