La Carta Fatta a Mano – The Art of Making Paper (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

La Carta Fatta a Mano – The Art of Making Paper (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Toscolano 1381” was born to resume
the ancient tradition of Toscolano: it’s an artisan paper mill,
where some master papermakers produce handmade paper
following the old methods that here in Toscolano, are being used since the age of
Serenissima, but also before. In fact, since the end of 1300, in Toscolano,
in the Paper Mill Valley, handmade paper is produced. So, “Toscolano 1381” is a company
which is based on this Italian know-how that from generation to generation,
through our senior master papermakers, it has arrived until today. We are in Toscolano Maderno,
a little town on the Lake Garda, located on the West shore of the lake
between Salò and Riva del Garda. In Toscolano it looks like we are in Amalfi,
in fact there is a Mediterranean climate where lemons, olive trees,
oleanders and capers grow. We are in the Northern area of the world
where lemon trees grow and this pleasant climate has allowed to the
paper business to grow during the time. Toscolano has been the most important paper spot in Italy,
with around 50 paper mills which used to work for
the Doge of San Marco and they’ve produced the most important
Italian papers until 1900. “1381” because there were two municipalities:
Toscolano and Maderno and they were keep fighting for
the use of the river water. A notary from Gaino made a document that regulated the water use in 1381 it was the guarantee
that the paper mills already existed. The idea of “Toscolano 1381” was born in 2013
when I used to attend either for pleasure or for leisure the Paper Museum, the old paper mill
of Maina Inferiore. It’s a paper mill from 1400
that then became a museum, which tells the centuries-old story
of the Paper Mill Valley in Toscolano. There, in a small laboratory,
a group of retired people, the so called “senior workers” had recreated the production
chain of the handmade paper. And so, while we watch senior
artisans at work, we certainly experience feeling of affection, wonder and amazement,
but also melancholy. For this reason I could invest some resources in training
youth. In particular I’ve trained Marco and Valentina who, as we say in our job, “got their hands dirty“ for
thousands of hours. They did it simultaneously
with the senior workers, but also with the master papermakers
from Fabriano. So this is how “Toscolano 1381” is born.
It’s born from a history that reached the sixth century of existence
and that it couldn’t end. My passion for paper
was born three years ago when I became interested in the world of
handmade paper thanks to Filippo’s idea. I’ve always been attracted by craft work,
by attention to detail and mostly because involuntarily all the inhabitants of
Toscolano Maderno grow with the idea of paper. To me paper is life. It’s an amusement a hobby, it can be an addiction. So much so that sometimes
they ask me and I say I don’t have blood in my veins anymore,
but I have cellulose. “Toscolano 1381” peculiarity is that
it offers to its client, through our paper, a design project, a product which is related
to the customer’s story. “Toscolano 1381” main customers are involved
with the world of beauty. Riccardo Camanini of “Lido 84”, is our client
and for him we realize the menus and the wine list. We work and collaborate with the main
“Academies of Fine Arts”, like Venice and Urbino for example and
these are just a few ones A future without paper
will never exist, because if we’re not careful
to backup everything we have on CDs or USB keys, we lose it all.
A book never gets lost. The evidence is here
in the museum: we have books which are 500 years old,
they’re treasures. If I had to answer “what meaning does
the paper have in a digital time?” I’d say it’s a support that helps humanity
to remember its identity, because it’s a support that gives feelings, such as:
writing, which takes time; touching a surface, which has a material
texture and that therefore, it recalls a sense of belonging
that a tablet can’t give. “1381” is a special paper that gives you
the heart when you make it, because it’s handmade, because there aren’t
machines that produce the dough, because you make it. Only the fact that when we make one single paper and there
are people watching you and they see you are able to detach it from the grid and it
stays put on a mat, and they say:
“Wow! Look at this!” Our future projects are related to a business man goals,
hence we want to raise our clientele and so, make sure that the paper of Toscolano returns to begin the paper of those who need to
express identity and beauty.

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