Let’s Dance: NCT 127_Cherry Bomb

Let’s Dance: NCT 127_Cherry Bomb

(Cool Boys of Seoul, NCT 127!
The Know All the Beat Challenge) (First-ever on Know All the Beat
NCT 127 and the hardest challenge ever!) (Superior by trade, how will
these boys fare?) Wow, awesome! Let’s Dance Know All the Beat One, two, three
To the world this is NCT Hello, we are NCT 127. NCT 127 is taking on the challenge
of Know All the Beat. Know All the Beat! We really wanted to do this. The highest score so far has been 80. What do you think our score will be? We should do better than 80. I think we should go for 100. We should do it right. We’re here to get first place. So we’re going to do our best to get that. Then, with the new song, we take on the Kow All the Beat Challenge. Let’s go! Know All the Beat Rule (1. No flustering! Ignore song changes!)
(2. Keep to the beat! Keep to the new song!) (3. You have 5 changes! Lose 10 points for each mistake!)
(4. Complete the bonus mission, earn 50 points!) NCT 127’s Know All the Beat
bonus mission is… Mission? Pass, pass, hat shuffle. (NCT 127 Bonus Mission-Pass, Pass Hat Shuffle
During the Know All the Beat mission,) (pass around one hat among all nine
members to succeed the bonus mission.) (Hat Hat Hat) If you already have a hat,
just put it on top of it. NCT is all about hats. We should pass it there. (Clever Doyoung
Suggesting when to pass the hat) We should still dance with the hat on. – It’s going to be hard.
– It’ll be hard. – 5.
– What? (Flustered) Hurry. Hurry. 1. Start! (Round 1) (Start is crucial
Dodge the beat mines, NCT 127) (#1
Taeyong has the hat) (Perfect beat) (Taeyong successfully puts on the hat.) (Oh.So.Cool.) (Slaying with his facial expression) (Infinite Attack
Infinite conspiracy to make them fail) (All nine of them
Powerful defenses with sweet cherry looks.) (Unwavering) (Taeyong, tries to pass the hat
to Mark who is close by.) (It’s just me and the song.) (Mark can’t hear bro.) (Never give up!
Taeyong quickly passes the hat to Mark.) (Levitate
One point to Mark for being cool.) (Chaotic choreography
Unwavering NCT 127 with hard choreography) (NCT 127
You guys don’t waver. Aces!) (You’re going to miss it!) (I’m never going to miss it.) (Come on, miss it and break down already.) (Raining fire
But they’re pro at finding their rhythm.) Wow, awesome!
We’re awesome! (As Doyoung is in awe
Mark passes the hat to Jaehyun.) (Hat has been passed so far
Taeyong->Mark->Jaehyun) (Then Jaehyun, with his sweet presence
passes the hat to Winwin.) (This is it!
double-speed!) (Got nothing on them
Double-speed is futile.) We’re really good. – Here comes the music.
– What? (Winwin, surprises Doyoung
and passes on the hat.) (Song from their seniors
Attacked like a Monster.) (Amazing… They never miss a beat.) (Nothing is working) (Power Defense
We got this game.) We’re going to get it in one try! (I feel good about this.) (Use the choreography
Doyoung smoothly passes to Taeil.) (Hat has been passed so far
Taeyong->Mark->Jaehyun->Winwin->Doyoung->Taeil) (Only 3 more members to go.) (Taeil. Confused.) (Winwin, you take it.) (Hat is back with Winwin.) (NCT 127
Slaying the difficult choreography.) (It’s like they’re one body
Stellar and brilliant! SM has a bright future.) How are we so good? (We got nothing
Let’s try muting the music.) (Lol. We can sing it ourselves.) (Bad luck go away.) (This is it!
Johnny is milking his own part.) (Hat fairy Winwin
Passes to Jaehyun.) (Winwin… Prince Peach had his turn.) (Youngest Haechan
Doing his thing, being all cool) (The song changed
Taeyong starts counting.) (Did you guys see that?) (In an insant
Jaehyun->Mark->Doyoung hat pass) (It was very cool
But they’ve all worn the hat already.) (We’re nearing the end.) Who hasn’t worn the hat? Me. (Doyoung working his brain.) (Haechan, too.) (Doyoung, slipping it to Johnny?) (But he gets it quick.) (Hat successfully put on.) Who hasn’t worn it? (Just two. Haechan and Yuta.) Hat! (He’s a hat dance choreographer.) Johnny, me! (Johnny slips it to Yuta.) (Waiting to put it on.) (Milking my precious part.) (Yuta becomes on with the floor
and puts the hat on.) – Who hasn’t worn the hat, yet?
– Me! (Pass, Pass, Hat Shuffle
It’s only Haechan that remains now.) (Success is near
Yuta is hunting for the oppportune time.) (Flick) (To Haechan
Yuta’s quick delivery service.) (Yes!) (Last member
Haechan completes the mission.) (Bonus mission is a success.) (Will NCT 127
successfully complete Know All the Beat?) – Let’s go!
– Okay! (Fun Fun) (Da-ta-ta-ta-ta) (Welcome,
new residents to N-CiTy 127 world.) (Nine beautiful boys
moving in perfect sync.) (Whose heart is beating like crazy?) (Whose breath has been taken away?) Let’s go! Who has’t worn the hat, yet? (They’ve all worn it, Haechan.) (Pretty.Beautiful.Handsome.) (NCT 127 made it. Now it’s party time.) (Welcome.
Next stop,on fire.) (Don’t lose concentration) We have one more section left. – Everyone’s worn it, right?
– Wear it again. (SEXY SEXY) (Here it is!
NCT 127 slaying everyone with this move) (Breathe in/Breath out
This is hazardous to your health.) (Bomb) (YEAH YEAH) (For real?
Successful with one try?) Wow, awesome! Mission complete! (Score is 100
NCT 127, great success with Know All the Beat) (First-ever on Know All the Beat
Score: 100, NCT 127 ranks at #1) (NCT 127, how did you do it?) Run, run, run. Round, round, round. The results. (Know All the Beat Mission 50, Bonus Mission 50, Point 100) We took the Know All the Beat challenge, and got 100 points, and got first place! (We’re #1!) The 12-hour practice a day… – …really paid off.
– Very rewarding. Best Know All the Beat challenge ever. We practiced in the back, too. We turned the music down quietly. We’ve seen other people do it. I think the best trick here was to feel the person next to you. If you feel one with the person, you know that, even if there’s no music, you share your own rhythm. (Applaud) It’s all about team work. I think we can do it again. Dance is about team work. To be honest,
I think you really have to want it. Okay, stop it now. – If you desperately want it…
– Stop it. …it’ll come true. Stop! (Cringe) What are you talking about?
This isn’t us! We should all love each other. And the most important thing is… …you have to enjoy it. That’s right. So, to summarize, – Feel each other.
– Want it desperately. Really love each other
and enjoy everything. Have positive thoughts. (This is cringey. Stop it.) Always prepare beforehand. Are we calling ourselves
the CringeCT now? When we were practicing for,
there are no breaks, the jumps were hard, we have to lie back,
so we were a little worried. But I think all the practice paid off.
So we’re very glad. Really. NCT 127 will continue to work hard. Please send lots of love
to our new song,. Send lots of love, please! Take on the NCT 127 challenge, right now! Let’s Dance Know All the Beat (Know all the Beat Rank
1. NCT 127 Cherry Bomb)

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  1. Wow, Yuta was waiting to get the hat. That's a long trip, and could use the hat when he was lying on the floor. And thank you Yuta for the fast delivery to Haechan who also must be under. At this point, Haechan is so concerned about his Hyung, he asks who hasn't used it? Yuta Haechan, you're very kind 😢. And remember the Best Dancer is always behind, and that's both of you.👍

  2. I'm sorry to point out this but I cant take my eyes off from Mark's pants,it makes him look like a baby💚💚💚💚

  3. imagine how funny this would be if you just heard them singing like this on a Mr Removed stage 😂😂

  4. Any person just accidentally having found themselves learn all the members names SOLELY from crack content and things like this? 😂

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  6. I'm back here after watching dreamies' tray dance challenge on Idol Room and they're also the first group to complete a whole song without making mistakes.

  7. Mark and Taeil be looking so freakin cute in hats they look good in anything 😍🥰♥️


  9. This was the first variety show I watched of NCT anything (outside of the videos or dance practice), and honestly it was intimidating as hell. These guys could not be swayed into failure, laughs be damned lol

  10. I would love to see ot18 do this 😂😂😂😂(i said ot18 cus black on black is the only one with all of nct excluding hendery,yangyang & xiaojun) it will be absolute chaos😂😂😂😂😂

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