Annabelle: Yeahhhh! Annabelle: Woo 😀 Jazz: We always come so far forward Annabelle: You come forward, but it’s okay! Annabelle: I stay quite far back *heavy breathing intensifies* Annabelle: You guys cold? ⁣Jazz: At least I’m not cold anymore (it was 5 °C 😢)
Lili: Thank you 😀 Yuri: 🙆 Annabelle: Say hi!! (Clique: *is awkward*😂) ⁣Jazz: Just out of breath, not cold, but out of breath🤣
Issa: 👍👍

59 thoughts on “[KPOP IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE LONDON] MAMAMOO (마마무) – HIP (Dance Cover by CLIQUE)”

  1. Where are all the comments about Solar and Wheein? They stood out to me alot👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Sexy and sassy QUEENS 😱😍

  2. brilliant filming!!! lili will always be my fave because i used to be in a gc with her and she has come so far in regards to her dancing and how much she has improved (not that she was shit) also the new member did BRILLIANT, so much confidence and execution in her moves, well done all, keep warm♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. All the girls are beautiful and great dancers.. but the one caught my eyes is the girl in ponytail with long straight hair.. she hit every bit of it💗💖🔥

  4. * Everybody minding their own Xmas shopping *
    Meanwhile…girls exposed in the cold dancing to foreign music 🙄😂💕

  5. how long did you guys have to practice this cover though?
    great cover, I love your energy and the outfits were on point. Also, the dance was great, it just neede more practice.

  6. Hwasa looked a little out of time with the rest of you guys. But other than that I loved the cover! Keep up the good work 😁

  7. The cover was good but you should practice more since some moves were wrong and the synchronization was kind of off but still i know were all not perfect, I still liked the Cover been here since fingertip video. Fighting i hope you can do more covers😍😍

  8. It is so good to see Mamamoo's dance cover in London! Well done girls! If keep my fingers crossed that MMM members will see this and that it will help them to finally realise how much fans they have in Europe. Concerts in Europe please!

  9. This was nice. This location was brilliant I,o. I also lied the looks. I feel you guys may have needed more time to practice together to get the synchronization down. I felt like on of you were a bit fast while another one was a bit stiff and slow. However the other 2 were pretty on time Imo. This was very nice ladies.

  10. Good video but some girls are putting to much energy into the dance while other girls are lacking energy making the dance look messy. But other than that I liked it💗

  11. There's something really jarring about the way the girl in the bright orange top dances. I think just be a little less stiff. But apart from that everyone was great!

  12. The girls doing solar and wheein’s parts are so beautiful! Heck you’re all so pretty and talented😍😍 Can’t imagine the pain of dancing in this terrible London weather! 😣Well done girls xox

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