Laravel 5.4 Tutorial | First View and Route in Laravel 5.4 from scratch Part 2 | Bitfumes

Laravel 5.4 Tutorial | First View and Route in Laravel 5.4 from scratch Part 2 | Bitfumes

Hey friends welcome to BitFumes, in the last episode we have done the How to install Laravel 5.4 yeahhh 5.4 okay in this episode
we are going to learn about the views and the routes so for that I will just
open my sublime text and here I have installed that folder I have on that
folder where I have installed the 5.4 level in the last part okay in this part
what we are going to learn is about the views and routes so for that you have
seen here that is a loss of folder and files also but Doone don’t worry I will
get on each and every file and folder for you I’m sure you will follow me and
we will learn each and everything one by one as the time comes I will introduce
to each and every folder so let’s get into that and first go to this route
folder and routes then web dot PHP okay what this file does here you can see
that there is a route for that now means that means if any request the slash
represent the base URL okay so when the base URL hits what it going to do it
going to return a function okay and in that function it will return the view
now what is view you can think view as something which user can see okay on
what is the name of that view then that view is welcome so whereas the welcome
is situated okay for that I will reduce to the resources folder in this folder
you will see a view scholar okay in that view folder you will see welcome dot
blade dot PHP what if this blade dot PHP means its blade is just a template
engine for level it will provide you power to manage your HTML very quickly
and for very and once three okay so get into that web got HP
folder in that folder so what it is doing it is doing out and how whenever
it have the get request on this this URL the function is introduced and that
function returns of view and that view name is welcome so how will I see that
this returns a welcome function and disks what that welcome page is
represent like okay for that we have to open the command prompt okay now come on
prompt but listen very carefully okay when you’re in command prompt you have
to go in that folder where you level is installed so I have installed my level
5.4 folder in c flash 5.4 okay now I’m on that folder now I can do what PHP
artisan okay it’s our dissin so but before that I will introduce you to
artisan what is autism artisan is just a command-line interface for level what
that means that means I didn’t have lots and lots of command for you work to
become it easier okay you can just turn that come on you can get that come on
and that command do whatever you want to do so you can see here that there are
lots and lots of command here okay we will use many of these commands as the
time comes for that I will just introduce you to the very basic command
that is PHP artisan so what this serve do it will introduce you or to the
server it will just activate it or start it start the server okay so you have to
copy this and go to your Chrome and just paste this URL
all that localhost 2:127 fondo 0.0 0.1 and you will see that this level page is
on there okay so what is that folder that folder itself is the welcome god
blade dot PHP okay so you can see here that we have route we have you okay so
what we can do next is we will create another round another route okay by
typing the same thing but in that I will provide a bound that means if we want to
create about him about the page okay so for that I will copy this and paste it
here and in that fire in that route I will just say okay just check this route
is working or not so what we have to do we have to go to that route and hit
enter if the route is correct then this about
route also return the same view okay then with no error obviously okay just
hit that enter and you can see that there is no change one because in both
case we are returning the same page that welcome page okay for the change okay I
will just return this okay this text I will return on you can
say this is free okay now when I press refresh this will
return this view and bracket and welcome so just refresh you will see here view
welcome is here that means our route is working fine okay but I don’t want that
because I want a new page of about okay for that I want to say written
pound okay so it’s okay about is working written about this also work let’s see
if I press refresh what would happen let’s see I will press okay and you can
see here it says view about limit from yes because in my level folder I don’t
have any view safe limit about okay so we just have to create that for that I
will say new file okay about dot blade dot PHP okay
now what will I do I will do I will just for the sake of saving time I will just
copy and paste this thing with here I will say about okay now what will happen
now when we go to about route this about dot rate dot PHP work so I will say here
about don’t Linda Schmidt okay now I want to hit enter and hopefully this
error will go okay see what will happen okay no about no folder no friends
okay the problem is I have created this file in the resource folder I have to
create this file in views folder so just move this file in to views okay now I
think it will work now surely it’ll work when i refresh the about page will about
page will appear and that’s it this about page so in this episode we
have learned how to create how to create the views files and in that views folder
okay so we will need in next part we will I show you something more
interesting thing before that just to subscribe to my channel and you will get
the best about the level five point four yay okay
so please subscribe and comment if you have any problem I will reply you surely
and be with me and I will introduce you to many of the level view things so stay
tuned and wait for the next part it will come in soon okay bye bye

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